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Maya Holliday  a spiritual, radical type


#2 9/1/17 mh x phoebefm
💛#poetry #tuesday

#1 1/8/18 mh x @phoebefm_art
i hope you enjoy a little piece of me every tuesday. illustrated by my red taurus. thanks to the people that always encourage me not to lock away the soft parts. i only hope someone could find some familiarity in the journal of a lil capricorn jawn from uptown. love to y’all✨#poetry #tuesday

capricorn season got me feeling like 🐐 but also “used to” by @sabrinaclaudio just makes me feel some type of way + alotta rum.
@darnellprince_ has the curls sitting
@wingandbrow has the wing cutting

still recovering from a very lit, very green birthday! 🎉shoutout to my people for successfully throwing me a surprise party. i know i don’t make stuff like that easy. i love y’all. #capricornseason #jan2nd

hair: @darnellprince_ 🎊
mua: @wingandbrow
you’re the best @tayto_official for the bday cigar xx

this year i tore down the walls of the world i had built for myself. God ripped up the floor, others knocked the ceiling off. 2017 was a violent, fun, beautiful journey. i cut my hair like dora and i haven’t sat my ass down since. i had so many lows this year. most were valleys silently trudged through. but the highs are high, and the views from the mountains are glorious. i’ve learned how to cruise in the in between. i want to thank my family and friends for helping me so much this year. i learned the importance of accepting help from the ones that love you. they all grabbed whatever they could and just helped me build something new. something flexible, something that takes care of herself as much as she does her business, something that can lay her insides out on a table almost as well and quickly as she can throw on her armor. i am in no way upset that this year is coming to a close because it was so long that i’m like “remember a couple years ago,” talking about february and i’m over it. thank you to everyone that has supported me and my art this year, cause that’s everything to me. let’s keep building then.

i dance with wolves because i know who they are.
the sheep make me nervous.

got lit and in the spirit with @conorjamesny. merry christmas and happy holidays yall! ❣️

12/12. today is the day. REBIRTH by Derek Walton is available on all streaming and purchasing platforms. it has been a true pleasure to watch derek take his time and work on this labor of love for the last four years. it’s nothing more gratifying than witnessing a project throughout its every stage. much like its creator during the process, REBIRTH took its own shape of a caterpillar enduring a glorious metamorphosis. it named itself, it shaped itself. thank you derek for trusting me enough to write a track for your project. “Crows” was something inside of me that you took and made your own truth. honored to have her nestled between songs of your own beautiful writing. and honestly shoutout to you for going through the headache of asking my very capricorn, very opinionated self for feedback at all. it means the world to me. shit bitch, you did it! I’m so proud! go get REBIRTH y’all. #derekwalton #rebirth

thank you to everyone that has supported @dr.medicine.nyc over the course of this year! whether you pulled up to a gig or listened to our EP, i am so grateful for this journey so far. our last show of the year at @thedelancey was too much fun, see y’all in the new year! ✨ #AREYOUDUMB

no but real rap, free meek.

swipe left to see why you can’t take philly kids anywhere. the bob swinging like so courtesy of @darnellprince_

Captain Cosmic (2017)🎬
- @cinemachad

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