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Mattie James  Content creator + host influencing women to #SlayYourDay, monetize their influence & balance life beautifully. 📍Atlanta ✉️:

This week was our wedding anniversary but also what I like to call a week of us care. It’s like self care but for the two of us. Having two kids under the age of 4 is taxing and we haven’t slept much in the last few months. So I surprised Hubs with a couples massage at @fsatlanta and had dinner at @barmargotatl. (The service was EXCELLENT.) Today we took portrait photos with @meccagamble (we haven’t taken official photos since we’ve been married), went to the chiropractor & got adjusted and ended the day with marriage counseling before we picked up the girls from school. Almost two years ago to the day, we separated and I moved out. Three months later we reconciled and decided to the work to stay HAPPILY married. Doing the work to be as healthy and happy as possible as husband & wife isn’t easy but really really worth it. While individual self care is important, prioritizing us care as well has been a gamechanger in our marriage - especially couples therapy. I try my best to keep things upbeat and light here on IG, but I also wanted to keep it real: we almost got divorced, but we didn’t. Because we decided we were worth doing the work for. Glory. To. God.

I can’t believe we made it. This is why we’re thankful. Being your wife is the greatest honor of my life. Thank you for choosing not to give up on me daily. Your commitment to our family’s quality of life is unmatched. Your friendship is incomparable. Your devotion to the Lord is admirable. Your thoughtfulness is a gift. Your loyalty is appreciated. There’s not a day in our marriage when I haven’t felt loved by you. We would be perfectly fine without each other, but I’m sure glad we chose to do life together. Boundlessly grateful to God for lending you to me. Here’s to 9 years of marriage and a lifetime to go. Happy anniversary! ♥️ (Photo: @femquaxpa circa 2014 when #MaizahRose was in my belly)

#ad This was such an amazing work trip to NYC. Did a little bit of shopping but not too much because I’m trying to save $$$$$ before the end of the year. But I’m happy to say that this is the first work trip where I intentionally (and successfully) kept personal and business purchases separate. (Something that I haven’t been so good at in the past.) That was one of the two goals I recently set with my accountant. The other goal? Establish business credit. In the fourth episode of the Color Full Lives podcast, presented by @statefarm, @aminatou @tonya.rapley and @angelayee discussed building and repairing credit. My favorite takeaway from the episode: “Your credit report reflects how you treated credit in the past. Your credit score reflects how you’ll treat it in the future.” There were so many great takeaways from their discussion and it only confirmed that I’m moving in the right direction. Check out my Stories where I linked to the podcast and share why building business credit is important for me. #LiveColorFull

Kicked off Monday with sleepy eyes, hair did and a can do attitude. #CalianaLily

Found new Instagrammble backdrops in midtown this morning while frolicking in the cutest ruffle maxi dress under $33. Perfect for this whole summer to fall transition weather. Linked to this entire look at on #liketkit #ltkunder50 #SlayYourDay #ltkunder100 📸: @ericajsimmons

Shooting a fall beauty campaign earlier this week with @ericajsimmons.

Getting cute and ready to go on a day date (and then later a dinner date!) with Hubs. Sure, all of my clean laundry needs to be put up, but I’ve always valued quality time with him over chores. What you getting into this weekend? 💛


#tbt to when Cali was jealous that Maizah was having the best summer ever. 😂

Blessings aren’t without burdens. And overwhelmed is what I’ve felt these last few days. All of my professional dreams are coming true but it’s definitely not without a level of work and mindset forcing me to stretch myself to a higher standard. I’m exhausted - my children have decided out of all the weeks this year to both wake up sporadically through the night for the last 4 days when I’ve especially needed to get up early and tackle this laundry list of things to do. My amazing hands on husband is just as exhausted because he gives us 150% every single day. After 6 hours of segmented sleep last night, today I have to shoot 4 campaigns and keep it moving. I don’t say this to complain but to give all glory to Him even on my hardest days. The show must go on. I remember praying for what I have now. Also, super thankful for this double hazelnut latte with almond milk this am. It’s currently my best friend. P. S. - I haven’t posted on Instagram for 6 days and everything’s fine. And how cute is my mini Priscilla bag? 🤗✨ #AnswerWithBrahmin

The hand on the knee takes me OUT. #CalianaLily

#fbf in June of me, @lovebrownsugar and @aeshiadevorebranch at #Summit21 looking like some vibrant things in our colorful blazers. Good times.

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