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Mattie James  Content creator + host influencing women to #SlayYourDay, monetize their influence & balance life beautifully. 📍Atlanta ✉️:

When I started out as a content creator, I thought that people just woke up and were naturally capturing moments in their day to day life for their blogs & Instagram. And yeah, that’s not really the case. To create really good content, you don’t have to be fake but it will require you to be intentional and pay close attention to detail. You will have to plan ahead. You will have to commit to taking the content from good to great. And sometimes you’ll have to walk by on camera in the same spot several times to ensure it comes off as natural as possible. Even as an influencer, the work has to get done.💥

Polka dots, ruffles AND off the shoulder?! Yeah, this is easily one of my favorite tops that I’ve purchased this summer. If you’re like me and into off the shoulder tops + dresses with polka dots, I’ve found 7 under $100. Plus, I linked my shorts, bag and sunnies. Tomorrow’s the 15th. Buy yourself something nice. #liketkit

#ad I’ve been so inspired by @johnsonsbaby and their new 5 promises to #ChooseGentle that I want to make them to my baby as well. Raising the bar is something I pride myself in my professional life and I promise to apply that same mindset as a parent.
It’s easy to get comfortable - especially as a busy mom - and let the daily tasks wear us down. Motherhood is challenging, most times thankless and tiring. Regardless, my goal will always be to take that role on with enthusiasm, not because I feel like it, but because my girls are absolutely worth it. I promise to always give being their mom my best shot. ✨

#ontheblog today, a book review on Fringe Hours by @jessicanturner and why you absolutely must read it if you feel like you NEVER have time for yourself. A gamechanger! 📸: @ericajsimmons

It’s Monday! I’ve got 2 coaching calls, 2 sponsored posts due and over 50+ tasks due in Asana. Oh and I woke up late (7:30a!) since baby woke up at 4a and didn’t go back down til 6a. But here’s a cute photo of me looking busy to balance out my feed. 😂 Taking this week on with grace, grit & gratitude! How do you plan on making this week a success? #SlayYourDay #DavidYourGoliath 📸: @vanessa_malzahn

God has a way of taking an incredibly simple moment to show you that His blessings are unmatched. This was one of those moments.

Had such an awesome time with @dove @lovebrownsugar @drebrownnyc at #Summit21 for the #HourWithHer workshop. @mic was there to capture it all. Rewriting stories when someone tried to negatively effect your self esteem is more powerful than you think. ✨

The only thing more incredible than your smile is when you smile at me. ♥️

What I wear on an airplane.
Will be traveling for partnerships in September & October and I like to think of this as my flight uniform (just rotate t-shirts). Fanny packs free up my hands, sneakers are comfortable and more weather appropriate than flats or sandals and sunnies because I always travel makeup free. If I don’t have my iPad to watch or read, best believe I have a book or magazine to dive into.
What do you guys wear on a flight? ✈️✨

Started the week strong and then yesterday threw me off balance. Between the girls growing up (sleep regression + the start of a new school year), making internal changes for my business and running out of coffee, forgetting to buy more and having none this morning (that threw me OFF) today I sort of had the blues. Oh and my house looks like we’re mad at it. But tomorrow is a new day and Saturday @livenation is sending me to the J. Cole concert which is something I’m really looking forward to. What are you looking forward to this weekend?! Tell me something good! ⬇️

We’re a good time.

Negotiating the amount you want can be intimidating. As a full time influencer, I sometimes feel crazy for turning down an opportunity I once hoped for.
But if you’re clear on the value you offer a brand, ask for the money you want. If you do the work, raise the bar and add obvious value ask for the money your male or white counterparts would ask for and then unapologetically back it up and stand by your ask. That doesn’t mean you’re difficult, stuck up or demanding. It means you’re about your business.
Make it hard for them to tell you no. #blackwomensequalpayday

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