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A friend told me, and I’m paraphrasing...
“If it will matter in 1 year. Spend 1 minute stressing over it.
If it will matter in 3 years. Spend 3 minutes crying.
If it will matter in 5 years. You have 5 minutes to overthink.
But if this won’t matter in 1, 3, or 5 years...Dont stress, cry, or overthink.”

Two tongues...But you lost me in translation.

Sometimes we don’t realize it’s as simple as making a DECISION.
A decision to wake up.
A decision to do the work.
A decision to draw the plans.
A decision to loose some sleep.
A decision to smile.
A decision to be kind to those around you.
A decision to let nothing keep you from your best self, from your dreams and goals, from a better life.
Decide and MOVE.

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Pettiness is easy. Emotional maturity takes work, growth, and patience. Don’t react...Retract, breathe, and assess.
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“Let a Scholar Read You”
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