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The Mamacist™  ⌨️Blogger, Wifey & Playdate Social Secretary. Mama of 2 beautiful girls. Lover of Rae Dunn. Living life with grace, faith & humbleness.

Some fun goodies came in the mail from @kerussoofficial that I adore and have quickly became my go to momma necessities. Can’t wait to show you later this upcoming week, but had to share real life with these two cupcakes who also wanted to be in the photoshoot ❤️ My heart is full as a mother.

I think the most scary thing about Post Partum Depression is that 80% of the time, you don't even realize that someone has it just by looking at them. There are some extrodinary, strong and amazing mothers who have been hit hard the PPD. In comes my Disney loving gal pal Tracie, who I am excited for you to read about over on the blog today. If you are struggling with PPD, Tracie also opens up over at our Mamacist Facebook page about her journey, detailing every step. Friends, if you have any feeling or a hunch that someone has PPD, be there for them. I can vivdly remember getting a call from Tracie at 9pm saying, "I need to come over. Can I come sit." Be that friend for someone. We all need help, it's HARD, but some of us just need a little more TLC. Link to the blog is in my bio

We spun the wheel tonight! Congratulations to @eason.muir214 ❤️ so happy to make you smile with one of my favorite mugs ever. Check back for a special Rae Dunn Veterans Day giveaway 🤗 Thanks to everyone who made my first of many giveaways so enjoyable and fun.

Coffee pots usually are designed with 3 settings: mild, regular and bold. I would like to present @Keurig with a new catch-up marketing plan to create a setting called, "MOM". This is what my design would look like. Anyone else with me to create coffee iv bags? To quote Nanea Hoffman, don't ever let anyone tell you that fairy tales aren't real. I drink a potion made from magic beans every day, and it brings me back to life. #momminainteasy #coffeemom

The other day while deep in thought on all the differences going on in the world, my daughter asked me to play. It was more of she dropped a ton of My Little Ponies in my lap. During a mission of saving Pinkie Pie from the clutches of Mr. Potato Head, it dawned on me that change was right in front of me. In one hand I hold Twilight Sparkle, 2017. In the other I am holding Windwhistler, 1987. Both are strong leaders, compassionate, helper of others, and critical thinkers. While Hasbro might have DRASTICALLY redesigned the appearance of the ponies, both of these roles are the same. Without change who knows if my daughter would have even known what a My Little Pony is due to lack of popularity, thus Twilight Sparkle wouldn’t exist and she has learned some incredible lessons from this new (and old) generation. Change while difficult, can be comforting and positive. Change is apart of existence and experienced by everyone. We are suppose to change and renew our minds. It’s up to us as parents how we want to teach and view change to our children, however one thing is certain, making sure our children are raised in faith driven, positive homes is the first step in making sure they are future Twilight Sparkles and Windwhistlers. Romans 12:2 “..but be transformed of the renewing of your mind.”

As our children take flight, we as parents must also spread our wings

I've experienced a ton of firsts as parent: diaper blow out in church (check), tantrum in the grocery store (oh yes), projectile vomit in the new van (that was fun) and our most recent is our toddler dialing 911 from the apple watch lock screen. I mean who knew that was possible, well it is. Of course we panicked and hung up, with emergency services quickly calling us back. A small conversation later we dropped our embarrassment with relief that it happens a lot. After hearing this I decided to head down to the local fire department and actually ask them the proper protocol if this ever happens to you:
1️⃣DO not hang up. Simply state what happened. Emergency services are here to protect us and hanging up after calling 911 is odd behavior. If you hang up an operator will call you back and most likely a police officer will come to the house.
2️⃣He stated the officer will likely come to the house just to make sure it isn’t a domestic issue or that a parent hasn’t taken the phone and hung up on the child.
3️⃣They might ask to speak to the child. He said they mainly do this because children do call 911 as stated above.
4️⃣They will log the call and make sure your panicked mommy self understands that it's all going to be ok.
Also, I want to add he was very intrigued with the fact that the apple watch could dial 911 from the home screen. He didn’t realize it could do this and he was thankful I filled him in on this information. Safe to say by now I think you can get a feel that my life as a mother isn't perfect, guess what, it's not suppose to be ;)

Monday: take your kids to the OBGYN day. Nothing says motherhood like holding your 1 year old on your chest, literally clutching your arms as you get a pap smear. If only I had a picture of that (ok not really). Running on empty used to by my motto. Not on purpose though. I didn’t need help, no way, and yet, every week my husband reminded me: please make it a priority to take care of yourself and remember I’m also here. With no vacation days as a mom, no paid time off, no part in the job description does it mention my needs, no actual time to myself-- giving myself grace was easier said than done. I made excuses like time, didn't want to leave the house, I felt selfish, etc. Then something happened, almost at the same time, first my “body” just gave out and I asked for help (so hard) and my husband, without missing a beat, stepped up to the plate. Husbands/partners if you stumbled upon my page, please make sure you help your wife make time to get to the doctors, to take care of herself. I feel once I started respecting myself properly again my entire well being came into focus. See, our kids are watching us even in moments we don’t realize, and we need/want to set a good example for them. Self worth is so important.

There are 3 things that I love: faith, motherhood and coffee. If you combine those 3 things you create one of my favorite organizations to be apart of, and that's MOPS International. I am so ecstatic to release a shirt I’ve been creating with my own mama for The Mamacist and I’m biased, but I LOVE IT! All proceeds during this roll out will go towards my local MOPS group, that we can bless other moms in our community. I’ve added the link in my bio to order! #momshirt

There’s nothing like that first bite of ice cream. Tasting it for the first time 🍦Hope your last day of the weekend is just as sweet.

Can you guess what Netflix show we watch every morning. Oh yes, Word Party! And today I present to you the mom edition with the word: Vancano! I do my best to clean out my van once a week, but even then the things I find (and after our road trip to Arizona, yikes) in the seat, under them, stuck to them, I’m just amazed. It’s a treasure hunt I don’t want to go on. It is literally like a volcano full of toys, Cheerios, shoes, etc explodes and goes everywhere.

Have you ever felt forgotten? And it can be in many different ways. In motherhood, your job, relationship. No matter what those circumstances are, it hurts. However something that struck me and made me dive into the world of blogging, is that Jesus was also forgotten. Psalm 27:10 says “Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close.” You see I felt the need to share this because someone out there is feeling what I felt two years ago. God will never and has never left your side. To read more click the link to my Mamacist blog which is in my bio or head on over to my Facebook page where I post all the articles #themamacist #youarenotforgotten #psalms #motherhood #thisismotherhood #godseesyou #momblogger #honestmotherhood #knowyourworth #friendship #momswhoblog #inspiremothers #momcommunity #myhonestmotherhood #seekwisdom

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