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The Mail Project  -Snail mail- Rebekah-16-USA- not a kawaii

Finally finished your letter @k_margarita29! So so sorry it took so long! It will be on its way tomorrow! :) #penpal #snailmail #envelope #mail #maillove #letter

Tomorrow's outgoing for my girl Meghan!!!!! Sorry it's taken me so long to write you... :) can't wait for you to get it my frand! @happy_meghan

Hello penpals! So little life update, I have traveled to two states in the course of a month with is EXTREMELY untypical for me. In addition to all that I've had school and way to many extracurricular crap to do. Tracks coming up soon too. Anyways, I will be attempting to write back soonish. I just didn't want you all to think I forgot or something! I think about doing it everyday. Aah the guilt. Anyways, never fear! Letters coming soon! So thankful for you all! Can't wait I here what's going on in everyone's life! And @emst3rr, I realised I never posted your letter, but I did receive it! So so fun! Love your mail!

Some kind of nature inspired drawing I did. I don't even know what it is...

I bought this happy little plant. It's elephant food in South Africa. So yeah, if you got an elephant just call me up.

WHAT! Blown away @dear_meghan!!!! You will see in the letter I sent you that I haven't found to many Vera Bradley's that loved, but this one!! <3 Man! I love the colors and I'll be using it fo sho! Thanks so so much! You da sweetiest!! :)

Letter to @emst3rr! <3

Little letter for @princessofbohemia!

Outgoing to @dear_meghan! I used my fancy new washi tape too!

Prettiest incoming from @prin cessofbohemia! I loved everything! Thanks so much for the bow! :)

So I got creative... Just kidding. I just looked it up in Pinterest. Record mail holder, baby!

Letters to @topka29 and my bestie Meems! #penpal #snailmail #showandmail #mail #mailart #letter

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