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Seated cable row, bench press, lat pulldown, overhead press (70/60/50/40kg)
Aiming for twelve reps of each with no rest managing ten or eight on a few. Three circuits followed by another few pump sets

Oh so THAT’s why my foot hurts... I might need to re-think my cardio and footwear :/

Rest day? Not today...

105g carbs
168g protein
34g fat

I think today might need to be a day off, I think I've just about earned one and my body could do with the rest

I'm on the last slice and coming to the realisation that I went overboard on the jalapenos... WHERE IS THE YOGHURT?!!!

Now for a hot shower to see if i can relax my back before some freezing blasts to see if I can prevent further damage to my back. I’m my own worst enemy

My back hurts just watching the video :/ This is why spotters are important even when they wouldn’t be needing to catch the bar, the moment the back begins to round you should drop the weight rather than risk serious injury

The wind is so bad that my face has almost frozen in place but I did manage a mile and a half of cardio. Walking outside won’t be happening before a workout while the weather is this bad, there’s no point in a warm-up if all it does is freeze you to the bone


67minutes of cardio, 6kmh post-run

12kmh 4min
10kmh 7min
8kmh 3min
10kmh 1min

1.5miles just under 15mins

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