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20th July 2014

20th July 2012

My back snagged halfway through but otherwise the workout went as well as it could have

18th July 2015
The day I lost my smelling salts virginity

I'm not sure if it's the heat or something else but lately exhaustion has once again gotten the better of me, if I let myself I could probably sleep away most of the day but I have to keep to the grind if I'm to get back where I need to be

17th July 2012

122g of protein with under 20g of fat and only 94g carbs

Dec '17 to July '18

Little changes may not be noticeable but they stack up and become obvious over time. Don't give up just because you don't see progress within days or weeks as you'll only regret it months down the line, it's a marathon especially if you're natural so keep grinding, keep fighting and keep making gains when you can.

It was light and easy again today as I’m still waking up exhausted but pushed through regardless with some more good news being that I managed an (albeit ridiculously light) actual squat! Come next week I’ll add some plates and see how far I can go.

30kg extension curl
10, 10, 10
70kg cable kick downs
10, 10, 10
30kg barbell squat = success

That’s a couple of extra days of rest due to exhaustion and aches that have been plaguing me but tomorrow is a new day. Let’s see if I can get back on track without delay

10g carbs
91g protein
30g fat

15th July 2012

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