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The Macro Fairy • Jess Orban  👙NGA BIKINI PRO👙 2x Bikini Pro Champ Posing Inquiries: jessorban@gmail.com Team @FITbodyPhysique @p4pmuscle • JESS Foodie // Cat Lover // Coffee Queen

When you’re a highly motivated individual, always raising the bar of expectations for yourself, you sometimes forget to maintain a healthy balance of work and rest – busy pushing yourself to attain this, that, or the other goal. All of a sudden you experience burnout in one of the things you’ve come to love the most. I’m not speaking to the days where you simply don’t feel like going to the gym or you don’t feel like bringing your lunch to work. I’m talking about abruptly becoming so exhausted by the very things that used to bring you joy that you push them away. Hard. Nearly two full weeks off from the gym and this morning was the first great workout I’ve had in a long time. The first couple days off I felt a heavy sense of guilt for not doing the thing that for nearly 3 years has become part of my daily routine, whether I felt like it or not, especially when prepping for a show. Sometimes we need to take a step back to make strides forward. Allow yourself to experience those moments where life is trying to remind you that you’re human. Listen to and pay attention to the signals, both mentally and physically, that your body gives you to slow down even if ‘slow’ isn’t your usual daily speed. But most of all, be kind – of course to others, but more importantly to yourself. It makes you beautiful. Or handsome 😏💜

🍦SWEET ‘N SALTY PROTEIN ICE CREAM🍦 🔸@p4pmuscle ice cream sandwich protein blended with lots of ice and 1C unsweetened cashew milk
🔸crushes pretzels
🔸caramel rice cake
🔸Walden Farms caramel dip

🌶 CRANBERRY JALAPEÑO DIP🌶 Ohhh man, I wasn’t too sure about how this was gonna go then out because let’s be honest...cranberries and jalapeños are an unusual combo. BUT, this was a huge hit at Thanksgiving and I’ll be making it again for Christmas! I have no idea what the macros are for this - it was more important to me to spend quality time with family and enjoy making memories and good food 🙏🏻 So without further adieu:
🔸12oz fresh cranberries 🔸1-2 jalapeños, minced
🔸3T lemon juice
🔸1/4C fresh parsley, chopped
🔸1/4C cilantro, chopped
🔸3/4C Splenda 🔸16oz FF cream cheese
1️⃣Chop cranberries - this was time consuming until I used a food chopper. If you use a food processor you’re going to get a lot of liquid in the end product...no one likes a runny dip.
2️⃣Add jalapeño, lemon juice, Splenda, cilantro, and parsley to cranberries
3️⃣Cover and let sit in the fridge overnight
4️⃣Whip cream cheese until smooth and put in a pie pan
5️⃣Drain any liquid out of cranberry mix that produced overnight and layer over cream cheese
6️⃣ Refrigerate until ready to serve with crackers

🥘CROCKPOT FIESTA CHICKEN🥘 I think I’ve made this 5 or 6 times within the last couple of months - it’s super easy and flavorful. As much as I look at food as art...I also enjoy being lazy sometimes 😂 I’ll use this to make salads, burritos, quesadillas, or put on top of tortilla chips for nachos!

The heaviest weight you’ll ever carry is that of regret. 2017 was definitely a year of just do it, don’t hold back, and no regrets. A couple of stage shots for #flexfriday from last weekend’s NGA Pro Universe to cap off a fantastic season. I’m thoroughly looking forward to a longer, fruitful offseason and being involved with bodybuilding in other capacities in 2018 👙🏆
Coach: @fitbodyphysique
Suit: @katkinisbikinis
Jewelry: @glamcompjewelry
Makeup/hair: Meeee
Tan: @bodyheattanning
📸: @rwlisterphotography
Special thank you to @nick.katrichis and @ellen0319 for all your help, love, and support this weekend 🙌🏼💜

A very happy #fbf of posing client @realfitgrl in @jwaggen’s NGA Natural Peoria Championships last weekend! Placed in all of her classes and rocked the hell outta her Bikini Model Wonder Woman costume! So proud of this gal!
It is so much fun working with bikini competitors to help them move and showcase their bodies on stage. That’s YOUR time to bring out your personality and YOUR time to shiiiiine 🌟👙

🎃HAPPY HALLOWEEN🎃 Life’s just a little bit sweeter when you melt a snack size white chocolate @reeses pumpkin on top of your oatmeal! 🤤 These have been taming my sweet tooth lately at 5f, 9c, 2p per lil punkin!

🌶STUFFED CHILE RELLENO CASSEROLE🌶 Coach @fitbodyphysique posted this awhile back and ohhh my, SO freaking delicious! This might be my favorite casserole ever. Recipe is from Counting All Joy with the following modifications:
🔸reduce shredded cheese by half and used 1C FF cheddar and 1C RF Mexican fiesta blend
🔸2lb cooked, 99% ground turkey
🔸nonfat Greek yogurt for heavy cream
🔸2 eggs instead of 3 (for no reason other than that’s what I had on hand 🤓)
🔍Macros for 1/6 recipe: 8f, 8c, 52p

🥞🎃PUMPKIN PANCAKES🎃🥞 An oldie, but definite goodie! Reposting this recipe again because it’s fall, ya’ll! Opted for some sweet, cinnamon cream cheese for topping instead of my usual Redi Whip for these. 🔍Macros for pancakes only: 2f, 19c, 19p and a whopping 7g fiber in these bad boys. Happy basic-ing! 😹
🔸138g egg whites
🔸120g pure pumpkin
🔸hefty squeeze of liquid sweetener of choice
🔸14g coconut flour
🔸1tsp pumpkin pie spice
🔸1/2tsp baking powder
1️⃣Whisk together first 3 ingredients then add remaining items and stir
2️⃣In a med-heat with nonstick spray, spoon ~1/4C of batter and use back of spoon to flatten out (batter is thicker so you’ll need to spread it out otherwise you’ll have pumpkin pancake mounds)
3️⃣Once sides start to lighten in color, flip and finish cooking!

🎉DIETING VOLUME HACK🎉 Slip some uncooked cauliflower rice into your meatball mixture before cooking - it doesn’t change the flavor or texture, just makes for larger meatballs! More food, fuller tummy 🙌🏼

👏🏼Let us now praise badass women👏🏼 .
Today’s society feeds you “instant gratification.” Thats not how the weight room operates. Keep your head down, work hard, and the results will come. @squat_university
📸: @_annie_rae_

🍕PIZZA CHICKEN🍕Behold, the thing I’m going on almost 2 weeks straight eating for lunch because it’s dat good! Season chicken breasts with garlic powder and oregano and cook halfway - 350 for ~20min. Remove from oven, top with pizza sauce, cheese, turkey pepperoni, etc and put back in the oven for ~25min or until chicken is cooked completely. Tip: I let my pizza sauce simmer on low for an hour before using it. It reduced it down to a thicker consistency and kept the end result from being watery. SO good.

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