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Cole Campbell  northfl , water we have our own dsco club

Ilford 3200 b&w

obx vibes pt. II

this is caleb,
caleb is my best pal,
its also his birthday !! cheers to you mate

scenes from my first trip to the big apple. hyped to be going back. more rolls to come🎞
hoping @brookemckenzie survives the flights , will document as much as possible


Funny how Time flies

made a page for all the film i be shooting. if that sparks interest great, if not so be it.
also, @jcup.c and I started developing our own film so for now im going to be dumping some old stuff on there to make room for these fresh scans boi.

Sis , in dc.

this is me in St. Aug

7:46 am, peekaboo

John, last fall.

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