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Lovely Lo, CF-L1  •🙌🏾Lover of Christ and @kcmitchell_ •🍩ISSA Fitness Nutrition Coach •🏋🏾‍♀️CrossFit Level 1 Trainer @CrossFitVU •🎨Creator/Designer of all things graphic

@kcmitchell_ is the most favored person I have ever met! He won a contest for this crazy 5 course dinner for #stpatricksday from @thegulfoi and @timbercreekdistillery. Thank you to Joe, Steve and Aaron for teaming up and providing us with a wonderful evening. Looking forward to what you guys do together in the future. We'll see you again soon!!!

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Mmm k... SERIOUSLY did NOT think I would get to 95lbs... let alone pull it 3 times and do 20 more jumping pull-ups. The more I look at the numbers to the right, the more I am amazed. How did I do it?! I'll tell you... the motivation of Philippians 4:13, the push from my #fitfam , the positive energy and mental attitude in the room and the love, respect from and sweet video skills of my hubby, @kcmitchell_. BLESS THIS GYM!!! 🙏🏾 I am overwhelmed by each of you and my heart is full! Congrats to @fallon_crossfitvu for FINISHING that beast of a workout. You're the Queen of the Gym... through and through. ❤❤❤

Tryin' to summon my @stevie._.wonder spirit animal, you guys!!! 😂 Been working with @niccijames with my voice, when I'm not mega busy. 😜 It's been so much of a blessing to me to be able to serve and help lead worship @liberty_downtown, thank you @benkimsal! 😊 I don't take the responsibility lightly, but this past Sunday, I didn't even feel like I was leading because it ministered to my soul tremendously. It was the first time I almost fell down on my knees with the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit. True joy is an amazing and powerful thing... I'm still "Spirit-drunk", y'all... and I won't apologize!!! ❤ I'm shaking as I type this!!!

Early Birthday Date Night with @kcmitchell_ AKA @whiskywildman. We learned about @laphroaig and got to sample the #32YearWhisky . It was a very informative and fun evening about this beautiful, delicate #ScotchWhisky with a wonderful history. Thank you, @noalsmith for your knowledge and passion for good spirits! ❤ And thank you, @danii_hx for wonderful conversation!!! 🙏🏾

First Saturday in a looooooooooong time without an agenda after 12noon. Well....... we'll see how long it lasts... 😂😂😂 #theresalwaysanagenda #backtothegrindinacouplehours #alittlebreakdoesnthurt #mylove❤️


Uhmmm... who's excited for the OPEN?! Me:(doesn't raise hand) 🤣🤣🤣 but I signed up anyway! Hers to getting murdered every Friday for the next 5 weeks! #onedayatatime #brickbybrick #lovelylofitness #ForGoodOlReggie

I'm terrible at flipping my calendar... and today, my calendar decided to be "punny".... #howdiditknow #areyouserious #whaaaaaaaaaaaa #mycalendarisapsychic

Happy Palentine's Day, ERRYBODY!!! Hope you're having a wonderful week. 😊 And a special THANK YOU to Naomi! She's so thoughtful. #CoachLoLovesCoffee #lovelylofitness #ForGoodOlReggie

We did @paintingwithatwist with @homebiscuit7 and @madcrazyokinawan!!! It was super fun! I painted the fish for my mom and @kcmitchell_ went #rogue on us all. 😛 #happyvalentinesday #ForGoodOlReggie

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