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  100 million sharks are killed every year for “Shark Fin Soup”. 🦈 🔘begeisterte Göttin

Yay another before and after. Diet is everything lol, I accept myself for who I was; as I was working things out, so I think I was kind of allowed to be a fat fucking cow. I thought problems could be solved with certain substances, I was wrong.
Anyways, put your mental health first, and don’t do hard drugs... and drink lots of water.

Dear mom, you’re welcome.

Where is my mind?

Hopefully these sunsets follow me in San Diego.
The countdown begins.

I did a thing to practice make up, also if you don’t do the “fish gape” in every photo you take of your make up, you didn’t do it right

I heard you guys like my dog?
Here you go.
Pictures of the best baby around ❤️

Here’s a side profile to show you that I’m alive and that my forehead is large and in charge.

Slow mo bubbles are still cool right?

Good girl

I’m scared of getting old

I think this is the first time sharing these publicly? I don’t know, so a couple of years ago I received this messages (messages I know make jokes about) telling me to kill myself, and revealing some personal information to lead me to believe it was someone close to me at the time. I still haven’t figured out who it is.. but guess what? I’m still alive. It makes my heart sink when I’m trying to look back for a picture and I’m scrolling by these. Whoever you are, fuck you. I have my suspicions on who it is. The angry part of me hopes you know what it’s like to want to take your own life, the angry part also wants me to have you feel deep loss. I went through a very very rough time, those that got caught in the crossfire I apologize for my behavior and my drug use, but in no way do I believe I treated anyone so poorly for them to tell me to kill myself.

I just really love dogs.
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