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Laura Esposito  Carolina girl now in north Alabamy...

Miss Clover loves her baby brother so much and so do I!

Made Whismy a Peter pan collar with one of mom's old earrings... She looks even more like a bobblehead than she did before!

Whimsy was groomed yesterday. I can't stop laughing at her!

I always wonder if these types of things are the work of bored teenagers or rogue Target employees.

@lovelouisephoto look at the Birdy! She was watching me when I stepped out on your porch.

I feel like the government could have used another word besides "invalid" to get the meaning across on my dad's handicapped parking placard...

It says poop.

When you just had surgery but are also excited about Easter...

Whimsy was spayed yesterday and doesn't like moving around with the cone on her head. Gabby was worried she is bored, so she put squirrel videos on the iPad for her.

My 1961 edition BHG housekeeping manual never fails to amuse. How much Paregoric were people using that this needed to be in the laundry section? Maybe you've had enough when you start spilling it all over your Dacron, just saying...

Release the Kraken! "Clash of the Titans" is still one of the best movies of all time. Fact.

@esburito and @madelyneleigh prom pix.

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