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Liz Carey  I was told there would be cake

The struggle to not be an asshole is daily for me.
Best gift from @jasonpolan
Did you send one to @realdonaldtrump ? I don't want to give mine up but I also do want this to be effective.
Happy Saturday
My neighbors are having a party for kids with a jumpy house.
I am fine.
We live super close.

When you gotta die for the bolognese but you resurrect for some random Swedish biker guys at the bar.
@brittanyfurlan 📷

7:44 am Tuesday whatever the date is.
I feel like I am gonna get into it with everyone today. My neighbor is taking up 2 parking spaces and my check engine light is on. To be fair it's been on for like 4 months.

1:33 pm Monday. Just started a new job. Got lost in the parking lot. @flynnskye sent me this dress and I sweat through the pits because I have sweating problem. Just threw a Snapple at myself. See the ball be the ball.
( Trump blows balls)

I gotta low key wait here for this person.
Also am just exhausted from 2017 as a thing.

I'm good.
Who's G-wagon is this? It's terrible.

Someone overserved me.
I'm fine.
Can literally anyone pick them up?
@brittanyfurlan @jon_lovitz

Literally cannot get these assholes to leave my house. We watched the bachelor who I believe is @davidspade.

I'm waiting for the dryer cycle to end so I can sit in a pile of warm laundry and eat a soft pretzel. What's up?
#swipeitoff #swipethedamnpictures #magical

Today's gonna be great. I'm making coffee with a paper towel filter and fell down my stairs already.

Soooo did we all vote today?
I'm still trying to do my taxes. In case anyone missed the groundbreaking ep of the bachelor last night you can watch on Spades thingy.
Good times @davidspade @therealjeffreyross @caitlinconfidential @charlottemckinney

Stepping into whatever today is with clogs on.
Follow your stupid dreams.

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