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Liz Carey  Nope

Sometimes being a friend means I will drink your drink. There is one hour left of your birthday! We have so much to do this year. Love you beauty 🖤💛@therealselmablair
( I got us both dancing lessons gonna be so great -it's 7 days a week at 5 am)

Majority of my life is me racing around to meetings that should have been an email and then deciding we should have another meeting with the one person that was smart enough to skip the fucking meeting.

One of those daze.. am I right ?
Check out this sweet lil film with @dieantwoord @zef_alien @djmuggs_the_black_goat_ @prawn_star @jackblack and sweet lil 🐀#16jones🖤#tommycantsleep

This could be us but you stopped putting thousands of quarters in and I fell asleep. Also, there is no one there and this is a cat. Guess who missed the Ambien window again.

I was married in this photo- obviously. Likely trying to casually read the paper like an adult and wondering what the fuck I did with my teen life. The main take away here is I just found those Gucci glasses.

My Papa (grandfather)passed away this week, I wanted to celebrate a man that loved beards, and velvety jackets.I got to grow up on a farm swimming in the lake and cutting down our Christmas trees. He could NOT say no to anything fun.Driving by 12 was totally fine. I was allowed to have every kitty I wanted-all the kitties ! He took us to the toy store and set a stop watch - whatever you could carry out was yours. I thought I was so cool because he had a car phone and my mom definitely did not , I would call all my friends on it -calling you today Papa because the world is a lot less fun without you. Happy Father's Day to all the dads and uncles,grandads, brothers and those without we could all use a trip to the toy store 💘

Mmmmm honestly have had no idea what day it is all week. I am on my way to the airport where I will make more terrible life choices.

Came to NY and am now just texting all my ex's. and dry shampooing my hair.
Productivity levels high.
#behindthehair #haskhair #roughnightmovie #roughmorning

Mostly this month I will be teaching an etiquette class.

Good morning ....
I haven't turned on the news or read any words.
So far so good.
Do not ruin this for me.

The original Dick in a Box.

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