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Liz Carey  I was told there would be cake

I know there’s a lot going on in the world. I also want to show you this picture of me last night managing to pee in a jumpsuit and make it back to the table in under 2 minutes. This a Guinness Book new world record. There’s a lot of of people to thank. Mostly @aliceandolivia for this jumpsuit that also allows for a no bra situation. I know I am forgetting other people.... umm oh @lola organic tampons and @mrchow for this bathroom lighting. Have a great day.

I’m laying down because I am exhausted.Please get out there and there and VOTE. We have a record number of women running for state and local public office. Let’s get up and get moving !
Proceeds of these T-shirt’s go to female candidates running for office on the local and state levels.
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@lawcpac 👊🏻✌🏼

I know what’s next, the alcohol unit question and that is simply not worded well.
I have until Wednesday to use no less than 137 Pilates group classes.

I’m just on waiting a roll of quarters and a marriage proposal.

Oh hey morning, I’m at LAX carbloading at 6 am. BUT, I wanted to mention that 1.1 million students enrolled in New York City schools, over 200,000 lack the glasses they need to learn. Sharing a photo of me to raise awareness for @warbyparker #PupilsProject, a program that brings free eye exams and glasses to children in need. Help spread the word by posting yours please. 👓 ✌🏼

Tuesday 10 something am. Is it me or does it feel like the walls are closing in? I replaced my own cable boxes. SO MANY WIRES and my bill is now 4 dollars less. WORTH IT. Please don’t start a I hate Liz section here for asking you one more time to register to vote. You can text WEALLVOTE to 9779. It’s way easier and faster than calling Spectrum cable I will tell you that. Now, who wants a margarita ?

In other news the janky CVS autumnal candles are being pushed aside for horrific Christmas smells that remind you of a drink that made you really consider sobriety for 29 seconds. I bought 7 to fill the VOID.

I left America as a teenager for work and then got married. This stamp went into my passport and I recall being worried I wouldn’t be “American” anymore. My friends there lovingly made fun of my Midwest twang but they were always a little envious of America and what we stood for. What do we stand for today? This is an embarrassment. This is a shit show. This is not the America I know. We can not sit here quietly and hope things might change. It is not time for indifference .It is time to knock on doors. It is time to peacefully speak to people about why it’s important to vote. Please register to vote if you haven’t. It will take you seconds to register by texting weallvote to 97779. It is that easy. I am furious and angry. I believe survivors. I will get back to my bad jokes and memes tomorrow or later but right now FUCK THIS.

I am up! I feel like I can’t even blink.
Sooooooooo how is everyone ?

I am just back out here winging it again. My life, the right eye of my eye liner, school lunch, motherhood and my Spanish. Hey who wants gum? This week man.

What a shit show we are in. I’m still processing. This has brought up so much for everywoman I know. It made some of us want to share our own stories, and some of us are still grappling with coming forward. Hopefully it made all of us take pause to register how brave Dr. Ford is. If her voice didn’t register to you than you are asleep. If you see someone crying be nice. Just be nice and decent. This is where we are at. Let’s hold each other up and let’s hold this man accountable.
These are my shorts and these are my decent, kind brothers.

Burnt my face with coffee then reburned the same area a tiny bit with my curling iron 5 mins later. Morning! Don’t forget to register to vote. Things are so chill lately. Happy holidays.
Text REGISTER to 644-33

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