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Zemira | South Australia  I really like adventures, 🥨, pugs & 📷. Visual Artist & Creator. ✨ AUT • NZL • AUS

That last day in #NewZealand 👏🏼⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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A very appreciated weekend with my fav person. ♥️ @nugget_creeps

Great memories & great new beginnings. 🤭♥️

✨ behind you, all your memories.
✨ before you, all your dreams.

Today I was thinking of all the things that make me happy: ☀️ the warm light of the sun on my skin.
📸 taking photos with my better half.
🗺 traveling the world & always feeling adventurous.
🍷 yummy shnacks & delicious wine from @sweatshedwines called The Mingler.
🦘 living in South Australia & be able to go to the beach every day.
The Mingler is now available @liquorlandau and @vintagecellars

#Shiraz #CabSav #TheMingler #SweatshedWines #AUWine #Australia

Happy Monday y’all - have the best week! 💖✨

I love photography. It let’s me escape into my own little place & also gives me the opportunity to show you how I see the world in my colours. 👩🏼‍🎨 #WHPhappiness #WHPUpToMe

Every day I’m grateful for being next to you & get to travel the world - @nugget_creeps - life is one epic adventure with you. 💖

Major coincidence to have found this beach last night. ☺️🌙♥️ Over the weekend @nugget_creeps & I went on a roadie to Victoria, which totally surprised me with its absolute hidden gems we keep finding. We originally went to Red Hill for Nuggsis XCO race, yet we found some time to cruise around & explore. We’re currently on our way back to Adelaide, cruising down the Great Ocean Road. I’ve already looked up some places I wanna go to but I’m always super happy for your recommendations. Hit me.

Heyaa! I’m back! 🥰 31 days & no single post - how did that even happen? Whoops! But not really whoops! Not really sure if anyone missed me, but the time off was ESSENTIALLY needed & did me well, so freakin well. Everyone has new year resolutions & mine was to not go on my phone first thing in the morning & let other people’s oh so perfect life, oh so perfectly edited images, etc. make me compare to them & make me feel less. Instead I’ve focused on me, me, me & it was fantastic. All my energy was flying into creating something new, planting new habit seeds in myself, thinking new thoughts & giving myself time to adapt to these new habits. I don’t know if that sounds selfish or stupid to you, for me in fact, it was one of the best things I’ve ever did. 💯 All of this was caused by this move to get another country, this time permanently & oh boy, that caused a storm in me, I didn’t see coming. 🙈 However, how are you keeping up with your new year resolutions? And how cray cray is it that tomorrow is the first of February already? 😄 #whoopsnotwhoops

DAY 365 | 2018, thank you. For the love, the laughs, the memories. But also the hurt, the tears & the tough love. Because of the last 365 days, I am wiser, stronger & a little braver. I’m rooting for us all. 😜 Here’s to 365 new beginnings. 365 days & nights. 365 tried to make it right. 😄♥️ l wish all of you muchos love & all the happiness you can only cope with for 2019.

Oh, how much I miss this 10 minutes drive to this spot. 😐🥰 It’s a funny feeling to miss a place, yet to be so certain that it was the right decision to leave. I guess some day it will all make sense. For now I’m laughing off the confusion, smiling through the tears & keep reminding myself that #everythinghappensforareason 🍀

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