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TheLionLaw® • Online Mentor •  📖 Read from start to latest post for a guided and detailed journey to Growth and (Success - starting soon) ✨#conquering2017 ✨ © Practice at own merit

Empowered! #likeaboss #thelionlaw

Rise up. Take action. The world is yours for the taking #thelionlaw

Know yourself better. Find your purpose. #thelionlaw

That feeling❣️ Tag your close friends to remind them the best is coming #thelionlaw
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Unleash the beast in you 🔥
#power #courage #destiny #thelionlaw

To want big and better, you have to become big and better. Pay the price to live the life of your dreams.
Swipe to understand it's true meaning #growth #success #thelionlaw

Perspective #likeaboss #thelionlaw
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Grow, not just to succeed, but also to be able to handle success when opportunities are given to you #thelionlaw
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• Lawyer's Conversation Tool •
Fencing, the art of choosing words carefully to shift between it's meaning. Mostly used in political speeches and press release, and of course by lawyers & astrologers.
A "pun" can be taken as a comical side to Fencing 😉 #lawyer #tools #thelionlaw

Awakening #thelionlaw

The Lion's Verdict • #roarofthelion
Don't delay success for lack of trying. Don't waste precious effort to make your journey to success look pretty & acceptable. Take the effort, do what's required & don't attract unnecessary attention, or crave small admirations.
Prepare your mind, grow and take action. Only then will the people you wish to "impress" today will truly admire you tomorrow.
Focus your energy on building yourself to be the one. Your hardships and sacrifices will not go unnoticed. Time, will present you all the attention you deserve #buildyourempire #thelionlaw

Sunday puzzle 🔬 #thelionlaw

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