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people promised they would help and went missing or just lied in my FUCKING presence. people were empowered by me and shit was DRY. so excuse my confidence, im just tryna win for my children. they deserve the world so i’ll sacrifice it and do IT MYSELF!!! this win is PERSONAL and on PURPOSE. i owe this one to @lorrh__ @bbyg.gotti #justin #jonah #ksd2 !!!

edited so this doesn’t go over anyone’s wig, frontal, closure or du-rag!! and this is not just for the kings but for the future queens too. everyone wants a title but no one wants to put the time in. and you gotta know how to sing. i mean REALLY SING. make no excuses for NOTHING. #tapIN or please stay yo ass over THURR in the mediocre section. singing, is the closest you get to someone without physically touching them. the power it takes to invoke a certain spirit that can change the world not just for the time being. but FOREVER (no pun) love always MO!! 🏆🐐👑🔌❤️🙏🎤

#tappedintuesday !!! someone sent me this. and i’m like YOOOOOOO!!! please God bless my THOKE (throat) to sing like thissssssss!!

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few days left in the year. i’m being super nice cuz i know y’all be spending your money to buy your kids stuff for xmas but still have a business to run and it’s get rough around end of the year. i can dig it. hurry in for this promo sale. i only do it when people inquire about my normal prices and they say it’s too high. which i don’t think they are. but hey what do i know lol dm me now

don’t fcukin PUSH ME!! cuz my napoleon complex kicks in and whatever happens HAPPENS. no shade this shit LIT more than ANY OTHER SHOW!! but it HELPS HEAL more than it HURT!! yes it is gonna hurt to see what we went through. but in the end i’m sure you will see why we ALL made the choice to put our LIVES OUT there to be judged. talked crazy about. and looked at like BITCH just leave. yeah ok i’m not your dad. lace up your TIMS it’s almost time for #marriagebootcamp #hiphopedition jan 10 @wetv

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shit 👏just 👏got 👏REAL!!! #marriagebootcamp #hiphopedition @wetv Jan 10!! (@thejasminebrand_ )

@jacquees knew who to call to get the #thompsonwinterwonderland wedding poppington!! if your reception not LIT like this, i ain’t coming!!!! we had a BALLLLLL you hear ME. @jmcallisterevents y’all put together an amazing EVENT for the bride and groom!! 🎤🔌🏆🐐👑❤️ full performance link in bio @freddyopix

y’all fighting over who the king is. but who can out whistle bul??? ONLY people i ever see do this is @karenclarksheard and @leandriaj !! thanks @charliesangelll for THIS. #tappedintuesday his name is @georgelovett !! remember the name. he will be legendary!! 👑🐐🔌🏆🎤

FOH. ain’t no chrimuh!!! i’ll never be as mature as the smiths. sorry. not sorry!! who this mature?? comment below

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