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Jordan Simons ✈  Travelling the world continuously since 2014, trying to inspire and show others how to do the same. Currently: Manila, Philippines 🌴 LATEST VIDEO πŸ‘‡

Never stop taking risks. Just keep reaching.

Most of the jobs we're doing nowadays didn't even exist when we were in school.

If I'd said to my teachers that I just wanted to travel the world while sharing my life to complete strangers, they probably would've laughed at me. Most likely they would've said - but how will you make money?

It's a valid question and the truth is that in the beginning I had no idea how to answer that.

The beautiful thing is that now there are SO MANY opportunities to make money while travelling, so many ways to earn income online and so many new things popping up all the time - and I'm not just talking about YouTube, Instagram etc.

People always ask me 'Do you think it's too late to get into the content creator / influencer game?'. The only answer I ever give is 100% NO. There are still so many opportunities available it's crazy.

This is one of the big things I'll be working on from now on, trying to show even more people how possible it is to travel the world continuously, starting with the first ever @travelcontinuously summit in the Philippines!

It's a little under 4 weeks away now and I can't wait πŸ˜€

It's time to say goodbye to Bali and I'm on the way to the Philippines for the next 6 weeks.

I'll be in Manila for the next 8 days and I'd love to arrange a meetup.. any suggestions for where we should do it?

#travelcontinuously #manila #itsmorefuninthephilippines

Every time I come back to Bali I discover a new favourite place πŸ€™

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Our time in Bali is almost done. Well, this time anyway.

It's been a month of working on new projects, catching up with old friends, meeting new people and trying to fit in some rest and exploring in between.

It's pretty different to how I used to travel but I've loved putting more time and effort into future projects, which I'm so excited to share with you.

The next 8 weeks of travel should be pretty nuts, but it's nothing compared to whats coming after πŸ€™


Would you rather be the person that tried and failed or the person that never tried?

Don't be afraid to try.

Failure in some things is inevitable, it's what you do after that counts.

Imagine being old and never having chased your dreams, never having travelled or taken risks.

Don't be that person. Start now. Take risks, push yourself, try something new.

It shouldn't be a dream - it should be a plan.

I just added it up and I've already spent 10 months of the last 4 years here in Indonesia.

Anyone thats been here will understand why 🌴

Chasing waterfalls with @lostleblanc & @whatthechic and finding @jackson.groves in his natural habitat.

All in a day's work in Bali 🌴

In πŸ“½: @oliviadejeu & @nics_mindset

Spent the weekend exploring Bali and made it to this beauty πŸ€™

Who lives on a pineapple in Bali? -sung to the spongebob theme ofc πŸ˜…

Living back in Bali for the past few weeks has been everything I've wanted from it. A chance to relax, be surrounded by good friends and get on with a bit of work in between.

I just put up the video from our first week here and I'll be putting out plenty more from the Bali series in the next few weeks - link in bio!

#travelcontinuously #digitalnomad #thebalibible #travelandwork

I call this one the Bali Preset. All you do is point your camera, click and voila - there it is.

No but seriously this is without any filter or editing, that's just how the sky can look here 😍


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