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Jordan Simons  Travel - Photographer - Filmmaker Traveling the world continuously since 2014. πŸ“ #Tanzania | 🎬 Latest video πŸ‘‡

Zanzibar was the perfect chill spot for a few days but now we're in Moshi about to climb Kilimanjaro!! We literally start climbing in the morning and just realised how unprepared we are πŸ˜…

After renting out most of the shop and getting a good briefing from our guides, we're setting off early tomorrow morning to begin a 5 day climb - which will also go over my birthday, the day before we summit.
It's like nothing either of us have done before wish us luck and hopefully we'll report back in 5 days 😁

P.s. i know its a cheesy photo but no time to get one of Kili before we head off in the morning, so this'll have to do πŸ˜…

Our camp on the edge of the crater, sleeping under the stars with the sounds of animals around.

It's a weird experience to hear hyenas outside your tent and not want to go to the toilet because of it πŸ˜…

@givebackgiveaway #Tanzania

Standing on the edge of Ngorongoro crater.

The more I get to travel and discover new places, the more I realise how much more there is to see.

I'm just so grateful that I get to see even a small part of it and share it with some truly awesome people ❀

@givebackgiveaway #tanzania

A bucket list experience, our 18th country together and my 64th so far!

This was just before we entered through the gates of the Serengeti National Park. We thought beforehand that maybe we'd see some lions, but weren't exactly sure how many or if we'd even see them up close.

It was only 30 minutes in when this little guy poked his head out of the rocks to say hi to us! 🦁😁 From there we just kept seeing more and probably saw more than 30 lions over the 3 days, and 4 cheetahs too!

Without a doubt the best experience of this year so far and next up it's climbing Kilimanjaro for my birthday. Time to rest up on the beach in Zanzibar and get ready for what is probably the hardest physical challenge we've both ever had. Wish us luck 😲

@givebackgiveaway #tanzania

One of the best experiences of my travels so far. The Serengeti was incredible, exactly like you imagine it and Ngorongoro Crater was like driving through Jurassic Park itself.

The fact that we were also camping amongst the animals, having to walk past Hyenas and Baboons just to get to the toilets made it that much better. Insane.

#givebackgiveaway #tanzania

Arusha from above πŸ›©

Welcome to Tanzania, where every kid smiles, waves and asks for a photo ❀

Day one of the @givebackgiveaway here in Arusha. Lets do this! 😁

Just left Bucharest and now in the UK for a few days before Africa 😁😁 If any of you are traveling solo and looking for a new way of meeting other backpackers, travellers or digital nomads then check out @abroadapp. It's a new app that aims to bring a needed connection to the travel community, helping you to find other backpackers nearby!

Check out their page and follow for future updates.


Exploring a lesser known area of Romania ❀

Special thanks to @alexchacon_official for the epic drone footage and #ExploreDobrogea for arranging this trip. This next video should be a good one!

#dobrogea #danubedelta #romania

Just shared a new video to my channel about current thoughts and our future plans.
Spoiler: it's loosely related to this photo 😝 Link in bio!

A few days ago I put this video up to my YouTube channel, marking 3 years since I put up my first video - and 4 years of traveling continuously!

It's a video I'm proud of and will be happy to watch back when I'm older and relive some of these memories.

I now want to use this as a launching off point for the next round of videos, a marker to make myself create better content and push the standard higher.

If I'm honest with myself, I feel like I've gotten a bit complacent with the videos I've been putting out - and been on full-on catch up mode since Japan which was over 3 months ago now! - and I want to work even harder to make only the things I'm really proud of.

In the spirit of that, the first video will be up tomorrow night ✌

Yesterday I posted a new travel montage video to my channel - 3 years of travel in 3 minutes 😁

I've literally been working on this video for over a year now and soo glad it's finally out there. I'd love to know what you think!

Link in bio!

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