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The Life of a Social Butterfly  🙋🏾🦋 Aussie Tamil Youtuber 🤓 Blogger www.thelifeofasocialbutterfly.com 👸🏾 Creator of #TheDarkSkinnedGoddessProject 📍Sydney, Australia Subscribe ⬇️


Now this is my kindaaaaaa superhero!!! If you guys haven't checked out @browngirlgang you're honestly missing out. If you love finding amazing, creative south Asian female talents whether it's a baker, blogger, makeup artist, youtuber (🙋🏾), singer, actor, dancer and so forth world wide, stalking their content and being inspired @browngirlgang is your one stop place to get your fix. They have been nothing but so magical and supportive on #TheDarkSkinnedGoddessProject and just me as a Youtuber and I couldn't be more grateful 🙏🏾. I guess what I love more is they're based in Sydney like meee. So amazing to see more Australians bringing out their creative talents in the world of social media. This superhero was an awesome collaboration piece between @browngirlgang & @anumation - how gorgeous, fierce and BOSS does she look? 💗💖nothing but love and admiration for the team at @browngirlgang 🦄✨ I want to dedicate this picture to my appamma, she was my 2nd mum, my guru, my goddess my everything. This day 3 years ago she left this earth to be in paradise. There is not a day that I don't think of her or long to cuddle her. She was and will continue to be my superhero on my life.

Grateful to the positive response we have received from the #ToAllTheGoodThingsInLifeProject - if you haven't seen it already feel free to check it out on the hashtag or on my page. We hope we have inspired more of you to do what you can to help those less fortunate. As amazing as our trip was, exploring the ancient ruins of Cambodia, island hopping in the Phillipines, eating mouthwatering authentic local dishes, snorkelling through schools of fish, swimming and lazing around in some pristine beaches, experiencing some of the BEST night life experiences & the list only goes on from here...NOTHING comes close to the feeling we received from spending time interacting with these genuine, inquisitive, kind, loving souls and watching their faces light up when we gifted them stationary, food or money. So grateful to this experience. Thank you @ashkumaaar for doing this with me 🙏🏾❤️ and thank you @tuktukroben for this 📷#RowdyRangamasTakeOnAsia #TamilGirlsTravel #Cambodia #SiemReap

🎥▶️ Part 6 of 6 of #ToAllTheGoodThingsInLifeProject watch the rest on my Insta page or through the hashtag
Thanks for watching guys & remember - "Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier" (Mother Teresa) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ lots of love from @ashkumaaar & I 😘🙏🏾 _____________________________________________________ to watch all posts check it out on my page or through the hashtag #ToAllTheGoodThingsInLifeProject • #TamilGirlsTravel #TheLifeofaSocialButterfly #RowdyRangamasTakeOnAsia

🎥▶️ Part 5 of 6 of #ToAllTheGoodThingsInLifeProject watch the rest on my Insta page or through the hashtag
"A person's most useful asset is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help others" ❤️ continued in final post #ToAllTheGoodThingsInLifeProject #TamilGirlsTravel #RowdyRangamasTakeOnAsia #TheLifeofaSocialButterfly @ashkumaaar

🎥▶️ Part 4 of 6 of #ToAllTheGoodThingsInLifeProject watch the rest on my Insta page or through the hashtag
If any of you guys are working on some REALLY great initiatives involving giving back to the community, helping those less fortunate to us @ashkumaaar & I would LOVE to know & contribute in whatever way I can. If you're posting it on social media feel free to use the hashtag #ToAllTheGoodThingsInLife so I can keep track of it there and feel free to DM me about it as well. Continued in next post... #ToAllTheGoodThingsInLifeProject #TamilGirlsTravel #RowdyRangamasTakeOnAsia

🎥▶️ Part 3 of 6 of #ToAllTheGoodThingsInLifeProject watch the rest on my Insta page or through the hashtag. Thank you to the support of @tuktukroben
Despite being so young, the level of gratitude, appreciation, kindness and love these local children and families showered us with truly made us feel all kinds of happy and love it cannot be articulated through words.
As intimate and private this whole experience was for @ashkumaaar & I, the only reason we made the decision to share this with you guys is we want to encourage and inspire more of you guys to incorporate charitable gestures into your holidays & even your everyday lifestyle. As Gandhi said, "the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." Watch the rest on my next post #ToAllTheGoodThingsInLifeProject #TamilGirlsTravel #RowdyRangamasTakeOnAsia

🎥▶️ part 2 of 6 of #ToAllTheGoodThingsInLifeProject watch the rest on my page. Thank you to the support of @tuktukroben
@ashkumaaar and I decided of course we wanted to be sick ass tourists, exploring temples by day and partying it up by night (as you would have all witnessed on our story). But our hearts were not content. We knew we had to do something special for these children and families. So we set out to the markets and bought stationary (exercise books, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners , rulers and activity books), 100kgs of rice and noodles. When I was younger, if anyone ever gifted me stationary items as a birthday present or through party bags and what not I would be ecstatic. Stationary items was and probably til this day LIFE for me. Having cute little books, pencils and what not allowed me to grow, develop and take control of my creativity. We wanted to give these children the same feeling ❤️To have the opportunity to be able to give these items in person and interact with these beautiful children and families was the BEST part of this holiday.
Watch the rest under #ToAllTheGoodThingsInLifeProject or on my page ☺️

🎥▶️PRESS PLAY - This is part 1 of 6! Don't forget to watch the rest on my Insta page or under the hashtag #ToAllTheGoodThingsInLifeProject thank you to the support of @tuktukroben
🙏🏾 • TO ALL THE • 🙏🏾

@ashkumaaar & I would like to present to you guys a little project we worked on while we were in Cambodia called #ToAllTheGoodThingsInLifeProject
There is so much that we take for granted in our lives. We are so privileged in so many ways. We have places to call homes, we have wardrobes of clothes for different seasons, parties and events. We have home cooked meals and the ability to splash wads of cash on nights out, makeup, technological devices and so forth. We worry about not wearing the same outfit twice to events. And we lose our shit over new product releases, concerts, new dessert places and splurging on our friends and family like it's raining money (ALL OF which I'm guilty of). However, visiting these beautiful, humble countries like Cambodia where so many kids have next to NOTHING yet were so damn appreciative and so happy just to be in the company of each other, was truly eye opening for us. It’s so easy to just be in our little bubble and worry about petty things that are really NOT #FirstWorldProblems but when you take yourself out of the priviledged bubble that we float around in and visit these third world countries you come to realise just how lucky we are. So much of Cambodia reminded us of Jaffna and even parts of India. It’s all about the community here. Everyone is one big family, looking out for each other. They're all in it together. There's no differentiation between themselves and the person next to them. It was such a warm, fuzzy communistic feel which many of us are deprived from living in Western countries where we function as predominantly an individualistic society. Continued in next post #ToAllTheGoodThingsInLifeProject #TamilGirlsTravel #RowdyRangamasTakeOnAsia

🎥▶️ play! Part 3 of #RowdyRangamasTakeonPhilippines - Kisses all around 💋from the girl who used to fear the sun to the girl who basked like no tomorrow under it - because what's more fun? Sitting under a tree with a massive sun hat watching your day go by & getting irritated by the slightest sunshine hitting your skin? OR strolling the beach like a free bird, jumping into that water, entering a spectacular under water realm and just exploring all the beauty this world has to offer whilst getting 50 shades darker with that melanin magic!! Trust me guys I've gotten darker from this trip to the point people don't recognise me and I ain't even mad 😂 #UnfairAndLovely (Please wear sunscreen guys!!) 🌞🌊🌴🍑Thank you @ashkumaaar for the memories and for putting this sick edit together! Yalla Habibi!!! ❤️❤️ click #RowdyRangamasTakeonPhilippines for the rest of the video 🎥#TheLifeofaSocialButterfly #TamilGirlsTravel #ASCrew2017 #Wanderlust #TravelBug #AsiaIsWhereItsAt #Philippines #IslandHopping #Snorkelling #BeachBabes #Wanderlust #RowdyRangamasTakeOnAsia

▶️🎥 PART 2 of tour C!! Picturesque blue skies, crystal clear blue water, hopping islands with the sun blessing us with its rays whilst we chill with Nemo and his fam 🐠🐟🐡 this is the lifeeee @ashkumaaar - click #RowdyRangamasTakeOnPhilippines to watch the rest! #ASCrew2017 #TheLifeofaSocialButterfly #TamilGirlsTravel #Wanderlust #Philippines #ElNido #RowdyRangamasTakeOnAsia

Part 1 of #RowdyRangamasTakeonPhilippines CLICK PLAY ▶️ we wanted to share our Island hopping Tour C experience in El Nido, Palawan from the Phillipines with you guys! The weather, the activities, the people & just the vibes in general was just perfect! Couldn't have asked for a better experience 🐳🌊🌴👯@ashkumaaar Click the hashtag #RowdyRangamasTakeonPhilippines to watch the rest of the video! #TamilGirlsTravel #ASCrew2017 #YallaHabibi #TourC #ElNido #Palawan #Phillipines #Wanderlust #Travel #RowdyRangamasTakeOnAsia #TheLifeOfASocialButterfly

Don't label yourself or box yourself as a person. Allow yourself to change, transform and evolve. Don't be afraid to truly be who you want to be. 2017 has been the year of spontaneity for me and that included deciding on a Friday night that I'm flying off to Cambodia, Phillipines, Malaysia and booking my tickets the next day to be on a flight 5 days later. None of that could have happened without this beauty right next to me @ashkumaaar (the poor girl had to talk to my dad for a good 2 hours to convince him 😂 but hey it worked!) Honestly, this trip was so replenishing and so needed for me. I find that when you travel you're in a heightened state of awareness. You become mindful, receptive and undimmed by familiarity, allowing you to transform. When you're in your usual routine you become so institutionalised and you can easily fall into a rut, attached to the same bad habits. I've reached a stage where I feel more confident in me as a person (ofcourse it will continue to be a work in progress). However, I feel more liberated to just do the things I like and enjoy, without caring for what others will say or think. When you can condition your mind to no longer place importance on the opinion of others and place more importance on what you like and what you want to do to make your life better - you become invincible. You become untouchable. You only get one life so stop being your OWN enemy and start doing everything in your power to make it the best life possible🦄🦋🐒🌸🌺🌼🌻 #ToAllTheGoodThingsInLife #RowdyRangamasTakeOnAsia #ASCrew2017 #TamilGirlsTravel #LoveHer #MyPartnerInCrime #TheLifeOfASocialButterfly #UnfairAndLovely

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