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There's nothing better than enjoying the little things. You know those moments you have to be completely present IN the moment to appreciate? Not those moments you half-heartedly experience while your head is craned away with eyes peeled on your screen or behind snapchat. You know those times where your friends and you are laughing til you get a stitch? No phones in anyone's hands. Or when you find some money tucked away in your pockets that you've forgotten about? Or knowing all the words to a song playing at a party? Or when your phone is on 100% charge 😋? Or the joy of learning a new skill or gaining a new, fresh and positive perspective on something? Or being hypnotised by a whole flight of birds soaring through the skies in harmony (I honestly do not know the collective noun for a bunch of birds in the sky but let's go with this one 🤓). Or that warm, fuzzy feeling that rises inside you when you've done a simple gesture of kindness for a family, friend or stranger? I could go on and on... I know a lot of us like to screenshot quotes telling you to THINK BIG, AIM FOR THE STARS, GO FOR GOLD. It's motivational and it makes you wanna make things happen NOW. And by all means be motivated, be driven but within reason. Sometimes these mindsets convince us that "being the best" out does appreciating the person you are today. That climbing the stairs to success means suffering now and enjoy later. But what's the point in that? It's so important to be happy with how far you've come. It's so important to love how you look, feel and act NOW. I'm sure you all have best friends. Your best friends have their flaws yet we love them and some unconditionally. Why not start being your own best friend? Accept your flaws, embrace your journey and be happy with you now. It's important to be motivated & keep striving to be a better person each day but at the same time, reflect on your days. Pick out the little moments and cherish it for life isn't just made of days, weeks, years and decades. In essence, life is made of moments. Train your mind to place more focus on the little things that matter than declaring that your entire day was crap & watch your life blossom 🌸🌺🌻🌼

*this is a diary entry dedicated to my grandma who passed away a week ago*
Thank you அம்மம்மா for giving me the best gift possible and that is the gift of my mum. Having my mum all the way on the other side of the world away from home for the past two weeks has TRULY made me realise the value of her. For instance, I go to pour some water from the water jug and there's no water in it. I guess the jug was just ALWAYS full. It was just the tiniest things like this that made me truly feel the absence but also the value of my mum.
In that same sentiment, I can't imagine what my mum and all her siblings are feeling having watched you, their beloved mother pass away. But I know you left this world the best way possible. You slayed life like a queen. You made it til 90. You celebrated your birthday with your loved ones around you. Few days later you bidded farewell with your loved ones around you yet again.
Amma used to tell me how how when they were younger you and அம்மப்பா would always hold hands no matter where you guys went. Even after giving birth to 9 kids you guys never got sick of each other and he treated you like a Queen. So it brings me so much happiness that after 25 years you are reunited with him up there in paradise with 5 of your boys.
I always see thambi randomly glancing up at the ceiling and smiling. I also believe that little babies and kids and innocent special needs children can see the spirit of passed family members. So when I see thambi staring up at the ceiling randomly grinning, I know you're there with the rest of the crew consisting of Appamma, Apppappa, Ammappa. Rest in paradise you beautiful lady and til we meet again ❤️🙏🏾 #PictureMeOnTheRightAndThatWillBeThreeGenerationsInOnePhoto #NothingLikeTheLoveOfaGrandparent #RIPAmmamma #Family #AmmaAndAmmama #KeepingUpWithTheRajalingams #TheLifeofaSocialButterfly

Dear Sun 🌞, I'm finally coming out from lurking in the shadows. I'm sorry that I've avoided you. I'm sorry that I've feared you. I'm sorry that I've stopped basking in your rays. It's just- I was dragged away from you. I was taught to always conceal myself from you. You were made out to be the bad guy. You were made out to be the reason why I had allowed myself to get dark which for many was synonymous of being ugly? Oh how I've missed you. How I've missed playing under your rays. I'm done hiding. I'm done avoiding you. I'm coming out from the shadows. I'm ready to bask in all your heat and glory. I hope you're ready. Yours Truly, #ArasaKumari #UnfairAndLovely

Bring me that #MelaninMagic ✨☀️💫 #TheSunAintYourEnemyGirls

Kudos to my team of #DarkSkinnedBeauties :
📷 the amazing @dioscuriphotography
Hair & 💄by the talented @vensulla
Other featured models in the shoot: @kowthamy_selven & @jothinis
Jewellery - My Amma's Collection
Outfit - designed by me

⚜️✨Details ✨⚜️ •#UnfairAndLovely• Check out my video series on the hashtag #ImDarkSoImUgly - I shot the video when I was travelling #Jaffna #SriLanka - Yours Truly #thelifeofasocialbutterfly
Photo by @dioscuriphotography Hair & Makeup by @vensulla Jewellery is all Amma's Collection ❤️❤️o

PRESS PLAY ▶️ - #KeepingUpWithTheRajalingams promo episode 😜. This was a short preview from the video I made for my parent's 25th wedding anniversary. Feel free to check out the FULL video on YouTube. The link is on my Insta bio.
Now, watching this short preview or the full video, you MIGHT have the following thoughts: "Oh what a fun loving family." "Why does my life suck?" "Why is my family or my life so dysfunctional?" "Why can't my life be like this?" - I just want to make it clear that so many of us have these thoughts when we look at other people's lives whether that's through social media or just from our personal observations of seeing them in real life. However one thing we need to acknowledge and accept is that every person and every family has a story. We all have hurdles to jump & challenges to battle. Take for instance my family. Being able to accomodate for & look after after a child with a disability is not something anyone is ever ready for and as the child gets older/heavier etc it doesn't get easier. My parents have spent hours crying in various hospital wards, as a family we have travelled the world seeking a treatment or cure for my brothers disability. We have been to churches, temples, met with various "spiritual people" only to be disheartened by the results. My brother can't express to us when he has a headache or if he has hurt himself. It's all guess work for us. I can't explain how excruciatingly painful the whole journey has been and continues to be. You guys know how blessed we feel to have my brother and how he is the centre of everything in our lives . But one thing I want you guys to know is it's been one heck of a bumpy ride. This stuff I don't document and therefore you guys will never see this side of mine or my family's life. In that same sentiment, I'm sure you are all battling your own problems and issues. What I'm trying to get as is we've all mastered the beauty of concealing the harsh reality of our lives to the world especially our social media world. We don't just "edit" our photos and videos but we actually put up an "edited version" of our lives. (Continued in comments)

Aaaaand she's done!!! 👩🏽‍🎓 Can I get a "watt watt!!!" 💡💡 - ConGRADulations to my bestie for completing her Bachelors of Electrical Engineering at UNSW 🎓. Stepping foot into this Uni together hand in hand I was privileged enough to see this girl paint before my eyes what REAL determination & never giving up looks like. Regardless of the many road blocks, power shortages & various challenges that came her way she never let any of it dull her spark! This campus was the hub where we went through EVERYTHING together. Let's be real - we made new friends together - we lost friends together - we failed exams - we triumphed others - we've tried new things - we let go of old habits -we've cried in agony - we've shed tears in happiness. I can go on and on but one thing that remained the same was our friendship & sisterhood. If anything it got stronger. Having missed out on my graduation ceremony (which you can read about on my graduation post - scroll down 🙃) I'm happy to say I was able to vicariously experience it through her at our beloved John Clancy auditorium. @shravbsty I can't articulate to you how damn proud I am of you :') YOU did it girl!! Electrical engineering might be where the numbers are imaginary & so are the women but can I just say this little lady here is the REALEST chick ever. I admire you for being so transparent with me about your journey. Never fluffing it up and for constantly reminding me that life isn't perfect and challenges is an inevitable part of life. I hope this determination within you carries through all facets of your life and I can't wait to be there to cheer you on through more and more of your accomplishments! The sky ain't even your limit - keep soaring you #BossLady ❤️😎 #KeepinItRealSince09 #ElectricalEngineerInTheHouse #SoProudOfYou #LoveYou #GraduationPost

Step out of your comfort zone. It's where the magic happens ✨ - Yours truly 💋 🔥🔱 அரசகுமாரி 🔱🔥 #ArasaKumari

On the weekend we hosted a 25th wedding anniversary celebration for my parents. I was so busy running around organising the dance practices, DJ, photographer, decorations, backdrop, video presentation (which is now up on YouTube - click the link on my bio), MCing, schedule, buffet & the list goes on... so since I was so busy with organising everything I COMPLETELY forgot about what the heck my outfit was for the night 😂. My family had their outfits, my friends were all set and there I was the day before the event sitting thinking....oh shit. On top of that my family had set a theme that all direct family was going to wear red and gold and my friends had decided majority of them were wearing lehengas and I was sitting there thinking ....lovely because there was no way I was going to find myself a red & gold lehenga and get an aunty to stitch it in time. I still needed to finish the presentation and a million other things to worry about. So what did I end up wearing? Yep I wore my #Elavarasee lehenga. The outfit almost all my friends and family have seen thanks to the photoshoot and you know what girls? Nobody died 😋. I know it's such a big deal for us to wear an outfit more than once. Especially an Indian outfit that has already been splattered all over the Internet. But I wore mine AGAIN to my OWN family function and MCed in confidence in front of a good 300 people. So the point of the story is it's all in your confidence girls. You can rock an outfit more than once. You don't NEED to get get a new outfit for each and every event. Just be creative with it and switch something around in it. I paired the lehenga with a Kanchipuram shawl from one of my mums churidhars and added a waist chain and it changed the whole look (or atleast it made me feel like I did haha) ☺️. Self confidence is the BEST outfit one can wear. Rock it, own it & no one can beat that. 👸🏾❤️ •P.S @dioscuriphotography asked me to pull my best resting B face.. hence why I look like this in this photo 😂😂. Hair & makeup by @vensulla ❤️❤️ Jewellery is my Amma's collection 👑

💃🏾ing the night away with my one & only @kajaanane ❤️❤️ had such a blast at my parents 25th anniversary. Click the link on my Insta bio to check out the presentation I made for the night! Also yesss this is my #Elavarasee outfit guys 🙃Thank you to all of YOU guys for sending through song recommendations for the presentation (which I'm currently attempting to upload on YouTube - if that doesn't work out I'll Insta live it to you guys) and also keeping me calm while I was running around like a headless chicken doing last minute prep. I feel like I'm never alone because I have all YOU guys - my INSTA fam always there for me 🙏🏾 This video was taken towards the end of the night when all my stress was gone. Looking forward to sharing more of the night with you all soon. Apologies in advance for the spam that's to come!😉 Also thank you to my adorable cousin @a.beeza for capturing this moment 😘📷#KeepingUpWithTheRajalingams #MyPartnerInCrime #Sister #LoveHer
#TamilGirls #Despacito #UnfairAndLovely #Parents25thAnniversary #LehengaLove #TamilYoutuber #TamilBlogger #TamilVlogger #TheLifeofaSocialButterfly

When my mum saw this photo she gasped and said to me, "naan vaalkaiyila ninechu paarkeyla nee ippidi uddupu poduvi indu" 😱😱 (translation: *insert typical brown accent* - *extremely disappointed tone* I never in this lifetime thought I would see you wear such clothes like this - *insert typical shocked facial expressions from Vaani Raani - cliffhanger music) 😱- this is also the same mother who rants to saree blouse aunties 😂telling them that I'm an old lady stuck in a young body because I'm too old fashioned 🙄 since I ask for my saree blouse to not be a deep cut and make it as high neck as possible and to give me long sleevess on everything. 😂 #AhhYouGottaLoveAmmas #YesMostOfTheTimeIAmAnOldGrandma #ThisIsMyTwin #RememberArasaKumari 🖤Photo by @dioscuriphotography 🖤Hair & Makeup @vensulla 🖤Jewellery is Amma's collection 🖤Outfit designed by me 🙃

🙏🏾 Thank you SO much for your love & support on my latest video #ImDarkSoImUgly - I guess the little girl in that video was a representation of many of us when we were younger so I guess it hit right in the feels for many of you including me. it shocks me every time to see how no matter which corner of the world we in, #DarkSkinShaming seems to exist. However, I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to every person who has engaged in a conversation about dark skin shaming with their friends, family, colleagues and helped spark discussions & educate people. At the end of the day WE are part of SOCIETY, so we can change the mentality of society by sharing these #UnfairAndLovely based videos and posts and educating one another. Also to all my #DarkSkinnedBeauties out there. I'm sorry for the torments, bullying and unnecessary comments you have endured in the past. One of the worst comments I've had said to me back when I was in Year 7 was, "You're so DARK you need to place yourself in a washing machine and get clean." But let's rise from those experiences. The way Kim K embraced her curves and made it a thing 🙊Let's embrace our melanin. Let's embrace our different body shapes. Let's embrace our different textured hair. Let's embrace the different features that has so intricately been crafted on our faces and bodies. Let's make it a thing to love ourselves for the way we are ❤️❤️🙏🏾 also just a shoutout to few of my fav dark skinned beauties @dioscuriphotography for this shot of me & @vensulla for hair and makeup 😘😘💁🏾💁🏾

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