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Thanks @chicagomusicexchange for having us in today to do a fun little video shoot. We’ll post the finished product when it’s ready.

advance tickets here for tmrw's show.
Sleeping Village is the new beer Mecca and killer venue in Chicago. don't not be here. EARLY SHOW STARTS AT 8PM. TLAT @ 10PM!

can't say enough nice things about this past week and a half. lovely to see you all. Chicago, time to put your mouth where your money went. see you this Sunday May 27 at a brand new venue and beer palace called @sl33pingvillag3 3734 W Belmont with The New Trust and Pink Avalanche. don't not do it.

Had a sonic blast last night in Columbia at @rose music hall with @the many colored death. Somehow it’s already the last show of tour tonight at @the Lift in Dubuque. Excited to massage some ear drums for a while. Doors at 930 show at 10. Come hither.

fun show at Double Wide in Dallas last night. all I know is that Columbia MO better strap in and hold on cause this crew of firecrackers is fixin' to 'splode!! excited to play Rose Music Hall tonight with The Many Colored Death. doors at 830 show at 930.
we've never played Columbia so send your Mizzou friends out to get rocked.

Austin ya'll are super spesh. that was so fun. Big D we're heading your way to widen the @doublewide_dallas . doors at 8, Partaker at 9. we play at 10 sharp! wear your pointiest boots cause we're gonna doing that boot-scooting boogie.
had a day off yesterday and literally had an entire stadium theater to ourselves for Infinity Wars. I was skeptical but I was impressed. so was Chris Metcalf who has literally seen none of the previous films.

Austin come and get a slice! see you tonight @mohawkaustin with @magnetschooltheband and Wildfires. doors @ 9, show at 10. just had Terry Black's Barbecue. I approve.

fun show in New Orleans last night a tGasa Gasa. good humans down there. Paper Tiger in San Antonio gets it next with our homies from Austin Magnet School.
this will be only our 2nd time in SA in our entire existence. excited to break new ground. if ya got friends in SA send em out for an EARLY SHOW.
doors at 7. Magnet School at 815 and L&T at 915. early enough to come sniff glue with us and still get up to get the kids off to school.

thanks to ja556223 for the sic chris pic.

Hi NOLA! We’re making rock babies tonight. Wear protection of attending. Doors at 830. U.S. Nero at 9. L&T at 10p.

oh Florida, we'll miss you. we were pumping gas behind The King of Kong and self-proclaimed gaming legend and hot sauce baron Billy Mitchell as be was majestically filling his tank too. he was of course better and faster than we were...he wins, again.

NOLA we're excited to be up in you tonight at Gasa Gasa with U.S. Nero. doors at 8p. show at 9 we play at 10p. we're ready to laissez les bon temps rouler ya'llz!!

can't say enough great things about our time in Miami at Gramps in Wynwood. crazy funky eclectic artsy part of town. it was the warehouse district when GTA Vice City came out FYI. great show and amazing folks.
batter up Jacksonville. slaying Jack Rabbits with PLS PLS and Runners High. doors at 8. show at 9. $10. we're driving across 'Merica to play for you. bring lotion.

entering sunny Miami a little hungover (thanks Orlando!) and with a heavier heart from the loss of Scott Hutchinson of Frightened Rabbit. bring your soul to Gramps tonight for a cleansing with our friends PLS PLS, Prison Warder and ta bien. doors at 8. show at 9.
behold Abe atop his kill flashing come-hither eyes.

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