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Lauren Rudersdorf  Writer 📝 Recipe Developer 🥘 Office manager @midwestadvocates 💧🌳🍂 Farmer @raleighshillsidefarm 🥕🌽🍅 Defined by dreams & adventures ✈️

In a little less than a month, we’ll be inviting women to our farm for a full immersive day of wellness and self-care. 💐
We’ll begin and end the day with yoga led by @pegfraintny. We’ll learn about intention, purpose and meditation from @alana.mckeever. We’ll build bouquets and sample hydrosols with @fivegreenacres. We’ll walk the fields of @raleighshillsidefarm and enjoy a vegan lunch from @suryacafe. ✨
There are still full day and partial day tickets available. There are also still scholarships available. DM if you have questions or head to the link in my profile to buy tickets now. •

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We harvested a few things yesterday 😮

It’s our busiest day of the week – CSA harvest day! – in what is likely one of the heaviest and most abundant weeks of our whole season (and I apparently misplaced my wallet yesterday), but I still made it to the polls. Do your civic duty y’all. Your state is worth the five minutes ✌️

Trying to recreate the 💣 hot dog we had three days ago at @salstomatopies 👌

Of course the cutest Bucky is in front of my old alma mater. Love you college of ag and life sciences forever and for always #bloomingbucky #madisonwi #bemadison #family #localtourist

Blueberry pastries, too much coffee, amazing farm conversations with @oneseedfarm and perfect ambiance at @wildwoodcafe. So happy to have a spot this lovely open up in my local ‘hood.

I LOVE AUGUST EATS!!!! #bringingthefarmtowork

One of the hardest parts of being self-employed and an altogether extremely passionate person is that I’m never really not working. ☀️
Luckily my work is diverse and fills me up more than it drains me. But in the moments when I feel a little drained I know I need to kick back in hammock with my to do list, listen to the kids playing and the birds chirping and get to sipping on a beverage that makes me happy. ☀️
#balance #selfcare #wecanyoucan #foragepowered #booch

I developed this recipe almost a year ago and have just been waiting for sweet corn and tomatoes to come back into season so I could share it with you! 🍅🥒🌽
I’m from the Midwest so it’s fair to say I grew up on pasta salad. I was never a huge fan because it was usually coated in too much mayonnaise, had loads of black olives and few to no vegetables. This pasta salad changes all that. It’s heavy on the summer veggies, uses Greek yogurt to significantly reduce the quantity of mayonnaise, and there’s not a black olive in site (I guess you could add them if that’s your thing). 🍅🥒🌽
I love this recipe almost as much as I love making it to August as a farmer. We’re officially over the hump and headed downhill towards the end of the season even if it’s a very long, heavy downhill. 🍅🥒🌽
Head to the blog now for this stellar recipes, my feelings about August and a whole bunch of words about my amazing @soilsisterswisco weekend!

Find the people who make you crinkle your nose in laughter just because they’re them 🤣

My office sure knows how to party. 🎉
Feeling forever blessed to spend my only days away from the farm with superhero lawyers, brilliant volunteers and citizens making change in this beautiful Midwest paradise. 🌎
The food ain’t bad either.

Still just floating on air from all the education, collaboration, love and possibility on our farm this weekend. ✨

I never thought I’d be comfortable wandering around with a microphone strapped to me but I’m finding my voice as a farmer and educator and it feels so good. ✨

I’ve got some really great online resources for aspiring farmers in the works and I can’t wait to share it with all my fellow food system changers and dreamers. ✨
Stay tuned or DM me if you want more info now 💕🎤👩‍🌾

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