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Luna finished all that. I’m thinking she’s going to have a growth spurt. Which is insane because she’s 10 months wearing 12-18 months clothing. #vegan #gonnabetall

Purple power Smoothie •
- Black cherries, blueberries and blackberries •
- Kale and Spinach •
- Almond milk •
- Chia seeds •

First time making Lentil Bolognese, turned out very well 😋 #vegan

Smile, you’re on camera #vegan

Oh yes, how I missed uterine cramping 😒 #vegan #sigh

Cookie Monster 💕 #vegan

Soup goes with winter like rice goes with beans #vegan

Pretty sure Luna’s a fan of my baking 😂 #vegan

Bake bake bake #vegan

The cutest babies #bestfriends @taylordunnee

I’m often questioned about my decision to raise Luna vegan. It’s either “Shouldn’t it be her choice if she’s vegan?” Or “How can she possibly get all the vitamins and nutrients she needs to grow properly?” Usually that’s followed by “She needs eggs and dairy!” So. For the those that ask these questions and those thinking of either raising a vegan or switching to veganism, here’s my answers: in regards to choice; when Luna’s older if she so choses to not be vegan then that’s her choice and although I may not agree, I will support her. Also, she’s a baby... babies don’t chose their diets their parents are responsible for providing them a healthy balanced diet. I’m sure if you asked most kids to feed themselves it’d be fries, sweets and not so healthy choices. In regards to health; trust me. I’ve done my research, and I’m going to make sure she has everything she needs to grow strong and healthy. It’s actually pretty easy to be vegan and be healthy. Eggs really aren’t that great... easily replaced with chia seeds, flax, tofu. I don’t understand why people are so hyped on eggs all of a sudden 😂 I never liked eggs and I doubt I ate much of them when I was a kid. And dairy? Luna isn’t a calf. If you think it’s gross to drink human breast milk after babyhood then you should think cows milk is just as weird. Anywho. She’s happy, healthy and hitting all her milestones... early. #thanksforyourconcern #vegan

Secret ingredient? Avocado 🥑 #vegan

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