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thelastdove  seeing is believing, but do you see what I see? ............................... ilove God, ilove life, ilove him @doedii88 ❤️💛💚 love, TiLLY

If you're in the area join us this evening or if you know anyone in the area, please share!! #DivineHeritageChoir #sharegoodness

So grateful to have been able to watch General Women's Conference tonight with the sisters here on the Rez. Thank you Chinle for welcoming us with open arms!! #DivineHeritageChoir #sharegoodness

If you're in the Sandy area, please join us! #divineheritagechoir #sharegoodness

Had a great hike today!!!! Thanks everyone for the push 😎

Yes please #boycotthawaii so we can get on all the flights standby!

I really miss working at the school hahaha

When you trying to add more ounces to the bag lmao *smh get it together folks!

One of my favorite trips growing up was to Washington D.C. At that age all I knew was that Uncle Eni worked there and was very important. One of our visits he was out of town, but he still scheduled a tour of his office and the White House for us! A trip I'll never forget. I've had the privilege of playing piano for Uncle a couple times at firesides, one Sunday he was speaking in sacrament and he wanted to sing O Iesu O le Vine Moni and play the ukulele. My dad, bishop at the time, had to humbly let him know he wasn't able to do that hahaha Uncle said eh nevermind, but then he asked me to play Aua E Te Maliu Ese instead lol he was so obedient yeah Aunty Hina? 😘 I went to visit uncle in the hospital and take him some pisupo just for him to smell. I had such a strong feeling to sing Matangi Hake to him because I knew that was his favorite tongan song. I cried so ugly with Leonne and could barely make it through the song. Thank you Uncle for all your service and love! I love you so much Aunty Hina, Tema, Mana, Lai, Vaimoana, Leonne & Family!! Thank you again for sharing your dad with all of us! #memoriesofeni

The kids needed a little break before we clean the chapel.

Love all of these cool guys! 😎

I don't know what's more funny, the fact that your dad told you he made this song or that he (or someone) taught you to sing "siko tu loto" instead of si'oku loto hahaha either way I love your singing Talae. Happy Birthday, I hope you're having a great day. Love you so much!

Found this in SLUG magazine!! Awesome @kuya_brand

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