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Lana || CJ Perry πŸ’‹  WWF's Ice Queen, the Ravishing Russian is the reigning Universal Women's Champion. She is also the CEO of World Professional Wrestling. Gabriela πŸ’

Darlin' I fall to pieces when I'm with you... πŸ’ #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana #Cherry #LustForLife

I just want to make one last post, so I can formally say goodbye. Over the past two years here i've made so many friends; and enemies. I regret nothing. I want to thank some of my closest friends, Marcela, AJ and Amilia for always having my back no matter what, since the beginning. I want to thank Matt for doing such an amazing job running WWF. You people give him so much hate when he's spent so much of his time putting into his league. I also want to give a special shoutout to my WPW family, you know who you are thank you so much for your hard work. I love you all, and I'm so glad to have got to share this experience with you. This might be the end of me, but my legacy will live on. Whether you loved me or hated me, "Lana" was always coming out of each and every one of your mouths. ☺️ I'm so happy with everything that I have accomplished, and i'm grateful. There is nothing left for me to do. Good luck, and Bye everyone! πŸ’•

I don't know what the point of being here anymore is when all of my friends are leaving. 😿 Bye everyone. ❀️

#Throwback to one of the biggest matches of my WWF Career.. When I defeated Ronda Rousey at her own game in a #UFC Style Cage match with my #Ravishing Russian Chain. β›“ I am so proud of everything that I have accomplished, and how far I have come. My haters and doubters will never be able to phase me, as they are nothing more than pathetic keyboard villagers. πŸ’‹ @wwfentertainment #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana #WWF #WWFStrong #RondaRousey

My #GirlSquad is better than yours. πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹ (Don't be offended if you aren't tagged I probably still love you.) πŸ’• #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana #WWF #WWFStrong

A lovely boat day in Nashville with these #Ravishing ladies! 😍 @maleficentmiscreant @theniajax Needed a break from it all, as traveling on the road 365 days a year can be very tiresome. πŸ’‹ #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana #AlexaBliss #NiaJax #TotalDivas

What does it take to be a Goddess you ask...? Only being the most divine, beautiful, powerful.. and don't forget #Ravishing woman in all of the lands. ☺️ Women's wrestling is at the forefront, and I am proud to represent @goddesswrestling as your holy divinity. πŸ’‹πŸ˜‡ #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana

WWF Revolution Promo πŸ’₯
A woman laughing could be heard as the sound of heels clacking against the hard, cold locker room floor began to fill the hallway. The Camera man shifted to the right as the Ravishing Universal Women's Champion Lana came into view. Gowned in a Ravishing blue dress with beautiful diamonds in her ears, with bright red lipstick to match. Seeing the camera, Lana knew that they would begin to roll whatever she had to say. She pointed into the lens and smiled greatly. "Oh.. poor feeble and pathetic Maria Kanellis-Bennett-Galloway. Or whatever your irrelevant excuse of a name is. You got exactly what you deserved. You think I haven't noticed exactly what you're trying to do? The difference between you and me Maria is that you are weak.. stupid even. You see, a man as great as Drew Galloway should have dumped you a long, long time ago. Because face the facts feeble Maria. Without Drew, you would have NOTHING. You are a leech. I've followed your career very closely.. and if you think you're going to replace ME?! You are crazier than i thought. You made a name for yourself off of Drew Galloway and rode his coattails into the Main Event of Wrestlemania. Do you know what I went through to become the first woman to Main Event a Wrestlemania Pay-Per View? More than you could imagine. I have fought my entire career to be the best, and i'll be damned if i'm dethroned by the wannabe Jessica Rabbit. Maria has the WWF Universe fooled with this little nice girl next door act. She is the most disgusting villager in all of the lands!" Lana would get serious and look into the camera as her Russian accent thickened. "Maria. You are nothing but a tramp. Tonight, I stole your husband. At Great Balls I will steal your pathetic and impossible dreams of becoming the Women's Champion. So don't blame me for doing what you couldn't do.. satisfy your man." Lana blew a kiss at the camera and nodded her head in disapproval as she waved the camera off and continued down the hall. πŸ’‹@wwfentertainment @connivingmonarch #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana #WWF #WWFStrong

Here at the first ever WWF #UniversalChampionshipClassic ! 😱 But first, I want to take the time to personally thank someone who i've worked with over the years, @TyeWWE . #ThankYouTye ❀️ The ultimate Superstar, and an incredible talent who paved the way for the future of the company. No matter what the haters have to say, you cannot deny this mans hard work, dedication, and overall star power. With that being said, these are very big "boots" to lace up, and fill. I want to wish the 16 men competing tonight good luck. Follow your dreams and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Your #Ravishing Women's Champion of the Universe will be watching very carefully. πŸ’‹ @wwfentertainment @tyewwe #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana #WWF #WWFStrong #ThankYouTye

All i'm going to say is, try to spread love and positivity rather than pure hatred. I've never done anything wrong to anyone, I try to be nice to everyone. If you're going to try to force yourself onto me sexually for a "push" in my league ( @WPWLive ) then that is just sad, and pathetic, and will not be tolerated. I don't deserve this kind of treatment for just trying to do what I love. If you don't want to be in WPW you can, and will easily be replaced. From here on out I will not be replying to any more of the hateful nonsense that the IGWC spews at me. I'm above the hate, and i'm going to continue to rise above it. Thank you to all of my friends who have my back and have supported me through these years. It's never been easy, but you guys make it worth sticking around. ❀️ Much love. πŸ’‹ @wpwlive #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana

7/22/17 πŸ’ Married to my beautiful wife Gabriela. πŸ’‹ No man will ever touch my #Ravishing body again. ☺️ @raquelwwf #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana #Raquel #Gabriela ❀️

I miss you. πŸ’”πŸ˜­ @paigebxvis #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana #Paige #WWF #WWFStrong

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