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Lana || CJ Perry πŸ’‹  WWF's Ice Queen, the Ravishing Russian is a combined 8x WWF Champion. She is the Maleficent Queen of the World Wrestling Federation.


You've been waiting oh so long, but I promise... I'm worth the wait. πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹ #WWF #Lana #WeWantLana #Ravishing #CjPerry #Season10

Simply... #RAVISHING β˜ΊοΈπŸ’‹ #WeWantLana #Lana #WWF #WWFStrong #CJPerry

Just stopping by... πŸ’‹ #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana #WWF #WWFStrong

Happy #Thanksgiving! ❀️ πŸ¦ƒ I hope everyone has a #Ravishing day! ☺️ #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana #WWF #WWFStrong

WWF Universal Womens Championship Promo πŸ”·
WWF Interviewer Renee Young approached and knocked on the door to the Universal Womens Champion Lana's personal locker room for a sit down interview. Lana greeted Renee and invited her and the camera crew in, flaunting the glossy blue Championship around her waist. Renee took her seat and began the interview for the WWF App. "Lana as always, it's great to sit down with you again! Last Sunday at WWF 1, we saw your match against Maryse get cut short by an interruption from Nia Jax. This Sunday you get the chance for revenge when you face Nia Jax in the Main Event! How are you preparing going into your match?" Renee asked enthusiastically as she raised the microphone for Lana to answer. The Ice Queen simply laughed and began to unbuckle her coveted Womens Championship from around her waist and raised it for the camera to see. "Renee, let me stop you right there. First of all, I was robbed of the opportunity to finally end Maryse's pathetic attempt of a career once and for all. I'm not just going to let Nia Jax disrespect me, and walk over me. I am the greatest Womens Wrestler of all time, there isn't a woman in this locker room who can compare to me. Furthermore, how am I preparing? Why would I tell my opponent what I am doing to prepare for my match? Don't ask stupid questions, Renee. Just know that I always have a few tricks up my sleeve." Lana said cockily as she flipped her hair to the side, awaiting her next question. "We got the news earlier this week that you will be returning as one of the stars of Total Divas. Some might say that you live a 'Diva' lifestyle, and maybe that translates to your attitude in, and outside of the ring?" Renee said as Lana looked on semi-insulted.
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@wwfentertainment #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana #WWF #WWFStrong

No matter how many times you knock me down, a #Fierce and fighting #Champion does not stay down for long. Now while my match against my longtime rival Maryse didn't end to my liking, I am still the Universal Womens Champion. But now I face another potentially bigger threat to my title; Nia Jax. The self proclaimed "Force of Greatness" is definitely a force to be reckoned with, but if anyone can defeat her it's me! I've faced women like Kharma, Beth Phoenix, and Ronda Rousey. Women who are twice my size, and have twice my strength I have overcome and defeated. Nia Jax will be no different. This Sunday was my chance to prove to everyone what we all know is true; that I am the Greatest Womens Champion of all time! But sadly, that opportunity was taken from me when Mrs. Nia Jax decided to involve herself in my personal affairs. Now i'm going to take the same drive, passion, and energy that I had facing Maryse and focus it towards her this Sunday and I am going to overcome yet another obstacle in my long road ahead as the Universal Womens champion. πŸ’‹πŸ‘‘ @wwfentertainment #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana #WWF #WWFStrong #IceQueen #TotalDivas

The moment we've all been waiting for.. it's show time! πŸ’ͺ🏼 #LanaVsMaryse πŸ‘‘ #WWF1 @wwfentertainment #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana #WWF #WWFStrong #TotalDivas

πŸ’„ #Glam before tonight's Main Event by @wwfmakeupdivas πŸ’‹ Tonight I prove all of my doubters wrong when I get the opportunity to #CRUSH Maryse once and for all! This isn't going to be another petty #TotalDivas catfight. It's going to be an all-out brawl to determine who truly is, the better woman. Good luck Ryse, because you're going to need it. ☺️ @wwfentertainment @mxryse #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana #WWF #WWFStrong #Maryse

Oh Maryse... when will you ever learn? There can only be one champion, and it has always been me. You say I lost at Wrestlemania? It seems that you've quickly forgotten that you ran out of our match in a, oh so desperate attempt to retain the title. You knew you couldn't defeat me fair and square, so you used your.. "authority" and my ex-husband to keep me from my championship. Well now, the roles are reversed; I am the champion and your are the challenger. And on November 20th I intend to keep my championship, and teach you a lesson that you should've learned a long time ago. Don't cross the #IceQueen! πŸŒ¬πŸ‘‘ @wwfentertainment #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana #WWF #WWFStrong #TotalDivas

WWF 1 Promo πŸ‘‘
After her photoshoot for WWF.com, Lana slipped into her hotel room for a moment of relaxation. She decided to make a vlog speaking about her big match against her long time friend/rival, Maryse.
πŸ“· Road to WWF 1 Diary:
"Hello WWF Universe!" Lana said as she blew a kiss and waved to the camera. "I just thought i'd take a moment and talk about the news that Maryse and I will be Main Eventing the huge return of WWF! It's such an honor, but quite frankly i'm not surprised. I am the Universal Womens Champion of the world, and my opponent? Let's just say; there would be no Lana without Maryse. Our feud has elevated this women's division to a whole new level, and WWF wouldn't entrust us with the opportunity to Main Event if they didn't believe that we would tear the house down. I love facing Maryse, because she is the one person who I know will stretch me to my limits. I know that Maryse will do whatever it takes to win, especially when the stakes are this high. But let's face it... as good as Maryse is; my numbers don't lie. I am an 8x WWF Champion. I have broken the glass ceiling for women in this company. I've proved time and time again that I am the most reliable, strong-willed, and determined Superstar that this company has to offer. I am not afraid, and Maryse I hope you're watching because I just have one thing to say to you love. Good luck! And may the better woman win. I look forward to facing you again!" Lana smiled and winked at the camera before waving bye to the WWF Universe as she turned the camera off. -πŸ“ΈπŸ’‹ @mxryse @wwfentertainment #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana #WWF #WWFStrong

Exactly 1 week away from the Season 9 premiere of @WWFEntertainment! β€οΈοΈπŸ˜„ On #November20 you aren't going to want to miss #LanaVsMaryse 2.0! ✌🏼️ #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana #WWF #WWFStrong

WWF Live Los Angeles Promo πŸ‘‘
The WWF Universal Womens Championship glistened in the light as the Ravishing Russian made her way through the backstage area after a hard fought match. Lana smiled fakely as she was approached by Interviewer Renee Young. "Lana! We are back for the Season 9 return of WWF after a three month hiatus, and you are leading the Womens Division as the Universal Womens Champion. On November 20th we see you defend the title against your long time rival, Maryse. What are your thoughts after she was able to pick up the win against you tonight?" Renee asked inquisitively as she raised the microphone for Lana to speak. "First of all Renee, you need a fact check. Maryse did not pin me, she pinned the feeble and frail Brie Bella. Furthermore, you should be addressing me as QUEEN Lana, the savior of the WWF Womens Division. Do you have any idea how much I have sacrificed to get to where I am today? If you think i'm going to let that gold digging, two-faced, SKANK take whats mine then then you along with the rest of the Womens locker room are clearly delusional. You don't have to like me, but you have to respect the boundaries i've broken, the glass ceilings that I have shattered. Which is why I have this." Lana signaled to the glossy Blue Championship on her shoulder as she gave the camera a smile. "On November 20th, I will make history yet again and finally put that French-Canadian bitch in her rightful place; once and for all! Now if you'll excuse me Renee, I have a match to prepare for." Lana said as she gave Renee a cold stare, flipped her ponytail, and strutted off into her locker room. @wwfentertainment #CjPerry #WeWantLana #Lana #WWF #WWFStrong

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