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"Wings are of many kinds. Butterfly's wings, vulture's wings,
eagle-wings, spread wings of white swans, dragonfly's serene wings, wings of albatross, lovely wings of humming birds, tiny wings of a fly or a bumble-bee-wings; and when they fly, they fly their best according to their ability of flying. We should not underestimate the size of those heavenly #wings." ~ Munia Khan ~

This is from the one time I went shooting this past spring and was lucky enough to see the #hummingbirds flit about the cherry blossoms.
Rebel Pops || #wings_ru.

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"Sometimes we all want to disappear in the depths of an infinite path and the reason of this is obvious: We all come from the depths of infinity!" ~ Mehmet Murat ildan ~

I seem to have made an art form out of disappearing, but it's only because I've been distracted by other things, and I'm apparently terrible at being distracted by multiple things at once. I've been meaning to come back to IG for about a month now, but I'm also no good at keeping promises to myself. And if you can believe it, I've only gone out to shoot about three times this year. Maybe that will change this summer...but for now, a January sunset to end my IG silence, for Rebel Pops #startswiths_ru.

Looking forward to catching up with your beautiful galleries, my talented friends!

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One of my resolutions this year, and hopefully always, is to find new joys in old favorites. So when I saw the sunlight hitting the #seafoam and making for rainbow-colored sparkle yesterday, I was pretty happy. I'm pretty sure I spend most day-time jaunts to the #beach lamenting that I can't be there at sunset, thus explaining why I've never noticed/photographed it before. πŸ’’ Rebel Member Pops #ru_members_resolutions πŸ’’


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It really is the little things in life.
πŸ’’Rebel Pops #ru_tiny_17 πŸ’’
i went exploring in the #garden with the lens reverse mounted to do some macros, and found these little swirls on the stems/petals of a #succulent...never saw them before, and we've had this plant for over ten years. i love that photography always shows me how little i see without the camera...especially when i consider my original intent for clicking photos was to remember the things i saw.

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My #topnine favorite moments of 2017, followed by the 9 photos you double-tapped the most. The second grid is more harmonious, but the first grid is more descriptive of my year in pictures...and both contain my best memories.
β†– An early spring afternoon on the #beach, quiet and precious.
⬆#ladybug, a rare find for me.
β†— the temperature #blanket i abandoned when the weather warmed up (will finish it this year!). This is called the butterfly stitch.
β¬… #roses, #coffee, and #dessert--my life is incomplete without them.
βž• the day i lost my shoes to the #waves and an elderly gentleman rescued one of them while my sister rescued the other...i am nothing but trouble.
➑ the #tern that kept flying by and taunting his mates with his fishy snack. i was enthralled, appalled, and amused, all at the same time!
↙ #sunset from the front yard as fall set in.
⬇ the day a #GreatBlueHeron ignored me while fishing 3 feet away from me...he was so hungry!
β†˜ the day I took the short 5 minutes available to me to enjoy a sunset at the beach.

And now 2017 is done and dusted. I'm going to snap my first shot of 2018 now. Thank you for your ❀s, now and always!

Last sunset of 2017 in #surfcityusa.
Dear 2017, you won a few rounds, i won a few rounds, and then you won one more, but i've made my peace with you and am ready to let you go, with compliments. While my heart feels literally fatigued from the various battles of 2017, it is also experiencing a calm after the storm and i am kind of relishing in that. I feel like i found an actual path to acceptance, but don't i always say that? I snapped fewer photos this year, i went out on fewer photo excursions, i didn't learn to cook any better (2017's big goal), i did a worse job than usual in keeping up with people, but enjoyed more deeply every positive moment i had.
Dear 2018, Maybe I should make it a goal to only post new photos...but that'll end up being the first resolution i break! So my resolutions this coming year will be broader: i'm hoping to replace bad habits with good ones, cynicism with cheer, and making good on dreams. Hopefully, some of that will come through in my photos this coming year.
Dear IG friends online and off (and that means you, you, and yes of course, you too!), you are the bright spots in my days. Thank you for putting up with my inability to keep up with the beautiful comments you leave for me, and thank you for sharing your positivity through your creativity.

Happy New Year, my friends! I hope your coming year is filled with happy adventures, big and small, harmony with all around you, and blessings in abundance.
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Penguin with a present, for Rebel Pops #ru_bokeh_17.


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Swimming at sunset, for Rebel Pops #ru_silhouette_17.

Just made this under the wire. Kind of a metaphor for my life these days.

Yes, another #zoetropic animation.

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Tonight's #supermoon, the only one for 2017, with some swirling glitter thrown in because I'm still in a #zoetropic kind of mood.

Mr Moon has kept a normal distance between us and him since November 2016, so I hope you take a moment to step outside and turn your gaze to the moon, as he gets a little closer tonight: 16000 miles closer, 7% larger, and 15% brighter than usual.

#tlwb_πŸ“· #tlwb_overTheMoon

I call these two #AmericanWhitePelicans Sherlock and Watson: they cruised by very casually to investigate what this beautiful #GreatBlueHeron was so happily snacking on.

#zoetropic animation.

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Blending into black and white.
I'd wax poetic about this new app @zoetropic_app, but I'm no poet so I'll just post the animations it makes forever.

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