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MOON GODDESS LADY VALENTINE🎀💀🕸  🖤 Singer and model from wonderland 🖤 MOON DOLL CULT💜🌙 witch🔮Pastel goth Scene Queen🎀Fantasy lover🦄Alcohol enthusiast ⚰️🖤💀🕸🦇 CANDYFLOSS OUT NOW👇🏻🎪🤡🎠

Thankyou to everyone who listened to my new song candyfloss and gives me kind words and support always.

My new song candyfloss made with Neptune! This is the second song in our ep freakshow with will contain 4 songs. Click the link in my bio to hear the full song on YouTube and don’t forget to comment and subscribe! Alternately you can listen on soundcloud. Don’t forget to comment on this post if you liked it! 💞💞💞

Do you call it candy floss, cotton candy or fairy floss? I’m British so I call it candy floss but fairy floss sounds magical! Also who’s looking forward to new music? 🎀🖤 (photo credit: tumblr)

How are my lovely moon dolls today? 🖤🌙

Hey Moon dolls! Today @thegaragestudio helped me film a new lookbook video! Click the link in my bio to see the full version and don’t forget to subscribe 😈💞 featured brands: @killstarco @ironfistclothing @ironfist_uk @blackwidow @newrockbarcelona @allnewrock @restyle.pl @attitude_clothing @berserk @moonlightmermaidss @jeffreestarcosmetics @everydaywigs @attitudeholland @londonedge

Look at this amazing art work by @cubabylarissa 🖤💞

I’m so nocturnal I literally CANNOT sleep at night but I nap constantly throughout the day. Comment ‘moon doll cult’ if you’re awake like me 🦇 oh and give me a like if you think I should film a room tour video ⚰️

I just want to put put a little message into the world.
I know everyone is guilty of doing it by STOP! COMPARING! YOURSELF! TO OTHERS!
You cannot compare yourself or your life to another person!!!! It’s not possible!!!!! Someone might have more likes and followers than you on Instagram but maybe you do better on twitter or YouTube and they don’t even have accounts on those
Maybe someone got a job or part in a play you want but maybe they’ve never left the country and you’ve traveled around the world
Maybe someone got some kind of opportunity you wanted but you got a different opportunity they will never have.
Maybe someone is popular online but they’re alone in real life and you have an amazing partner and friends
Maybe someone is more successful at something than you in one aspect but you are far more talented in another.
These are all just examples but I’m sure you can think of your own whenever you find yourself comparing yourself to others.
There is no winners or losers in life
Everyone is a unique individual who excels in their OWN ways that no one else is a part of
Please don’t ever compare yourself to another person
Everyone journey is different.
It can be really toxic and disheartening
It’s just not healthy or realistic
The only thing that matters is being happy
Just focus on yourself!

It’s a @killstarco life 💅🏻🖤 #wearekillstar

Living bratz doll 🖤🎀

Fairy scum

Went on a London adventure last night with my favourite fairy @bunnies_and_lemons 💜 got home in the morning, almost got fined and lost my shoes but 🤷🏻‍♀️

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