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Got my first par the other day. Some handome fellow snapped my first disc golf pics on the fly. Went to my first disc golf convention, where I met some Pretty cool people. Helped snag some plastic for the local disc golf shop. I guess one could argue that the Lady is officially a disc golfer. ~πŸ‘‘ #itsofficial #discgolflady #discgolfcommunity #ilikeitalot #donthate #pastywhite #partginger #πŸ˜‚

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I often wonder how other people deal with things when they are both sick Annnnnd experiencing high anxiety and/or panic symptoms, (extra credit in the next part) the middle of 🦈 week? How does a girl even attempt to make sense of the chaos spinning around up there enough to verbalize it in a way that invites a warm or empathetic reaction? We are already in edge with very little sleep, which is filled with anxiety dreams and night terrors. We don't like feeling this way. We really don't like telling people we feel this way because often enough our feelings are not taken to heart, or seriously enough, or even remotely understood to evoke an emotionally supportive reaction by the person we are trusting with these overwhelming personal feelings. We dont want to make a scene. We dont want to place blame on one specific thing. But rather try to explain how we feel. And hopefully get a hug.. or two. We realize the jokes we awkwardly try to tell aren't that funny. We realize that when we cry about a stubbed toe, or a summer cold, or our kid getting on our last nerve... we look weak. And sometimes we are.. But it's not the toe.. its not the cold.. the lack of sleep. It's the split second we allow our emotions flow. The tears had already begun to pushing through the cracks. But now the little things that should be nothing, feel like wrecking balls. The flood gates are slammed open. There's no stopping it. Our weaknesses are nothing on their own. But get them all together, let them start sharing stories of battle and a war breaks out inside us. They want your crown.
How you you explain somthing like that? Happy anxious girls get sad sometimes. It's just the way it is. It's how we are wired.
#randomthoughts #anxiety #itshardouthere #justbreathe

Favorite filter. Period. #πŸ¦„ #unicorn #snapchat #myfavoritethings

When you eat somthing so delicious you have to take a beat.. #sheknows

A lady used to have some extra fluff. #tbt

Well... sometimes anxiety does that. Baby steps forward though, always. #hugshelp #themoreyouknow

I reward myself sometimes for adulting well. ~πŸ‘‘πŸ¦„πŸ§πŸ« #fudgebrownies #icecream #yesplease #myfavoritethings #fitforaqueen

My daughter saw that I was drinking a crisp and delicious sundrop. She then said to me.. "you should really put on your Sundrop shirt. You have one you know. And you love Sundrop." πŸ€”πŸ€— #shewasntwrong #idoloveit #sundrop #oneofmyfavoritethings #represent

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