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Michael Burns, former program director and Professor Emeritus, and Hugh Hung, second year students were jointly inspired by the work of Suda Kenji, and each made a little box/cabinet inspired by his work. They encouraged each other through the exacting process. Michael’s box is in curly ash and boxwood, Hugh’s in ebony and pear. Both lovely.
They presented last night at Michael’s shop. .

The show is up and running, and it’s back to the raw material, slabbing up madrone, chinkapin and tan oak with sawyer Maurice Leon. The logs come from just north of us via the Usal forest of the Redwood Forest Foundation. After a couple of years of air drying they’ll be ready for students to start making beautiful things out of!
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This sea chest was made by Bruce Hart (@hartwood_furniture) during the first semester. He conducted extensive research at the S.F. Maritime Museum, looking through their vast collection of chests and other nautical furniture. Sailors took all of their possessions aboard in chests such as this one. Rot resistant woods were used to inhibit decay and insects while sturdy construction allowed for years of abuse. The compound dovetails are strong and give the chest a lower center of gravity. The beckets, made of tarred hemp marline, were the signature of many chests and were a form of expression and competence in fancy knot work. The till inside is used for storage of smaller things and he added a little box that fits underneath to hide valuables. This chest recently won Best In Show at the Bay Area Woodworkers Association 2018 Biennial Fine Woodworking Show.
Camphor, teak, oak, kwila, hemp, and silk.
30” long x 13” wide x 15” high.

#dovetails #seachest #woodworking #hemp #nautical

Dylan (@dggggggggg) built this table last semester as a gift for his lucky parents. He used a nice slab of walnut to make this handsome piece and the joinery compliments the piece well. Making furniture is not only a technical challenge but also one of creativity, making things strong and beautiful takes a huge amount of thought, intention, patience, and work. Lots of work. Stop by The Highlight Gallery in Mendocino to see the things we made. Many are for sale and commissions are available.

#studiofurniture #woodworking #luckyparents #legs

Second year student @hartwood_furniture completed these two tables for a commission earlier in the year. The two tables are mirror images of each other, even the edgebanding for the veneered tabletops is bookmatched. The joint used is a sloped, mitered shoulder tenon.
White oak, wipe-on poly finish (kid proof 😉)
32” high x 41” x 11”
Be sure to follow him and stop by The Highlight Gallery in Mendocino to visit these tables and many other fine pieces of furniture.

#woodworking #studiofurniture #oak #mortiseandtenon

Dylan Green (@dggggggggg) made Vidar’s chair for his final project. He enlisted the help of former CR grads/staff - Michael Burns, Todd Sorenson, @sidecar_furniture and @clark_kellogg to advise in the complicated construction, shaping, and weaving. The chair was originally designed and built by Vidar Malmsten in Krenov’s workshop in Sweden. Check out Dylan’s profile to see more about the process.

White oak, Danish cord, oil/varnish finish.

#finefurniture #danish #oak #malmsten #woodworking

This gem of a table, titled “Pearl”, was made by Gian Scarabino during the first semester. It’s made of Swiss pear and has a nutmeg drawer. The cabriole legs are exquisite and each curve and facet line up perfectly. Come see it at our Graduation Show this weekend!

#cabriole #pear #studiofurniture #woodworking

Here’s a look at another display cabinet by @darryl.dieckman. The cabinet is inspired by the Zenith Stratosphere Z-1000 radio receiver manufactured from 1935-1938. The reinterpretation of the radio’s design in reclaimed old growth walnut breathes new life into the original form as a small liquor cabinet. The coopered grille opens to reveal a small drawer and adjustable shelf for the storage of glassware. The display area features a recessed light to illuminate a prized bottle or artifact.
Follow him and check out his profile to see photos of the original radio design.
This sweet little thing was accepted into The 2018 Design Emphasis student competition at the IWFS show in Atlanta, Georgia.
You can also get a look by stopping by our Graduation Show at The Highlight Gallery in Mendocino, CA from May 19th-June 6th.

#woodworking #radio #artdeco #videokilledtheradiostar

Make it like Matt.
Bruce Hart (@hartwood_furniture), just finishing his second year, presents his easy chair in madrone with tweed upholstery. It is closely based on the chair, Fir Street, made by Matt Mecaro during his second year last year. Matt died from cancer last summer, and this was a moving experience: to recreate Matt’s design, reverse engineering into his thought process, remembering how he had approached the technical challenges. Bruce’s chair is a lovely tribute to Matt’s design, his process and his consummate craftsmanship. ..

Made of sipo, spalted sycamore, curly birch, cherry, spanish cedar, mahogany, maple, boxwood, shellac finish.
24" x 19" x 37"
@darryl.dieckman Made this curved-front liquor cabinet with two doors, lower interior drawer for storage, and upper interior shelf for storing old fashioned tumblers.

#woodworking #studiofurniture #liquor #notaradio #mediastinum

“‘Beauty 360’ is a circular cabinet built with lacewood veneers, mahogany edge bands, and mounted on a mahogany stand. The case is suspended with brass posts that have been patinated and anchored with bolts and threaded inserts. The work has two drawers with cedar bottoms and maple sides. They are constructed with mahogany dowels in the front and dovetails at the back. The drawer fronts are bent laminations in mahogany with lacewood veneers. The handmade pulls are kwila. It was inspired by the Krenov idea of a cabinet on stand.”
@hotmamadaly, a retired photography teacher, will also be joining us for another year, you can see her work at our Graduation Show next weekend at The Highlight Gallery in Mendocino. Remember to wish her a happy Mother’s Day when you visit her profile! 😉

#cabinet #lacewood #mahogany #woodworking #happymothersday

This wall hanging cabinet made by Cooper Goldman is another display of excellent joinery. “For Books and Things” is made of black walnut, cherry, and western red cedar. It hangs on the wall with a French cleat. Cooper was accepted for a second year here and we’re looking forward to seeing what he makes next.

#walnut #cherry #dovetails #flipphonesforlife

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