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E-lizard-beth Hincker  Conservation through education. I am a naturalist, aquarist, and carnivorous plant enthusiast currently stuck in the northeast megalopolis. 🐟🦐🐾🌱

A tiny starfish that hitched a ride on my live rock! I've seen it many times but never got a good photo! No new updates on my SW tank. I haven't spent enough time at home to begin to stock it, but water params look good. My ATO has been a blessing with all of this traveling! #tinystarfish #saltwaternewbie #nuvofusion20 #fusionpeninsula20 #fusion20

Beach days are the best days! Beach combing was good today! Lots of sand tiger teeth!πŸŒ΄πŸŒŠβ›±πŸ™πŸŸπŸ πŸ¦ˆπŸšπŸ¦€πŸΉ #nofilterneeded #ncbeaches #topsailbeach #topsailisland #beachdays #beachbum #noshoesnoproblem

A sampling of the first day's beachcombing adventures! Shark teeth galore and a sand "quarter" (it's not large enough to be dollar πŸ˜†) #beachcombing #sharkteeth #ncbeaches #topsailisland #topsailbeach #beach

After a few weeks of constantly topping off my fusion 20, I finally bought an ATO. I had no clue how much water could evaporate when you have a rimless tank.
In other news I will be at the beach next week, so expect saltwater posts of a different type for the week β›±πŸŒŠ #newtosaltwater #saltwaternewbie #nuvofusion20 #nuvo20 #fusionpeninsula20 #futurenanoreef #fusion20

I got my light in for my new saltwater tank! Nothing really to see except a few hitchhikers because my tank is still cycling. I'm going with a FOWLR system for right now but everything will be reef-safe. That way when I get the hang of saltwater i can dive right into corals! My current stocking plan is firefish (x1), yellow clown goby (x1), nerite snail (x2), and scarlet reef hermit (x1). I have a local source so I can stock the tank slowly. I'm going on vacation in 2 weeks, so I think the wise choice is to wait until I return to begin stocking #saltwaternewbie #innovativemarine #fusionpeninsula20 #peninsula20 #imfusionpeninsula20 #futurereefer

Happy Saturday from my much-needed walk around a pond today. Patterson Park isn't a national forest, but it'll do in a pinch. These past few weeks have been brutal. Sorry about the lack of updates. I'll try to post something early next week. #pondlily #pondplants #lotusflower #flower

It's cycling! Yesterday with the help of @carniflora I started my saltwater tank! I went with half dry and half wet live rock. I've changed the aquascape once but I may change it again. Sorry for the terrible photos. Light will come later when there is something to photograph 😁 #saltwaternewbie #saltwaterbuild #nuvofusion20 #fusionpeninsula20 #innovativemarine

Before I do a test fill I wanted to add a few upgrades that will probably be easiest before I add water. I changed the outflow nozzle to the IM Spin Stream, upgraded the pump, and began installing a refugium (I'll finish it later when I have a need to). Thanks to @marinedepot tank hacks video for the suggestions! #innovativemarine #imnuvofusion20 #imfusionpeninsula20 #peninsula20 #saltwaternewbie #saltwaterbuild #reef2reef

My new tank has fish in it! 🀣 well not really. But everything is ready for the fill this weekend! Thanks to the knowledgeable people at @innovative_marine I fixed the problem with my stand and it's now ready to be filled! This Saturday I'm going to my lfs for saltwater and live rock! #innovativemarine #nuvofusion20 #fusionpeninsula20 #aquarium #saltwaternewbie

I had my first set back with my new aquarium this weekend. The stand came in but a piece was damaged in transport. I'm so close I can taste the salt! Replacement piece should be coming in this week, but on the bright side all of my initial upgrades like a more powerful pump are here and ready to be installed! #saltwaternewbie #saltwaterbuild #ajourneyofathousandmiles

Went to my first food festival yesterday and it was amazing! I had a wrap, Mac n cheese, and 7 cupcakes! I loved seeing all of the funny names! 🀣 #tasteof3cities #foodtruckfestival #foodtruck

Saw the biggest flytrap in the world yesterday! Must have been mutated by the harbor 🀣

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