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E-lizard-beth H.  Conservation through education. I am a naturalist, aquarist, and carnivorous plant enthusiast currently stuck in the northeast megalopolis. 🐟🦐🐾🌱

First herp of the year for me! Last night as I was enjoying some quiet time by my pond, a neighbor called me over to remove this beauty from her yard. Even in the dying light, this copperhead was stunning! So perfectly camouflaged in the leaf litter. I've gained a reputation in the neighborhood as a "snake wrangler" and am more than happy to drop whatever I'm doing to make sure neighbors don't kill snakes! #accidentalherping #snakerescue #dontkillsnakes #copperhead #agkistrodon #agkistrodoncontortrix #snakes #snake

These past 4 weeks have been tumultuous. Since March 21 I have lost my dear kitty, moved apartments, interviewed for an amazing (but temporary) position, got said position, and am now preparing to move 6 hours south of Baltimore. I lost all of my saltwater and a good portion of my freshwater stock in the first move, so I don't want to risk moving my freshwater tank again. It's going to stay in Baltmore with my fiance. I'm now without my kitty or any aquariums, but I'm moving close to my pond again. I'm in a really strange place right now.

I found this poor earless miniature rabbit yesterday when we were moving. It seemed to be trying to eat colorful things in the gutters of Baltimore. Understandably it was having a hard time finding non grimey things on the streets of Baltimore, so I took it in and gave it those cake cookies with sprinkles on top. That seemed to do the trick and its resting peacefully now. Any help with breed ID appreciated! And just so you know, I have lots of experience with fish and people always say rabbits breed like guppies so the two must have similar care requirements so I DON'T need help with care because all you need is love and NEVER research and blah blah blah πŸ˜œπŸ˜† #aprilfools #hoppyeaster #petsofinstagram #instapet #itsapinkpoofball #realupdatescomingsoon

Packing up my (mostly) natural history collection for the move. Yes, the coyote and bobcat skulls glow in the dark. Yes, they are awesome. You can thank @skullerygram for them. #naturalhistory #vultureculture #deerskull #glowinthedark #skulls

Spent the weekend in Fredericksburg TX at a cousin's wedding. It was lovely to get out of the city and see some signs of spring! The Texas laurels were in bloom but I didn't get to see any bluebonnets #wildflowers #texas #springiscoming

Hey everyone. Thanks for sticking around. Everything else in my life has taken the back seat since my dear kitty was diagnosed with mouth cancer in December, and to complicate things we are moving at the end of March. My tanks and plants are still doing well, but I don't expect to post any updates until mid April. I need to focus my energy on the move and making his last weeks with us happy ones. Thanks for understanding

Mudskippers at the National Aquarium in Baltimore MD. Watching these guys "walk" is so cool.
#fishtank #walkingfish #mudskipper #aquarium #reflection #fisheye #nationalaquarium #baltimore

It finally happened. In the 10 years my pond has been in operation today is the first day the surface has completely iced over. Waterfall and all. The water underneath is still moving so my koi will be fine #frozenpond #koiponds #icy #frozenwaterfall

Fish, fossils, reptiles, and dead things! Pretty good encapsulation of my life! Thanks for following along during this crazy year. With any luck I'll have lots more to post next year! #2017bestnine #2017inreview #2017

Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good night! Stay safe in the snow (if you have it) #whitechristmas

Fishy christmas sweater seen at the National Aquarium! Really wish they had something smaller than XXL. Sorry I have been so absent lately. Life has been rough these past few months, but I will return with good news and updates on my tanks in the new year! #merryfishmas #santajaws #santajawsiscomingtotown

Today while jumping along the rocks on the shore of Hyco Lake I disturbed this little damselfly. Today is about shopping for so many Americans, but I much prefer the peace and solitude of a lake shore and the buzz of bugs #optoutside #blackfriday2017 #damselfly #odonata #insect #bugsrcool #littlethingsinlife #bugs

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