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The Kitchenista Diaries  Self-taught cook. DMV. My new digital cookbook is out! Download at! 📧: #kitchenistasundays

Blueberry thyme hand pies. Buttermilk crust. Just in case anybody was wondering if #thetoddler still steals food. 😂 #kitchenista #kitchenistasundays #blueberrypie #handpies #dessert

Switched up the green #cabbageslaw recipe on my blog. This has fresh ginger in the vinaigrette, sliced mango, and I used Savoy cabbage. #saladcravings #summersalad #kitchenista #kitchenistasundays

Took advantage of exactly 6 hours we got today without rain and did some grilling. Smoked jerk pork spare ribs. Passion fruit glaze. Adapted the recipe on my blog. 🤤
#kitchenistasundays #kitchenista #smokedribs #neverboiled

I’ve been trying to get pretty picture of #potatosalad for years. Y’all just don’t understand the struggle sometimes. I felt vindicated after uploading photos today. 😂 My red skinned potato salad is always a win, this time I added a pinch of curry powder to the dressing, herbs were tarragon, parsley & chives. You’ll have to hunt down the original recipe thread on Twitter if you don’t want to wait for the published version lol. #kitchenista #kitchenistasundays #whomadethepotatosalad

#Duckfat & five spice roasted #chickenwings tossed in a sticky burnt honey glaze. One of my favorites from my last ebook, #kitchenistadiaries Volume 1, available at! #chickenlevelshigh #kitchenista

You’re taking advantage of all these #mangoes in season to make my Roasted Mango Pie, right? Don’t sleep on it! Recipe for the pie AND buttermilk pie crust on the blog. ( #throwbacks #kitchenista #mangoseason #summereats #mangopie

A green bean and tomato salad is one of my favorite ways to enjoy summer veggies. Throwback recipe is on the blog at! Original recipe calls for fresh heirloom tomatoes but cherry tomatoes are also great - in the photo here they were slow roasted! #kitchenista #kitchenistadiaries #summereats #sunmersalad #tomatoseason #greenbeans

A #softshellcrab sandwich is a must here in the summer! Grab the recipe from my digital cookbook, Kitchenista Diaries Vol. 1 available at #kitchenistadiaries #kitchenista

Homemade #chickenbiscuits, #kitchenista style. (1) Boneless skinless chicken thighs marinated overnight in buttermilk, dredged in seasoned flour, fried in grape seed oil. Check the fried chicken recipe steps in the #kitchenistadiaries Vol 1 cookbook for tips, using the all-purpose spice blend.
(2) Cracked pepper & thyme biscuits. Use my #buttermilkbiscuits tutorial on the blog, adding finely chopped fresh thyme and a couple tsp fresh ground black pepper. Cut the biscuits with a 2.5 or 3” round cutter. Brush with an egg wash before baking, melted butter after baking.
(3) Spread bottom biscuit with #Pimentocheese (@theleebros recipe.)
(4) Honey mixed with @bone_lees hot sauce drizzled over the fried chicken and a little bit on the biscuit, before serving.
(5) Catch the ‘itis. Take a nap. 😂😭

Happy #nationalmacandcheeseday! My Classic Creamy Mac is still the most popular recipe at, but between the blog and ebooks there’s seven different variations published to date! The next one is coming in Kitchenista Diaries Volume 2, so stay tuned for the Pimento Mac & Cheese recipe! What’s your favorite version so far? What would you like to see for the holidays this year that isn’t published yet? Let me know in the comments!

I love making herb sauces in my #mortarandpestle. This Italian Salsa Verde was adapted from the recipe in my Appetizers Handbook to pair with black garlic lamb chops and roasted veggies. I amped up the flavor with lots of fresh mint and lemon zest. The veggies were also made using the techniques from the roasted veggie platter in that same ebook, seasoned with the Moroccan rub. Even though it’s a cookbook full of appetizers, there’s so many ways to utilize the recipes in your weekday meals! Available at for $4.99.
#salsaverde #herbsandspices #kitchenistadiaries #kitchenista #digitalcookbook

New posts on the blog at! How do you make #rackoflamb even more irresistible? Slather it in black garlic butter. I’ve had this recipe tucked away for a minute and happy to finally share it! The tutorial includes three methods of preparation: oven roasted, reverse seared and sous vide. Check the previous post to learn all about #blackgarlic, an ingredient you should definitely add to your pantry! Additional recipes for pairing suggestions are from my Holiday Recipe Book and Appetizers Handbook, both available at!
🐑: @thewholeox!

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