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The Kitchenista Diaries  Self-taught cook, Sunday dinner enthusiast & author (e-junkie.com/thekitchenista.) For private events, DC Metro area: catering@kitchenistadiaries.com


Spicy #lamb & udon noodle #stirfry. Found a pack of lamb shoulder chops on sale and finally got to play around with an idea I've been craving for a minute. Happy with how it turned out! #takeoutathome #noodles #kitchenista #dinner #weekendeats

It hit 70°F here today! You hear that? It's the sound of my serotonin levels rising. 🙌🏾 #grillday #dinner #temporaryrelief

Gouda, bacon & spinach #stuffedchicken breasts with a smoked marsala mushroom sauce. Freestyled this based on something similar I used to like making way back in my 20's. I know my techniques and ingredients are better now so I'm excited to work on a recipe for a future book. #kitchenista #dinner #chickenmarsala #chickenlevelshigh

Looking for a last minute #valentinesday gift or making dinner plans for the long weekend? Pick up my digital #cookbook bundle at e-junkie.com/thekitchenista! All books are 25% off with code FEBRUARY until 2/19!
#kitchenista #flashsale #ebook #valentinegift #presidentsday #recipe #valentinesdinner

@thekitchenista and @CrowdCow Valentine's Day Giveaway!️ Follow the rules below for a chance to win my favorite cuts ($150+ value) 🥩❤ .
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Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you enjoy this beefy giveaway. #thekitchenista #crowdcow #valentinesday #steakgiveaway #ad

#ad New recipe and video on the blog! Coffee rubbed #FiletMignon and Arugula #Chimichurri Sauce. Learn how a @Bernzomatic1876 torch can enhance your #sousvide steaks with my recipe tutorial, featuring the TS8000. If you're looking for a healthy way to enjoy steak for your #valentinesday menu, this is it - it's even #whole30 friendly!
#TorchBearer #kitchenista #bernzomatic #steak #beeftenderloin #sousvide #dinner #valentinesdaydinner #valentinesdinner

Braised #kale & roasted #butternut squash. This was really good. Has a spicy kick with lots of lemon and garlic. I make it often but never got around to taking pics before, look for the recipe on the blog sometime this week! #kitchenistasundays #kitchenista #whole30friendly #healthyeating #vegetarian #veganfriendly #veggies #sidedish

First time cooking #Canja by myself. It's a #CapeVerdean chicken and rice soup...the rice thickened it up almost to a stew. I think I got close to the flavor I remember of my grandmother, with a couple tweaks of my own. I want to play with other types of rice now, used long grain here. Don't remember if she added carrots or not but I liked it really simple, it's mostly chicken, onions, stock, bay leaf and butter for flavor. (I added leeks and saffron after researching Portuguese variations.) One of those dishes that doesn't look like much but the flavor is all in the broth. One of my favorites as a kid. #kitchenista #kitchenistasundays #sundaydinner #capeverdeanfood #chickenandricesoup

In my new post I wrote about baking woes that turned out to be a useful lesson in coping when things are less than perfect. My red velvet olive oil cake is in need of recipe testers! Link in bio. Please read the post for instructions. ---------------------------------------------------------------- "This cake is a work in progress, and I suppose there's some kind of metaphor to find in here about staying the course and trusting the process. Maybe I could have squeezed in another test batch, and with any other recipe I probably would have done that. But just to post something for Valentine's Day? Please. Throughout this whole ordeal, being single has been the Himalayan sea salt rubbed into a gaping wound. (Truthfully I am not sure that I'll ever love anybody enough to spend my weekend baking a three layer cake from scratch again. Not when biscuits get the job done.)"#kitchenistasundays #kitchenista #recipetesting #foodblog #valentinesday #redvelvetcake #redvelvet #baking #dessert #blackhistorymonth

Duck egg salad sandwich on skillet toasted white bread with tomatoes & arugula. Egg salad made w/ hard boiled duck eggs, duck egg yolk aioli, chopped chives and radishes. #kitchenista #lunch #sandwiches #weekendeats #eggsalad #eggsaladsandwich #duckeggs

Potato #gnocchi, sage brown butter and #collardgreens #pesto. First attempt at an idea I've been wanting to play with...love the pesto but want to keep working on my gnocchi, maybe will try another root veggie instead of potato. #dinner #vegetarian #wintergreens

#Duckfat roasted #chickenwings with burnt honey sauce! They are crispy, sticky and sweet...it's like spicy chicken candy. I've been working on this one for a minute and I'm finally happy with it! You'll have to wait for the recipe to learn more! 🔥🔥 #kitchenista #chickenlevelshigh

In my latest post on the blog, I prepared a #vegetarian dish! Grab your #castironskillet and check out this smoking hot recipe for charred #okra and #tomatoes! (Literally, smoky. Open a window or two. 🔥) Okra is such a versatile vegetable and one that has a rich history in our diets, which is why I wanted to highlight it for #blackhistorymonth. And yes, this is one way to cook it if you can't deal with the slime lol. Recipe link in bio! It's #vegan and #whole30 friendly, just check the notes.
#kitchenista #soulfood #okraandtomatoes #blogpost #recipe #vegetables #healthyrecipes #healthyfood #healthyeating #MeatlessMonday

Cape Verdean things... Jag made with #linguiça sausage and #limabeans. Part of yesterday's superbowl spread. #kitchenista #jagacida #capeverdeanfood #capeverdean #riceandbeans

Having all kinds of nostalgic cravings lately. Yesterday I just had to have some #salmonpatties. This is an update to a really old recipe on my blog and made more like the way my dad used to make them. Classic way is with canned salmon but I used leftover slow roasted salmon here - works well because the salmon will be cooked a second time so when it starts out at medium rare it won't be dry in the patties.
I will post a full recipe with details on the blog but had some folks asking for today so here are the notes lol...scroll for step by step photos.

If cooking fresh salmon just season the filet with salt & pepper, drizzle with olive oil. Cook at 275°F for about 15-20 min or until opaque and starting to flake easily with a fork. Set aside to cool.
Meanwhile finely dice a small red onion and celery rib, sauté in a little bit of butter until softened. Transfer veggies to a bowl and wipe out skillet. To the bowl, once veggies cool, add a few tbsp good mayo, splash Worcestershire sauce, lemon zest, 2 tbsp minced fresh parsley, tsp dried dill, tsp Old Bay, pinch of cayenne and garlic powder, 1 egg, pinch of salt and pepper. Whisk to combine. Fold in 1 pound flaked cooked salmon (discard skin.) Stir in seasoned panko crumbs, 1/4 cup at a time. You'll need about 1/2 cup crumbs until the mixture will stick together. Form into balls and press down to make patties on a parchment lined pan. Freeze for 20 min. Coat bottom of a cast iron skillet with neutral cooking oil and add 2 tbsp butter, heat until sizzling. Pan fry patties in the skillet in batches, about 2 min each side or until golden brown. Transfer to paper towels and dust with Old Bay while hot.

#kitchenista #kitchenistasundays #salmon #soulfood #blackhistorymonth #recipe

Blueberry cardamom #buttermilkbiscuits & lavender honey. I shared the recipe on Twitter tonight if interested! #kitchenista #saturdaybaking

What’s on your #superbowl menu this weekend? If you’re still looking for inspiration, don’t forget I have a digital cookbook full of appetizer recipes! It’s on sale this week for 50% off with code “superbowl” at e-junkie.com/theKitchenista! My #guacamole and harissa glazed wings will be the star of your snack table. 💅🏾 #kitchenista #kitchenistasundays #superbowlparty #superbowlsunday #superbowlsnacks #appetizers #chickenwings #ebook #cookbook #flashsale

It's finally February! Happy #blackhistorymonth! In my latest post, I wrote about embracing foods I didn't always love, finding inspiration in Charleston from @chefbjdennis, and learning to keep things simple. I'm sharing my recipe for these smothered turkey wings as part of the Black History Month Virtual Potluck which kicks off today. Shoutout to @meikoandthedish and @thehungryhutch for once again organizing a dope line up of 28 black food bloggers who have all shared recipes from across the diaspora. Links to all participants are included in my blog post, now live at kitchenistadiaries.com! #bhmpotluck #soulfood #kitchenista #recipe #blackgirlmagic #foodblog #february

On this last day of #nationalsoupmonth, I wanted to pay homage to one of my favorite soups! Portuguese kale soup is one that I grew up eating. I make it a hundred different ways, but I almost always include #linguiça sausage. Sometimes I go traditional and use white potatoes pureed in chicken broth, sometimes I sub white beans, or even a low carb version with cauliflower. This is a recipe I'll probably hold onto until the right cookbook comes along. 🤔#kitchenista #kalesoup #caldoverde #capeverdean #kale

Fun with a quart of fresh shucked Virginia #oysters my dad brought home.
1st pic: Homemade #buttermilkbiscuits, bacon, #friedoysters, serrano pepper tartar sauce, pickled onions and arugula.

2nd pic: #Oysterstew, his request..never made it before but it was easy and reminds me of clam chowder. #kitchenista

Lunch made me happy today so I'm sharing the joy...loose recipe follows. #Collardgreens cooked in coconut milk with turmeric. Similar to my coconut roasted collards on the blog but this was faster, brighter flavors and greens maintain more of a bite!
Sautéed chopped onions in coconut oil, added lots of minced garlic and ginger, minced bird's eye chiles (can use Thai chile paste or crushed red pepper to taste). Stirred in zest of a couple limes and a few teaspoons of ground turmeric, little bit less ground cumin, salt and pepper. Cooked for a minute until fragrant, then added a can of full fat coconut milk, splash of fish sauce, coconut aminos (or use soy sauce), quarter cup of apple cider vinegar. Simmered the broth for a couple minutes then added a pound of chopped collard greens and pinch of salt. Stirred every few minutes until greens were tender and cooked down but still bright green, about 10 min total. Finished with lime juice and a light drizzle of toasted sesame oil. This was so good, just had a big bowl of it with a scoop of quinoa (my #vegetarian meals are 🔥 on the low lol.) This can easily be #whole30compliant just read your labels. #kitchenista #recipe #healthyfood #cleaneating

Oven roasted #bbqchicken, #naija #jollofrice, coleslaw with creamy ginger lime dressing, duck fat fried #plantains, avocado. The bbq sauce was my favorite part, impromptu addition after I put the chicken in the oven. I used some of the tomato & pepper stew from the jollof as the base so it has ginger, garlic, scotch bonnet. Added palm sugar, vinegar, Worcestershire & spices to turn it into a bbq sauce. #kitchenista #kitchenistasundays #sundaydinner #chickenlevelshigh

Smothered #turkeywings and lima beans for dinner tonight! I'm *finally* sharing my turkey wings recipe in celebration of #blackhistorymonth, so look out for that blog post on Feb 1! (Fun fact: I hated lima beans ever since I was a kid. Tried them for lunch in Charleston last week and wow, I have been missing out.) #kitchenista #bhmpotluck #kitchenistasundays #dinner #soulfood #southernfood #limabeans #smotheredturkeywings

Curry turkey (or chicken) soup. Healthy, easy and quick to make. Possibly even the cure for winter blues... 🙏🏾 Recipe link in bio. #nationalsoupmonth #kitchenista #foodblog #whole30recipes #paleo #leftovers #soup

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