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πŸ’– ヒンキー・D・ルフィ πŸ’–  Not the most lit page

Wow, super-duper farewell? See you again, nakama~! The wind is calling me. The windmills are singing to me.

I don't post spoilers, so you should follow me instead of @sanji

I wanted to dedicate this to my future mother in law, Christie, who unfortunately passed away earlier this evening at 2:58pm. She's been in the hospital since last Sunday night. She had horrible kidney failure, believed it couldn't get better, and kept announcing she will die. So, she enhanced her situation by drinking antifreeze. Her family and I had no idea the jug was under her bathroom sink. Christie was loopy that night afterwards, talked off the wall, then we called an ambulance. Her depression has lasted a year since the separation of her husband. We're all in distraught. She was an amazing woman who donated, helped the homeless, loved giving back to anyone she met. She loved history and theology. She was a brave Catholic woman who was absolutely willing to help anyone. I will always miss her. Her last memory with us was in the hospital earlier today. Laying unconscious with a breathing tube that was keeping her alive. That was the only support she had on her body. It was either let her live but she'll be in a coma for the rest of her being, or let her go.. I hope she's dancing in the clouds.

Whoever made this; thank you for your service. :-)

I'm posting Sanji today because I want to. Leave me alone

I wish IG would pull a Facebook and let us place reactions to different posts πŸ˜‚ y'all would put angry reactions for me bc I never post.. ANYWAYS--

It was so hard to hear the saddening news about Chester Bennington this morning. Linkin Park is part of my life and what I grew up with. Prayers are sent to the family and friends of Bennington. The music wont be the same listening to it now than it was, but all we can do is honor his name through it. 🎧🌹

I rlly love Majira Strawberry. Also sorry for not posting for a few days- Crash Bandicoot has seem to take over my life rn

I rlly want the Crash Bandicoot trilogy that just released but I can't until Monday. Save me

Am I the only one that thinks Black Butler is garbage and cringe worthy? 😲

Currently watching original Naruto bc I miss it

Currently struggling for assistance on Onigiri

Seeing pics of LawLu just makes me all nostalgic bc I shipped them more than anything a couple years ago 🌼

I hate the fact that Pizza Hut will forward my calls now. Thanks for deceiving me !! N I C E

I reeeeally want to go to the beach πŸ˜₯ my summer needs to hurry


Fact: I live off Sprite and dinner rolls

Ever just down a whole gallon of tea BC I JUST DID

Why do we need hair on our toes

Help me give a good reason to my boyfriend that he should play the last of us bc he won't bc it's PlayStation

Should I adopt a cat as a home warming present for my best friend

We all should be skinny and beautiful according to this woman at Victoria's​ Secret yesterday. How bout no and stop telling your daughter the VS models have the perfect bodies thanks

If you don't eat your vegetables,then ur wrong


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