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⭐ 🌈 Jace 🌈 ⭐  Hello there I'm Jace! If you can't tell I am a huge fan of the Nickelodeon cartoon "Hey Arnold" and other cartoons (and films as well).

He cri. So yeah I drew Sid crying, I don't know why. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick

So I drew a kraken and I actually like how it turned out.

So I drew the Mayan king K'inich Janaab' Pakal (better known as Pacal the Great) and I think I did alright (and yes I didn't draw it realistically because that's extremely hard). Also this is probably not a hundred percent accurate, since I think I might've picked the wrong colors for his headdress since I couldn't find a colored picture of it, but other than that I think I did pretty good and I think it was fun to draw a historical figure (I don't know if I should do it again, I might but who knows).

Here's some dumb little Sid comic I guess. And the moral of the story is don't let Sid scary movies, just don't. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick

So I drew a cute drawing of one of my favorite Hey Arnold ships for Valentine's Day and I really love how this turned out!!! #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick

So I guess I finished it. Also kids, this is why you should draw with a pencil first and dont use a pen the entire time. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick

WIP I guess.

So I drew Sid as a pirate. And I based this off of some cheap, low budget direct to video movie (which was called "Treasure of Pirates Point") that his voice actor was in. I think I did alright with this except for the unnecessary lines and the proportional issues (also ignore the top left doodle). #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick

So I drew some drawings of Lorenzo like at different ages and this is a bit of a continuation to the one with Sid. And I kinda rushed the colors but I think I did alright.
EDIT: Lorenzo's vest in the last design is supposed to be green. So yeah sorry about that mistake.
#heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick

Here's a dragon I guess. Also I know the quality is shitty but whatever.

So I drew Jeff visiting New York City (and yes the old WTC is there because the show is set in 1998 (and yes it was revealed in one of the episodes) so yeah that explains why it's there) and I'm too lazy to draw the lower half and other people but I guess I did alright. #clarencefanart #clarence #cartoonnetwork

So I drew how I think what Lorenzo would look like as an adult. Like I might redo this sometime in the future but I think I did alright. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick

So here's a short little comic I did of Sid and Lorenzo watching some crappy ghost hunting show and Sid is extremely in to it and Lorenzo knows it's a bunch of BS. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick

So I colored the Sid pictures and I also drew another one with Sid atop the Space Needle. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick

So I drew some pictures that Sid probably has in his house. I am probably going to add more tomorrow and I will color it. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick

Here's an attempted sketch of the Sears Tower I drew today.

Here's some crappy Sid drawing I did at school like a few months ago. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick

So here's a dumb little comic, because I am bored. Also say hello to "off model Stinky". #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick

Here's an unfinished New York sketch that I probably won't finish anyway.

So I drew Lorenzo giving Sid a very nice sweater for Sid as a gift (since they're boyfriends) and I really like how this turned out! #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick

So I colored it and I think I did alright. I might have messed up the lighting but eh. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick

So I drew an extremely tired Sid watching TV (definitely too much) and I am going to color this. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick

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