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The Kindness Card Experiment  Kindness can be found everywhere in NYC—it’s just a matter of noticing. Keep an eye out for Kindness Cards in NYC and keep the kindness going!


Keep passing your cards on! The month-long Kindness Card experiment is coming to an end soon! #KindnessIsHere

Stories of NYC kindness are still being collected on our site! Explore more sweet stories—link in bio. #KindnessIsHere

Only a few more days in the experiment! The more you pass on Kindness Cards, the more kind people get rewarded. #KindnessIsHere

The more cards are passed, the more stories of kindness we collect! Find more stories on our site. #KindnessIsHere

New Yorkers are connecting more than ever with Kindness Cards being passed from hand to hand! #KindnessIsHere

The more Kindness Cards are passed on, the more stories of kindness we collect! Let's keep it going #KindnessIsHere

After activating a Kindness Card, pass it on to a friend, family member, or stranger who acts kindly #KindnessIsHere

You’d be surprised at what kind acts earn people Kindness Cards! Read more true stories—link in bio! #KindnessIsHere

Thousands of Kindness Cards are now in the hands of New Yorkers—keep activating & passing them on! #KindnessIsHere

Kindness is found all over NYC! Each dot represents an activation—pass on your card to keep it going! #KindnessIsHere

Shoutout to @alyssainthecity for bringing her sweetness to the streets to hand out @thekindnesscard Cards #KindnessIsHere

Don’t forget to keep passing on your Kindness Cards! Deserving New Yorkers are all around us! #KindnessIsHere #NYC

Ever wonder what it takes to get a Kindness Card? These are the stories behind the card activations #KindnessIsHere

When you consciously look for kind acts around NYC, you’ll be amazed at what you see! #KindnessIsHere #NYC

Shout out to @Lobosworth for helping us recognize and reward kindness in NYC! #KindnessIsHere

Swipe left to check out our some of our charity partners. Your reward can be donated to these awesome organizations! #KindnessIsHere #NYC

Look out for people exchanging Kindness Cards in NYC! Each pass of a card represents a sweet story #KindnessIsHere

Kindness Card rewards can be donated to charities like @hoodiesforthehomeless, @qsacinc, & @GrowNYC! #KindnessIsHere

Keep being kind—you never know who will notice! You may be approached with a Kindness Card! #KindnessIsHere #NYC

Thanks for sharing, @johnnysibilly! This video says it all—keep spreading the kindness. #KindnessIsHere

It feels great to be kind—and even greater when you're recognized and rewarded for it! #KindnessIsHere #NYC

Last week we walked through NYC searching for acts of kindness—check the link in our bio to watch! #KindnessIsHere

Spreading kindness around NYC is a sure way to meet new, amazing people—just ask @sobi1canobi #KindnessIsHere #NYC

Thanks to @rachlmansfield for sharing our message, we couldn’t have said it better! *
“For the next month (and hopefully longer!) i challenge you to celebrate positive acts of kindness. Bring flowers to a friend for no reason, give your seat up to a stranger on the subway, call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and say hi…” #KindnessIsHere

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