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A Y M A N  💄M U A ✈️ Always on the go ⚡️The Killers/ Lady GaGa👸🏼 🎭 PSU: Communication/Fashion 📷 Snap Chat: @Thekillermonsta

I accidentally looked at the eclipse with my eyes...I think I am going to die 😎 it's ok I think it's romantic. When the moon and the sun meet 🖤#eclipse

Talk about perfection✨shout out to the tailor 👌🏽 can't wait for the new video❤️ @thekillers #brandonflowers #theman #ilovehim

I think I ruined a lot of little children's dinner tonight. They didn't find crabs so appetizing after they saw me do this. #🦀 #sebastian #Disney #underthesea #littlemermaid #crab #dinner #childhoodruined

Spent all morning doing these bridesmaids's makeup 🤡🤡 my first paying client makeup job, and my best friend! Thanks for all the support ❤️ #AymanMua #greeneyemakeup #tealeyeshadow #bridesmaids #bridesmaidhair #bridesmaidsmakeup #beyourbeautifulself

My beautiful lovely cousins! I love you all so much ❤️ we are so blessed!! I hope I get to see you all soon! Welcome to our crazy clan Lenin 🙃 Missing Ahmed and Joey Bhai...and Moiz's face is covered haha.

The wedding day! And yes I may have had a special cookie earlier that day that's why I looked like that. It was a stressful day doing everyone's make up..leave me alone lol. Hope your are enjoying your honey moon @zees0luvable and @leninator ❤️💏 #FromLtoZ

Got to join a protest against @realdonaldtrump in NYC while the streets were closed off so his stupid ass could drive by to get to his tower. Bucket list ✔️ #NYC #DumpTrump

Mehndi night highlights from today and pre-wedding shenanigans of this Pakistani X Ecuadorian wedding! I can't believe my cousin is getting married ! Congrats @zees0luvable I love you! Can't wait for tomorow, so happy to see my babies aka my cousins :) #AbhiToPartyShoruHuiHai

Now that I am broke! I want to thank everyone the helped me in the stressful past two days!! From the codes to the links for the pre-sale!!!! See you all in LA, Vegas, Broomfield... and if I get lucky on Friday sale.. SLC. Thank you guys again for the help! I truly appreciated it❤️⚡️ @thekillers #thekillers #thevictims

Oh hey @ladygaga 🦄 I just want to say I am so proud of you. I have been there when you use to perform shows for 60 people, and now seeing you sell out arenas gets me emotional. Watching you grow from Era to Era.. into super star that your were destined to be, has been wonderful. You have taught me everything I know, and how to love and celebrate everyone. It's been 3 years since I have seen you at the Art Pop ball....can't wait to see you again in Nov. You the greatest to me🦄❤️
This is an old pic and it's photoshopped lol. Love you Curtis :)❤️ #ladygaga #JOANNEWorldTOUR #joanneworldtour #joanne #gaga #mothermonster #littlemonster

I'll be in New York this weekend for my cousins wedding 10-15. I'll be upstate for the wedding but I'll make sure I'll be in the city 13th and Jersey the 14th. ;) hit me up! #miumiu .
#miumiusunglasses #highlight #selfie #carselfie #aymansyed #travel

This is me when I am about to karaoke a new song. I love his lyric cheat sheet ⚡️❤️ such cute boys 😊 @thekillers @brandonflowers @therealdavekeuning

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