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Geek ! Star Wars Fan Since 77 

The only item I have from The Phantom Menace is this 1999 Empire magazine with Obi-Wan on the cover ! Almost 20 years later it looks like we will finally see Ewan again take on the role as Obi-Wan ! Thanks @lucasfilm for listening to the fans

YES 👍🏻 bring it on lucasfilm ! ( credit to @venamis for the awesome poster art )

Space 1999 ! One of my favorite design and ships from a greater area . Had a couple post yesterday with a few wartime comic covers showing kinda my view on the murder on Heather Heyer and the total failure of the potus to address the matter correct ( but now we know where he stands ) and to those 300+ followers who decided to unfollow me : you will not be missed ! 😊 I usually don't talk politics but sometimes i want to take a side when things get a bit out of proportions

That is how it's done

I'll just leave this here ... just to make clear where I stand on current events #impeachtrump #thegreatestgeneration

It's all about the base . The base .. the rebel base on Hoth and the Empire #theempirestrikesback #vintagestarwars #vintagestarwarstoys #kenner

What's your thoughts on the loved and hated mini rigs ? Love'em or hate'em ? #vintagestarwarstoys #kenner #starwarsminirigs

INT-4 . Made to ride in the cargo compartment of the AT-AT ! One of the coolest features on this mini rig was the red windows identical to the original AT-AT window seen in ESB . Such a cool toy and great addition to the play value of the old set #vintagestarwarstoys #kenner #starwars

The original add for the Star Wars droid factory from 1979. A little fun fact : if you want to build all the droids in the blueprints and display them together you need 5 droid factory sets to get all the parts . #thehistoryofstarwarsplaysets #vintagestarwarstoys make sure you follow @starwars.collector.cave for details in the unique R2-D2 that was only available in this set

Today it's Monday and time for the #h#thehistoryofstarwarsplaysets ! Me and @starwars.collector.cave are covering the history of the Kenner playsets as we did the history of the #starwarsmailawayoffer earlier this year . Now we have come to Droid Factory set from 1979. This set was like nothing at all from the movies and it was a combination between a playset and a construction set. For a change, there was no child featured on the main photo art of the box (instead, he was seen on the smaller photos on the side). The base consists of a ramp and a large movable crane. The Droid Factory comes with 33 interchangeable parts, used to create myriad different droids. The most important one is Artoo Detoo with three legs. This playset was the only way to get Artoo with his central, smaller leg. A booklet was included with blueprints for building all the Jawa Monster Droids. The Droid Factory is very difficult to find complete in loose condition, because there are many different and small parts, including orange tubes, thin metal rods, and plastic pegs. The base and crane would be used later for Jabba’s Dungeon playset. Also follow @starwars.collector.cave for more #vintagestarwarstoys #kennerplaysets #thehistoryofstarwarsplaysets

Sunday night reading ! Time to revisit the awesome book from 1978. The true sequel to the 1977 movie . Splinter of the minds eye ! Had the book since 78 and didn't knew about the comics until a couple of years ago and with great help from my buddy @bretchy I managed to get a set ! #starwars #splinterofthemindseye

When Instagram started with adds it was every 10 posts which was annoying enough but now they are putting in one on every 8 post and also in the live feed between posts .. and it's several of the posts my friends post that I don't see unless I look at their profile.. this deal is getting worse and worse

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