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Love reading all the vintage stuff you guys want in the last post so I'd thought I make a post myself. These are my most wanted vintage toys right now . The star destroyer bridge I had as a kid but got lost . Getting Bespin leia and Luke MOC on ESB cards are out of my price range right now but high up my most wanted list . So is the pilot and Lando in disguise. And a few more 😂

Tonight I want to finish of with the last ship produced in the second wave of die cast ships . It was the first ship from ESB and was released late in the run of the second wave ( 1980 ) and was released on a ESB box . The TIE Bomber is the rarest of the die cast line and few survive still sealed in their boxes today. The TIE Bomber was only released in the US in relatively small numbers, and it is thought that its minor role in the Empire Strikes Back led to poor sales and the cancellation of production in 1981 of all die cast ships . Today a loose tie bomber fetches about 4-500 $ and a mint in box recently sold for 2900 $ . The TIE Bomber was oddly piloted by an Imperial Stormtrooper in Hoth gear. The early prototypes of the TIE Bomber were grey with Darth Vader Tie Fighter wings ( swipe for picture ) , with a change to white occurring later in the design process and all new larger wings .There is much debate over whether the TIE Bomber was only released as a test run of 75,000 in stores around Kenner's headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. However, good evidence for sales of the bomber in a range of stores across numerous states indicates a wider market than that expected for a test run or store exclusive. t seems most likely that the Bomber was not sold in any lesser numbers than any of the other large sized Series 2 die cast ships. If anything the earlier released Series 2 ships seem to be rarer on ESB packaging than the TIE Bomber. Significantly Kenner featured the Bomber on all the later die cast packaging, which would appear counterproductive if the Bomber was not on general sale at the time. But today it's the most sought after die cast ship and hard to find #vintagestarwarsdiecast #vintagestarwars #vintagestarwarstoys #starwars #kenner #diecast #tiebomber

The third ship to be released in the second wave from kenner's die cast series was the Y-Wing fighter . This would be the last ship from Star Wars and only four more ships from Empire Strikes Back would be released before they stopped making this line . The Y-wing fighter has a bomb that can be dropped by pressing the astromech droid head , folding landing gear under cockpit and " exploding " wings that can be taken of to recreate the crash in the Death Star trench ! It's really one of the better die cast ships when it comes to features but then again back then we kids used imagination so we didn't need things to be movie accurate and we played with the toys . The toys didn't play for us ! #vintagestarwarsdiecast #vintagestarwarstoys #vintagestarwars #starwars #diecast #ywingfighter #starwars swipe for more pictures

Ship number two from the second wave of die cast 1978-80 was the Millennium Falcon or as described on that box Han Solo's space cruiser . This ship didn't have much play value as it only had undercarriage legs that could go in and out and turnable radar dish and canon but still a cool ship from the early years of Star Wars toys #vintagestarwarsdiecast #vintagestarwars #vintagestarwarstoys #kenner #diecast

With the second line from Kenner with the Star Wars die cast ships I will start with the 1978 imperial cruiser . The name Star destroyer would not appear until it was released on the ESB box in 1980 and so from 1978 to 1980 it was called " the imperial cruiser " . The same name Han Solo calls them in Star Wars . This is the largest ship ( to that date ) in the imperial fleet and thus ending up as the smallest scaled ship in the die cast series from Kenner . ( except one. The blockade runner but the Imperial Cruiser was the only way to own a Blockade Runner at the time and the imperial cruiser had a sliding hangar door where a replica of Princess Leia's spaceship - the Tantive IV was " stored " after capture above Tatooine! Slide for more pictures of this great toy and every kids dream to have in 1978 . I remember like yesterday how it was when I got mine and brought it to school to show my friends #vintagestarwarsdiecast #stardestroyer #kenner #vintagestarwars #vintagestarwarstoys

It's Monday and time another playset from Kenner as me and my buddy @starwars.collector.cave are covering the history of the Star Wars playset's each Monday and for those of you who saw his earlier post today this is the set for today . #thehistoryofstarwarsplaysets . we have come to the last playset from The Empire Strikes Back . The Rebel Command Center Adventure Set (1981): This was the third playset, exclusive to retailers, sold by Sears to sell action figures (the others were the Cantina Adventure Set and Cloud City). The box shows the play options of the set, which are few. The Rebel Command Center is the last playset to use the plastic base of the Land of the Jawas Playset. Once again, there is a little cave and an action feature, used to “launch” figures. The new element in this set is a nice carton background, showing the North Hangar 7 of the Echo Base with the Millennium Falcon. The artwork also shows a tauntaun with a rider, several T-47 Snowspeeders, a Rebel base transport and X-wing Starfighters. On the bottom of the small cave you can now also see a small amount of weapons and accessories, which are part of the cardboard backdrop, folded underneath the playset. The three figures included in this set were Luke Hoth Gear, R2-D2 with Sensorscope and the AT-AT Commander. The Rebel Command Center may be a simple playset, but it’s not that easy to find complete these days . #vintagestarwarstoys #vintagestarwars #starwars #kenner #thehistoryofstarwarsplaysets make sure you follow @starwars.collector.cave also for great vintage Star Wars posts and trivia ! And also more details regarding this set !

Kenners second wave of die cast ships consisted of 4 new ships . 3 from Star Wars and one from The Empire Strikes Back. These were released thru 1979 and 1980 and already at this point Kenner was thinking about discontinuing this line as it was not selling as much as they hoped and the 3 3/4 figures and ships was really selling so it was talk about moving more resources over to the 3 3/4 line . I will in the next days do each of these ships in single posts #vintagestarwarsdiecast #vintagestarwars #vintagestarwarstoys #kenner #starwars

After kenner's success in 1978 with the die cast Darth vade Tie Fighter , the imperial tie fighter and with the even ground braking success of the 3 3/4 ships and the first 12 figures Kenner planned 4 more die casts and a lot more for the 3 3/4. The first ship out in 1979 was the 3 3/4 tie fighter that would be followed by 4 new die cast ships aimed at the collectors and not kids like the 3 3/4 . Kenner had yet not decided what format they would go for . They were also getting ready for wave two of the 12 inch figures as well . So after one year of selling toys they were doing three different lines with different sizes . That would soon end # #vintagestarwars #kenner #tiefighter for the kids there would still be a couple of years before this tie fighter got a pilot so meanwhile stormtroopers did the job

The fourth and last ship to be released in the first wave of the 1978 die cast ships was the Tie Fighter . ( swipe for ESB 1980 cardback where it had changed name to Imperial Tie Fighter ) . This ship used the same cockpit and figure ( Darth Vader ) as pilot as the previous Darth Vader Tie Fighter ! Probable just to save money as they had no idea if these would sell or not at the time of their release in 1978 ( it was also thought that most kids only would want one and not both as that was the norm for the time ( Star Wars had not yet taken the marked by surprise as it would where suddenly the kids wanted everything released , so for Kenner it didn't matter what pilot who was in what ship ) . therwise it was so faithfully reproduced that rather than building bespoke models when making Return of the Jedi , several Kenner TIEs were used by the special effects team to create a fleet of TIE fighters in Return of the Jedi when the emperor arrived at the Death Star . What other toy can claim to have replaced the star it was based on but this ? So it's a cheap way to own a " actual movie prop " #vintagestarwarsdiecast #vintagestarwarstoys #vintagestarwarstoys #vintagestarwars #starwars #kenner

With the release of the die cast Darth Vader Tie Fighter in 1978 we also got this bad boy in 3 3/4 scale . Kenner was still experimenting with different toy lines and sizes and had no idea that with the 3 3/4 they were about to make history and change the toy market for ever #vintagestarwarstoys #vintagestarwars #starwars #dartvadertiefighter #kenner #starwars

The third ship to be released in the first wave of die cast ships in 1978 by Kenner was the famous Darth Vader Tie Fighter . The ship was essentially a scaled down version of the 3 and 3/4" Darth Vader's ship, with both ships comprising a TIE body with Darth Vader TIE wings. This difference was quite obvious when compared to the picture on the film scene on the cardfront. But this was a time when movie accuracy was not a big deal just as long as it resembled the ship seen on the big screen . Both wings was removable and one could pull out the " cockpit" which included a Darth Vader figure #vintagestarwarsdiecast #vintagestarwarstoys #vintagestarwars #starwars #kenner #diecast . In the beginning it was first made with much smaller wings but this version never reached the marked

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