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Who's your favorite pilot ?

So my next project will be making Red 7 from Rogue one for @benjamin.hartley who flew red 7 in Rogue one ( the actor playing red 7 squadron pilot Harb Binli ) a former navy jet pilot in real life ! Will be a fun project ( and I’m quite honored to be asked to make this ship for him ) as it’s been a while since I’ve done a X-Wing and I love making those beautiful ships ! He is also starring in the new Solo movie so if you don’t follow him go follow @benjamin.hartley folks ! #starwars ( this is my old red 4 )

You folks need to follow @benjamin.hartley ! X-Wing pilot Red 7 in Rogue One and star in the coming Star Wars Solo movie ! And I’ve been given the honorable job of making him his X-Wing Red 7 from Rogue one . Can’t wait to get started on that model. Will be more posts on that as I move along on that ! And for awesome post on a soon to be released Star Wars movie follow @benjamin.hartley folks ! A true gentleman and star wars fan who lives the ultimate dream #starwars

Thanks for all the nice comments on my Hoth posts yesterday . Have a nice weekend out there folks 🙏🏻

And now you know why I love The Empire Strikes Back so much 😊

How luke got up to the AT-AT

My Polaroid picture of Margareth Herron scanned so you can see it better . The second picture is of Margareth Herron onboard the helicopter ( camera used for flight scenes is in the sphere ) with Marks stuntman who was lifted up by the helicopter to make the AT-AT scene when Luke gets up under the AT-AT ( got these pictures from her later on in the late 80's ) and the snowspeeder seen outside the hotel

Only those who has followed me since the beginning know this but I feel like sharing this story again tonight . This picture - is The original Polaroid picture I took at Finse in 1979 during the filming of ESB here in Norway . Sadly the picture is disintegrating so I need to get something done with it fast . The patch I got from the camera girl ( on the right in the picture dressed up as rebel is still mint ( swipe for patch )) . My best friend in school back in 77-85 had his mom working in Hollywood as a camera operator for flight scenes ( her name is Margareth Herron and is the girl in the picture ( yes she's on the end credit list ) . She was married to a Vietnam veteran who flew Bell helicopters in the Vietnam war ( Peter Donen ) and together they filmed all the flight scenes for the Star Wars movies , superman movies , flight of the navigator and more ) . And so in 1979 I was with my friend ( her son ) invited to the set for one day . We took the early train to finse and spend the whole day watching the snowspeeder for Luke's scene being prepared , studied the probe droid , tried the tauntaun head and looked at the wampa , and saw the main characters here and there but we were kids so not allowed to talk to anybody of them and had to keep a distance . Only ones who said hi to me was Mark and Carrie . It was not allowed to take pictures as it was very secret but when Margaret got ready for a rebel scene I was asked by her to take this picture ( I took 3-4 ) with her Polaroid camera and she gave me and Alex ( her son ) one each in a hush hush moment . Patches was given and we were send on the last train home 9 years old but a lifetime experience older . What a day and what a memory. Best day of my life

Just some random favorite stuff

My precious ❤️ 1977 topps Star Wars stickers I had since 77 ! They meant the world to me back then and still do

Because it’s Star Wars and not Woodstock. How many can you name ?

I really wish Hot Toys would make a weapons rack to put in a Death Star setting so we could display the spare guns in a proper way @hottoyscollectibles

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