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If you're looking for cool Star Wars stuff ( from vintage to modern ) go follow @geekflagfly ! He has some great items up for sale

Somebody " pointed out " that EV-9D9 was missing a arm and that was bad just because it was posed sideways . Well it's not missing a arm . Loose left arm and never moved right arm ( been mine since I opened it in 85 and the first thing that happened was that his left arm came loose when I moved it so his right arm has never been moved ( only reason he was sideway on my previous post was because they kept falling over before I took the picture and he shifted . #vintagestarwarstoys#kenner #last17 #starwars have a great Saturday folks

The class of "last 17" reunion shot #vintagestarwarstoys #kenner #starwars

Today's mailcall. Pretty Mint boxed complete speeder bike from return of the Jedi that I got for a steal . This was one of the last Star Wars toys I bought back in 83 . It could be the very last toy I bough as I stopped playing with toys that same year and I never bought any of the later released ships or figures but remember buying this in Norway and in Norway the toys was released late 83 ( shuttle , b-wing ,tie interceptor and last 17 but I was given some as gift in the late 80's as everybody knew I was a old fan ) . This has been on my wanted list as my old one has been broken a few times and parts replaced and not matching plastic color anymore . So another boxed toy I can cross of my vintage boxed wanted list 👍🏻😊 #vintagestarwarstoys #rotj#kenner swipe for more pictures

The original 1980 Hoth Leia in ESB card is catching some pretty high numbers these days so for me TVC ( the vintage collection) from 2010 will have to make a stand in for now . It's really one of the best Leia cardbacks ever so I fully understand the price she's fetching on original card but the hunt goes on #vintagestarwarstoys #tvc#kenner #hoth #esb

Really need that MOC ESB AT-AT driver and Hoth Leia but that's a lot of dough 😬 #vintagestarwars #vintagestarwarstoys #kenner #sideshowcollectibles #hottoyscollector

Star wars figure of the week this week chosen by @cmndrfox1 ! C-3PO ( See-Treepio ) . 1983 Vintage collector case , vintage solid limbs and loose limbs 1978 and 1980 action figures 3 3/4 inch figures ) sideshows collectibles sixth scale and vintage 1978 12 inch Action Figure #swfotw #c3po #sideshowcollectibles #kenner

And since it's Thursday and time for the Star Wars figure of the week make sure you follow @cmndrfox1 as he will be doing them the next weeks as me and @starwars.collector.cave are writing up and doing the history of the vintage playsets each Monday now ! So for the weekly dose of #swfotw jump over to @cmndrfox1 . I'm actually looking forward to play along for the next weeks and not being the one coming up with the figures . We all need vacation and brakes from time to time . So it's all yours @cmndrfox1 you have the game now for a while

A few thoughts on a Thursday before hasbro release it's " awesome " new figures at sdcc .. and we're halfway into the 40th anniversary of Star Wars . but first a glimpse back to the 30th anniversary.. here is some facts from " In 2007 and 2008 Hasbro celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars with a fantastic line-up of action figures. Each Star Wars figure in the basic assortment came with a coin. The coin album was bundled together with the very first figure in the line-up, which was Darth Vader.
Hasbro managed to release some truly fantastic action figures, such as an entire line-up of Ralph McQuarrie inspired concept figures, Boba Fett from the Holiday Special, Biggs Darklighter from the deleted Anchorhead scene from ANH plus expanded universe favorites such as Darth Revan and Darth Malak.
There were 60 Star Wars figures released in the 30th Anniversary Collection in 2007, with an additional 15 Star Wars figures in early to mid 2008 before The Legacy Collection started ." That's 75 unique figures folks .. 75 figures for the 30th anniversary !! and that at a time when Star Wars interest was quite low compared with today's interest. Star Wars celebrates 40 years and what have hasbro given us ? To waves of 6" black series on vintage cards and a stand with total of 14 figures where 5 are repackaged old figures .. and that's it folks . Hasbro has even managed to stop the production of the second wave leaving half the retailers without a delivery and preorders not coming in .. so 9 new figures .. 9 .. for the 40th anniversary.. and those 6 titanium figures .. is it any wonder why I don't bother with hasbro anymore .. #starwars40thanniversary #hasbro sorry for the rant but had to let some steam out !

A couple of those last 17's that are so popular..

The "honor" wall

Other sure of my little office and parts of my hot toys and sideshow displays ( got more in my living room ) .. def need more space 😬

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