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Today was an EXTRA sweaty one 💦 Full workout in my story, love finishing off my week with a killer workout! Time to enjoy the weekend - Happy Friday!

#throwbackthursday to one of my favourite places 💙.
Unfortunately I am not heading to Europe this summer (💔) as this is the first summer I am running my business full-time! There are a lot of perks to doing your own thing but also a lot of pressure to stay focussed and committed at all times. I have no one to answer to but I also have no one pushing me to keep going. It’s up to me to find my own motivation, which isn’t always there. I often get comments on “living a good life” but I created this life for myself all by myself (...well with the help of a few people closest to me!) and when you are truly passionate about something you will find a way to do the exact same. What you believe is what you create 💫 essential oils are apart of my daily routine - especially the energy formula when my wake up call is 5AM 😴. What are essentials in your daily routine?! .
📸: @e_fancy

Always start off the week by setting and planning goals/to-dos that need to be accomplished. I find doing this every Monday holds me accountable for everything that should be getting done, because at the end of the day it’s just me here 🙋🏻‍♀️. Whether it’s workouts or work related,
failing to plan usually results in planning to fail. Start your week off on a productive note 📝 and set yourself up for success! #mondaymotivation

Never settle for just one scoop 🍦👭

Is it weird that making people work + sweat brings me so much joy?! 😜
More outdoor pop-up bootcamps to come this July and August! ☀️Keep checking back to stay posted or DM your email and I can add you to my mailing list 📧 Enjoy the weekend 🤗 #kelseyrosefitness

TODAYS PARK WORKOUT W/ - Lower Body + Core focussed:

10 Reps (per leg/forward + back) x4
- Moving pop squats .
- Dead bugs .
- Banded monster walks .
- Star crunches .
- One-legged RDL .
- Plank toe taps .

- Sprints and picnic table pulls 😂.

A morning well spent with @jogajana and @fijiwater at what better rooftop than @chezlavelle . Missed the memo on the aqua-fit (👙😬) but and I still got s good poolside sweat on. The sunshine + good company makes me so happy - love starting the morning with good vibes! 💛 #happyhumpday

I’ve had ongoing hip issues for the past couple years, starting with tendinitis followed by major alignment/mobility issues due to the injury.
When you are constantly putting stress on your body mobility work is SO IMPORTANT in order to keep your body well maintained and your muscles/joints happy. Considering all the training I do I definitely don’t do enough of it, which is why I’m committing to weekly mobility sessions with @dulaydc . Just as I hold my clients accountable with workouts I need someone keeping me in-check with my mobility. It’s not the most exciting part of working out but it’s definitely super important. Looking forward to seeing progress to come!

There is no there, there is no done and there is no final place ... It’s all about continuing to move forward towards progression. Challenge inhibits change, keep moving! #mondaymotivation .
📸: @with.eden

We had SOO much fun exploring Chicago (in our matching @adidasca outfits 🙃) but now it’s back to business as usual! SATURDAYS - FULL BODY: STRENGTH + CONDITIONING @130PM ! See you there 👀

Different city, same reformers class - @studiolagree

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