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Paul Keating  I am a painting butterfly... see me not finish anything.

More work on the Leman Russ.

Got some basic weathering done. Need to get decals on then i can get some more weathering done.

My guard army. As it currently stands.

Still need to finish 4 leman russ. 2 wyverns. 3 valkyries. 10 heavy weapons teams. 50 more infantry. 3 more chimera. 1 taurox prime. 20 scions.

Then i can start the steel legion.

#paintingwarhammer #astramilitarum #imperialguard

Visit to the tank museum. As a guard player some excellent ideas flickering around my head now for personalizing my tanks.

Ogryns pretty much done. A coat of varnish and some tufts should do the trick.

#paintingwarhammer #imperialguard #astramilitarum

Some work on my ogryns. 2 on the right just needed some tidy up work. 2 on the left where pretty much done today.

Bit of edge highlighting and they are done

#paintingwarhammer #astramilitarum #imperialguard #ogryn

Trying to finish the bases for my Commissar and Creed. #paintinggamesworkshop #PaintingForgeWorld #imperialguard #astramilitarum

Been quiet for a little while. Not been the best of months.

But in the background been grinding away just trying to get models ready and on the table. So been doing a lot of basic painting on my guard.

There is nothing fancy here. Its base colours and washes. But then again this is 1 squad of guys with another 20 to be added in over the next weel or so.

Just sorting out decals, hence the gloss, and then finish the basing.

Once i have these up to 50 guys and finish off another 5 sets of heavy weapons teams i will be flitting between this, my Iron Warriors and a grand chaos army (preview of my proxy nurgle demon lord attached).

Heavy weapons team.

More work on creed.

Made a start on Creed. Happier with the skin on Creed than Pasks.

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