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Kara Hayward  Actress- one and only account :)


Snoopy likes to commandeer my yoga mat in the mornings. I missed #nationaldogday but here’s my encouragement to go adopt a little buddy! They’ll never let you work out and it’s so worth it!!

West coast family. I love my beautiful friends

Home is where he wakes me up like this!!

Pre- versus mid-Mazena time. So much love for the gorgeous H/MU team that made me smile so hard every morning for the past month. Thanks @prncesscool for capturing such a happy moment

3 am Walmart looks. Love my castmates to the stars and back 💫 thanks for capturing us @madisenbeaty

Barely February but it’s feeling like spring already 🍋 #happyplace

Thought I was tough until I saw my first LA rat. Still perched on the counter. Not sure if I’m crying or laughing. Thanks for cracking up while taking pics, Ma.

Apparently it’s National Love Your Red Hair Day? But Snoopy knows I’m not a real redhead and is having none of it. #buzzkill

100% stole this photo from @estocklin but was 100% sure it needed to be shared again. Watch season 2 of #hatersbackoff to find out what Erik and I are up to here!! #hatersbackoffisback #Amandick

Oops, I blinked (and moved to LA). 😉

Not usually a two-posts-in-a-day gal, but hamburger hats and kisses need to shared. #hatersbackoff

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