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A little more of that Giro love

Just a sample of the magic that is the Giro d Ville. Thx for hosting another killer weekend of adventure in the Blue Ridge.

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After 5 years of swearing it off, this year I got the itch to give The Ring another spin. However, this time, I wanted to do it sans support, caches or drops; carrying all I needed for the day/ night on bike and using only springs for water. I won’t get into all of the gory details here, but the journey was book ended by storms, the ladder forcing a bivvy on the ridge with just over 5 miles to go. There were critical lapses in judgement, which is to be expected. One leaving me without a light. I was able to locate a massive blue tarp in the darkness and seek shelter until a series of storms passed at first light. Dawn brought amazing views of the valley from above the clouds, but alas, no phone or camera onboard to document. 24.5hrs back to the car.

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