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The Journey Of Becoming Me  A Blog by Angela Merrill & Eder Teixeira on Business, Beauty, Relationship, Faith & Travel • Join Us on this Journey

Part 1/3
Hey there! My name is Angela Merrill and I live in Dallas, Texas. My boyfriend and I, Eder Teixeira are the two people behind @thejourneyofbecomingme We are using the next few pictures to introduce ourselves! First me, then Eder! I'm the makeup, relationship & faith part of @thejourneyofbecomingme and he is the traveler, & business mind!! Actually... We both love traveling 😉 See you in the next post.

Part 2/3
I love a good story and I love telling a good story. I’m also obsessed with beauty, traveling, healthy living, faith, and talking about relationships. (which will be the main jist of what I will write about) My top three relationships are with my family, my boyfriend Eder, and my dog. (don’t judge) The purpose of my blog is to inspire others to dream and pursue what makes them come alive. I hope that my story will show you that anything is possible and you can get through even the toughest heartaches. This is a couples blog as I will be writing alongside my boyfriend, Eder Teixeira. ☺️

Part 3/3

Fun facts about me
1. I have purple hair right now
2. I was engaged this past summer
3. I'm addicted to coffee ☕️

Part 1/3
If you know Eder, you know of his passion for Business, Creative Things & His Love for Jesus. At the age of 17, he spent a few days learning web development, built two sites and sold one for $8.5k. Since then, he has built a branding, designing & consulting company. He has developed countless websites, and helped others in starting & building up their own businesses.

Check Out @KindredCoffeeCo - A recent company (coffee shop) that he has branded and helped to become profitable

Part 2/3
In addition to business, Eder spent many years working in ministry. At the core of who He is, he is passionate about building people, in their faith & personally.

Part 3/3
Eder’s ultimate dream is to be the best Son, Husband & Father. A great husband and father will provide, protect and love with everything! So if you ask him why does he do all that he does, his answer is “so I can be the best for those that I love”.

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