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"Be nice to people... maybe it'll be unappreciated, unreciprocated, or ignored, but spread the love anyway. We rise by lifting others." - Germany Kent
Serving others is a core value of Heaven. To bring Heaven to Earth, we serve. Over 200 families blessed today! Thank you for all the donations, supplies some of you gave to the cause. And the servant-leaders of @hungry4god ✊🏽 s/o to Mr Childs for opening the BRC for us.
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Our phenomenal volunteers spent the night packing up school supplies and bookbags in order to bless the mess out of our community tomorrow. If you know anyone in Brownsville Brooklyn who may be in need of school supplies please forward this information to them. We are going to have a fun filled day for students. More than that, we plan to invest significantly into Brownsville educationally, where over 80% of the demographic cannot read above the 3rd grade level! If you don't need anything but would love to volunteer with us tomorrow you can join us too. Just come and find me and say I'm here to serve.
Generosity is not what we do, it's who we are!!!! - @hungry4god
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The goal of unity!
Tag yourself or your friend H4G - @hungry4god
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You never know who's watching you. Yesterday, my wife @becoming_the1 and I were honored & received citations from @senator_hamilton for our citizenship and service to our community. We didn't even expect all this. Thank you @newlifetabernacle for deeming us "worthy of double honor." #summeroflove #service #communityovercompetition #love #leadership

How can you be so insecure that the only pride you have is in being white? It's ignorance that allows racism to persist. Hatred is taught. Hatred is learned. Which means bad teaching is worst than no teaching at all. Miseducation is the fabric of all evil!! #charlottesville #prayforcharlottesville #godblessamerica #godblessus #hope #love #education #heavenonearth #SummerOfLove

Looking for a vibe tonight? Come through and have a stimulating time. My girl @bcaintheceo always has dope events! Bring someone and have some fun.

There's a difference. Jesus said to have faith LIKE a child. What does that look like? Let's do some toddler theology. Children love imagining and making stuff up. Children love experimenting and coloring outside the lines. Children believe in any story, any dream you inspire them with. Children ask WHY?…A million and one times a day! Children don’t understand “no” or “can’t”. Children are spontaneous. Children are brave and learn by taking risks rather than depending on other people’s opinion…That’s how you once were. Before the pain. Before the disappointments, hardships and hurts. Before you went to school, shared your dreams and experienced embarrassment as friends or teachers tell you, “That’s impossible” or “Your weird.” What if you can live like that again? Not afraid to dream, discover new possibilities daily and have the “Child-like” courage to take risks. You will probably be living the life of your dreams…Or you will probably be having WAY more fun with your life than you currently are. Ask God for a child-like heart again! Give God the experiences that stole your childhood from you and receive a fresh heart today.
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🙏🏽 Faith is a tricky word for many. It's easy to assume when you say the word others know what you mean. Faith means generic religion for some and to others it means trust. When I teach faith, I make it clear to people that faith is not to be confused with willpower. It is not self-derived. It is not trying really hard to believe in yourself. Neither is it a holy "guess". Faith is not blind. Faith is hearing about God's love for you and living out of that Truth! It's understanding yourself from God's point of view. Nothing takes more faith than seeing yourself the way God sees you! Faith doesn't start with you. It starts with the God who loves you...and believes in you. His faith in you then produces faith in you! The only faith that pleases God is the faith He's the author and finisher of.
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"Church is not a place to go, but a people to belong to."
After church selfies... #h4gsummeroflove #death2selfie

I love track and field. I miss the days of training & competing. Congrats #JustinGatlin what a run that was. & Salute to the goat of 100m @usainbolt in your final race. Thank you for the memories of greatness.
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