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❥B⃟ A⃟ B⃟ Y⃟ • J⃟♕  ṃȏԀєʟ | ғıṭṅєṡṡ | єԀṃ🍑 🇨🇦T.O. | L.A. 🔱Bass Queen👽🔊#TeamBassrush 🦄iHeartraves⚡️RaveRebel💦Vibedration :JXSLOVE 💘 AMRaving: THEJXS 👉 @thejxsofficial👈

Through the past year I have realized how big the impact of your circle can be, we are all human and all influenced by outer forces, vibrations. I have realized I've wasted so much time, and truth is our life isn't short at all, but we waste most of it. I have made a commitment to myself and strive to be the best I can be this year, I reduced number of negative people in my life and made much more progress. Dont be afraid to say "NO". Do it for you!! I also want to be someone who brings other people positive energy and help them achieve their best and I work toward that by constantly making myself better. And believe me, one day all this work would be worth it #inspo #positivevibesonly #ambition #influence #grindhard #playharder 💪

Just before 420 is over who else is stoned rn 😽💨☁️☁️ light ya panties🔥 #lightersup

How many drinks? 🍷 #NYadventures

Y'all at chella and I'm just here chillen😚NY's got my heart big time💖

At times I think of brilliant instagram captions when I'm stoned and forget all about them when I need to post who relates with that? 😂 It's been one year since I started this account to share my life with everyone around the world and I was really in awe when it occurs to me the thought of having an audience, people who care about you and what goes on in your life. I'm really grateful for everyone who has been showing me great support, which motivates me to work harder and grow faster, and NOT GIVING UP!!🙌 Here's a #Humpday tribute and wishing everyone gettin gainz in life in every single way🍑
Throwback📸: @dannakon

My heart has been hurt so deeply but it chooses continuing to love, and I admire it for that. Goodnight🌙
📸: @taliy.jpg

@skrillex made my night 🙌 who else can't wait for 4B and friends throwing it down this Saturday at Belasco??😍🙌🔥

When you need to stretch after being in traffic💁🏼 it was a blast working with @therunrally 🏎💨
#ytrybro #cars #exotic #racecars #model #photography #runrally

Isn't it magical how this little device connects you to everyone around the world at this very moment right now? 👁✨
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Missing @beyondwland and my other half @xxhaylsw already😩 💘who else is also in recovery this week?✋️watching videos with goodbumps and oh WHAT I would do to relive those moments😭 every time I rave I lose so much muscle(even tho I bring protein powder and BCAA with me everywhere) and if anyone has any idea how hard it is for an Azn to gain booty smh... well back to pumpin it hard in the gym, increasing carbs and getting dat #ravebooty back 🍑💪

Realized I haven't taken a selfie in months😹but summer time is here and I'm ready to get my glam on with these gorgeous GORGEOUS shades from @shopdollylux ✌️💕 in case you need a mini mirror these are perfect!! Metallic lips: @toofaced "Nah" dad hat: @dollskill

If you need a man to be happy then you ain't livin right babygirl 💎 #hustlehard #independent #sixfeetunder
Bodysuit: @dollskill 📸: @taliy.jpg

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