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Jenny Blake  owner/operator @lovelocalnash 🎉📷📽 Music stuff. Art things. General creative type.

My big brother @darkphoenix_blake and his mini Rouri.


Day of the Dead tequila festival ✌🏾

Finally broke my screen like some kinda plebe

Today, I tricked my class into learning about magnetism by making “Venom Slime.” Glue, liquid starch, iron powder. An adult should probably mix in the iron powder and be sure to buy strong magnets. I got neodymium ones from Home Depot

I walked through the kitchen and glanced into Tesla’s room and he’s sitting on top of a space heater so he can look through the window into the kitchen. Just sitting there. @jamesonsavage

someone had his coin purse emptied today 🐶✂️🎾 @jamesonsavage

Double rainbow 🌈 🌈

Tried to find the derpiest pic of @jamesonsavage I could find for #nationalboyfriendday but it backfired bc he’s still a major babe. I so love that face, even when it’s a lil derpy 💕💓

young creatures // wild times

Early morning, playing in the dirt

my page is a little bit of a @jamesonsavage appreciation page rn, but what can I say? I appreciate tf out of him 🤷🏽‍♀️

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