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The day I got my braces off. 🤓 it was sophomore year of hs so I think I was probably 15.

my dog likes to randomly lick walls.

5 days ago I agreed to run point on a project with a super slim deadline (literally from my bed) 12hrs in I built a plan. It took me 2 days to build a small dream team. 2 days after that we flew to Vegas & pushed through 15hr days on very little sleep. So much work ahead but so much magic already. I'm only sharing the steps because I'm sitting at the airport right now kind of amazed that we pulled off this first part. This team was excellent, so was the the team on the ground. I would have failed miserably without them.

So many buzzer shots today. I'm not even mad at the snow. 🖼

Feliz dia de la Mujer! 🌹shout out to my sisters with the Bolivian feminist coalition #mujerescreando . Their feminist graffiti has been inspiring me from across the world for years.

messy bed haven for girls who are under the weather, part 1. 🚺

One of my hero's & friend @lemon.andersen giving a toast to kick off the night. Walking into a room full of my friends last night felt like it was MY birthday as well! Haha Thank you for turning 50 @anunez21 we're all better because we know you. You're the real deal.💫 Sharing our favorite Arturo stories last night was by far my favorite part. #tribe cc: @alexbanayan @jps @julianspeaks @joeanthonynyc @suemyra @vs

we made magic tonight. 💜

when you fall asleep against a chalkboard so now you're a limited edition pink frenchy... #artdog #gallerylife #frenchie

me and this @josedavila inside of a @jeppe_hein 💫

whole 🌍 catalog

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