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Jeannie Mai  🏆Fresh Baked EMMY WINNER🏆 Co-Host of best show in daytime- The Real on Fox💁🏻‍♀️ 📧: Shop Mai discount using code JMAI 😎

Yes hunnnnayyyy I have specs appeal 🕶 So do these PIERO frames from Glasses USA 👌 Get yours for 60% off with my “JMAI” code at! Link in bio.
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Summers almost ovahh. Ride or cry homies 😫🚲💨

When your roots are soo bad u post subliminal selfies to guilt trip your colorist from leaving for Dubai 👁️👁️ @ckaedingcolor

Great food is like great sex. The more ya have, the more ya want 😍 Thank you @eatstk for always making Mai dinner parties the best date night with ppl I love 💖💋💖 (PS if you've never been to #eatSTK u MUST get the 12 hour braised short rib, truffled carpaccio & the maple glaze STK donuts..yet hunnnnnnnnnnnay👌) see delish IG story #aboutlastnight

Your calm mind is your ultimate weapon against your challenges. Pause..breathe💙 #JeannieinNY (since y'all asking 🎶 is #BelongToYou #SabrinaClaudio...mood lately 👌)

I've been summer traveling to really spend quality time with ME for ME. It’s NECESSARY to love on yourself inside and out. One of Mai fave ways is by taking care of my skin!! I discovered @SheaMoisture's African Black Soap Mud Mask and African Black Soap & Bamboo Charcoal Facial Cleanser and Gelee Moisturizer and legit carry it everywhere I go and give myself a mini facial in 3 easy steps, like u see in my vid.

Basically all u do is:

1. Cleanse face with the super foamy Facial Cleanser and rinse.
2. Apply African Black Soap Mud Mask. Leave for 10 min...and then go do something for YOU. Journal, make a dream list of things u want to accomplish, orrrr.. take selfies to remind yourself of this moment for YOU.
3. Apply Gelee Moisturizer and voila! Your skin will feel completely enriched and rejuvenated, which will also make your makeup glow in a whole new way! Then go play 💃🧘🏻‍♀️🏇🤱👸🏾. Enjoy YOU ❤️ BTW – you can get a free sample of their Mud Mask via their website. Click link in bio ;)
#SheaMoisture #AfricanBlackSoap

So thankful for home away from home. @jameshotels you have so many special reading nooks for the books I brought-- and #MaiBookClub that I'm preparing for us!! 💌 See story

Today's forecast is boobsweat & pit fupa 💋 #jeannieinNy (thx for Mai necklace mama!! @christinamilian @houseoffinegold 💖)

That's it. I'm starting a book club. I read way too much goodness that I gotta digest with y'all in #MaiFam. This is for somebody in the back today! It's not your job to fix anyone or save them from themselves. If they cannot hear what you are saying to them, it isn't time for them to do that work with YOU. Back off and save your breath. Put your energy back into yourself. (DON'T TAKE IT PERSONALLY) Not everyone is able and ready to rewrite their stories. And I realized some prefer to relive them over and over again because it is easier than trying to grow into new and unchartered territory😳. Are you stuck in your story? Do you wanna be free? Then learn to let go of what you THINK defines you and open up to a new way of being 🙇🏻‍♀️. Life is way too short to keep yourself stuck babes. (I'm learning that now.) If u stay stuck in your story you'll miss the more precious one already written and waiting for you... Faxxx. Today might be the time to go and find it💖 #maiMotivation #maiBookClub ...wanna join? Lmk below 👇

Tonight's eyeliner can be tomorrow's smokey eye. Believe in urself ladies 😝 #girlsnight #jeannieinNy

Enough fashion pics- lesssee what really makes an woman look good💋 My summer travel has made it bananas to keep up with my workouts, but since my MIND and HEALTH are the ONLY ways I can enjoy what God puts on Mai plate, #MeTime Comes First!!!!!! 👉🙋🏻‍♀️👈 You can get a workout in ANYWHERE. Stairs, a brisk walk..NO excuses. @ladyloftus is my trainer in #NY helping me to maintain my body with heavy weights since I've paused on my weight gain goal (Bikini season yo...let's not get crazy😂).
Push yourself today Mai Fam. If you feel lazy or doubtful, perfect! THAT be the gasolina to Push Your Potential!! Strong is your new Sexy 💦 See Story @liftonicnyc #MaiMotivation #JeannieinNY

Mercury Retrograde u hit like a lil bitch #JeannieinNY