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Jeannie Mai  Co-Host of The Real on Fox💁🏻‍♀️ 📧: Change Your Life interview here👇

The few times I'll trade my book for the remote ✔️👏🍿@Netflix “Trigger Warning” with @killermike #killermike #netflix Tag the squad #Maifam

As a girl from San Jose, I'm hellla picky bout Mexican food 👀 I like lengua on the menu, barbacoa to be 8 hrs slow cooked drippin w/ juice & fresh-made corn tortillas hot off that comal. This Bay bae found a pretty bomb spot here in LA, @tallulasrestaurant. Every👏single👏dish was lit, including their posole rojo & chicharrones w/ chili salt. Check. Date nite certified ✔️😉 #dineLA

The most important thing in my life is my health. Point blank, period😊 After all it's bday month🙃, so much travel, my live shows, & red's hard to stay consistent with schedule! Thank God for being a #teamipartner. It's my 3rd month of pairing @teamiblends detox program w/ workouts and the results are soo noticeable ayyye! I'll tell you the most helpful part of the changes..ZERO bloating. Not only is it uncomfortable, but I used to have to change WHAT I WEAR based on how bloated I felt 😫 Best part? More ENERGY nowadays🤸🏻‍♀️ I can't wait to complete this program to feel renewed! If you need a kick-start or boost in what you've been doing, I'm tellin you-TRY IT. Go to @teamiblends & use code MAI20 for 20% off yours! LMK how it goes! #thankyouteami

Best thing about being single: date night dinners with my saucy self 🍽️🍷It's @dineLA week baby! #dinela OOTD in story

With my hair styled every dang day, I gotta take better care of it. @bellaallnatural hair care man...with REAL egg protein! Makes my hair smell yummy, grow twice as long, & still likes to be pulled on. Dat part 🙃 See story

Homie on the left: Fiery, determined, proud of her bomb credit score & wearing her retainer nightly. G on the right took this pic 10 min ago: Smarter, filled w/inner peace, with lil chocolate on her lip from dinner & a dope microblade job 😏 #10yearchallenge See story

Food before dudes. Or...both 😏 It's #dineLA week baby See story @dinela @calmarerestaurant

U know that list is hella long. Get on it girl 👠👠💥 @adrinkwith See Story

Celebrating The Well at CES with my partners @samsungmobileusa + @popsugarfitness cuz I dig like-minded people passionate about wellness & are bout that #GalaxyWatch life👌🏼 see story.

Far too many victims locked up & criminalized for defending themselves, criminalized for SURVIVAL in general. This victory is for all who fought for #CyntoiaBrown, the Tennessee human trafficking activists, especially Black women, who refused to avow injustice & instead championed for CHANGE.

Who else threw their train at the screen when Crazy Rich Asians didn’t win Best Picture??! And I still had the best time..thanks @enews for having me✨ #GoldenGlobes #Glambot

I never normally wear red & green but in this case ... 📸 #GoldenGlobes See story