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The Jas Affect  Twin Mom Blogger Manifesting Mindsets & Training Bodies| PPD Warrior A glimpse into my adventures of motherhood, fitness, & self love ❤️

Happy Sunday! Taking a day to relax before the start of the week. On Sundays I like to write down small goals I want to achieve the upcoming week and setting an intent to help me flow with those goals. This week I want to cook a new recipe, get to the gym, limit processed foods, drink more water, run at least 15 miles, consistently work on my projects, & read. My intention for the week is : being present, compassionate and disciplined. What are your goals for the week? Comment below!
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Now this was a blast!! @mitch_madrigal invited me out to @primal.swoledier & @francheskafit ‘s Animal Flow boot camp and it’s was amazing! I’m so glad I decided to say YES! to something new. It’s not bad to try new things and you don’t have to always like it in the end but at least you can say you tried! I challenge you to try something new next week — a fitness class, a painting class, dance lessons, rock climbing, etc. 🧡

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I was blessed with opportunity to be apart of the @texaschildrens opening event for their FIRST Urgent Care dedicated to just children here in Austin! I’ve had a few trips to Urgent care before and had issues with misdiagnosis on multiple occasions because there were no pediatric doctors so I’m very appreciative of having a place like this near me. I met the directors and the doctors and they were seriously all so kind and considerate. Plus it’s such a colorful and fun center it definitely makes it less scary for parents and kids alike!! Hopefully you won’t need to go but if you do there is a place for your little!! ❤️ #JasminMercedes #TexasChildrens #Austin #UrgentCare #pediatrics #TwinMom #Gratitude #MomLife #momlifeisthebestlife #momstrong

Motherhood has been a mental and physical battle for me, some days purely beautiful some days a beautiful chaos but all unique in its own. It doesn’t look perfect like the pictures of celebrities in magazines or those Pinterest blogs. It’s not the perfect little outfits we put our kids in for pictures or how we can fit back into our pre baby jeans. It’s about the day in and out struggles, the tears behind closed doors, the laughs and smiles, the firsts & the seconds, the sleeplessness and late night cuddles, the intense urge to be better for ourselves and our children, the unspoken sacrifice to juggle it all with a smile leaving ourselves with just enough to make it to the next day..
“So to the new blossomed flower
Bearing the marks of new life
You are so strong, so resilient
A true woman of the hour.
Just keep your head held high
And persevere
For this is only temporary
A mere chapter my dear. “-J
(Oh and it’s hard to share my truths (post baby bod) each time i Post but it oddly liberates me from the self destructive shame)
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The struggle between leading and following has been prominent in my life lately. I long to be the “wise one” the “all-telling” with every word and experience I share but I realize that isn’t possible. The role of leader and follower change throughout life...from being the student to the teacher, the child to the parent but even with those transformations we forget even as the parent we can still follow. Follow the child in their pure and innocent ways, learning how not to take life too seriously and following their carefree approach to the day. I’m learning to lead with compassion and patience and following with open eyes and heart. Life is just a tug and pull, full of role reversals. We just gotta know when to take the passenger seat and when to grab the wheel. #LearningProcess #JasminMercedes #JasEffect #TwinMom #MomBlogger #FitMom #MomLife #momlifeisthebestlife #sxsw #mompreneur #mommy #gratitude

Live. Laugh. Love. Oh and DANCE like no one is watching! 💃🏽 I tend to end up alone on my dance evenings out because my mom friends are busy and my non mom friends don’t go out till I’m in bed😂 I’ve learned to enjoy my ”me, myself, and me time”. .
#OffToDance #JasminMercedes #DateNightWithMyselfAndMyDanceShoes #twinmom #momlife

Don’t be afraid! ——————————
7 Affirmations for fear:
1. I am courageous
2. I clear all the ways I get frozen by fear
3. I clear all the ways parts of me are afraid to let go and be fear free!
4. I choose to acknowledge that fear exists but that it has no power over me!
5. I open my heart to courage and inner strength. I can feel fear but remain fearless!
6. I allow love, compassion and gentleness to arise!
7. I choose to dwell in peace, appreciation and freedom!
#Affirmations #Fearless #JasminMercedes #MomMotivation #SelfLove #SelfHelp

Own your vulnerability! This is something I’ve really fought to do....I would pretend life was perfect because I felt it would be “better” that way but in all actuality it was extremely draining. I wasn’t being myself and I couldn’t experience my life to it’s fullest potential due to the overwhelming desire to appear to be what I wasn’t. It was letting go of ego and bonding & uniting with others in common and uncommon struggles. Putting a sticky note on my mirror saying “you are an imperfect perfection” to remind me to love the fact of where I’m at today (being present) while understanding I’m still a work in process. If you ever feel alone know that I’m here for you and I believe in you! 🧡❤️ #SendingLove #PostiveVibes #JasminMercedes #TwinMom #MomLife #momlifeisthebestlife #postpartum #postpartumbody #twinmama #mommyblogger #motherhoodunplugged #Love #United

Had the most fulfilling day today. I’ve really been directing my energy and time on staying focused on what truly brings me happiness and fulfillment and that’s empowering and helping others. Today that manifested with me being apart of a an awareness event for @wholeplanet for their program benefiting impoverished women worldwide to help start their own businesses, & hopefully this is just the beginning! I can’t wait to keep pouring out positivity into the world. “Be the change you want to see!” (This is a recap of the day! *swipe to see* #WholePlanet #wholeplanetfoundation #Wholefoods #internationalwomensday #JasminMercedes #MomBlogger #WomenEmpowerment #FitMom #TwinMom #momlife #momlifeisthebestlife

G I V E A W A Y TIME!!! I get asked about my sports bras a lot especially from nursing mothers trying to get back into shape. Well
I’m very excited to be team up with @loveandfitshop to give away one of these trendy and sporty nursing sports bra to a lucky momma!! I love wearing it because it’s comfortable, cute and most importantly allows for an easy nursing session. (3 in 1)

To Enter:
1. Like This Post
2. Follow @loveandfitshop & @thejasminmercedes
3. Tag 2 mom friends you know would LOVE the activewear (each tag in new comment)

More tags gives you more chances to win!! *Winner will be posted on this post March 8th

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New book added to the repertoire “Gratitude & Trust” by Paul Williams & Tracey Jackson. These 6 affirmations are used in their book to help you shift habitual behaviors and conquer your vices. #TakeControlOfYourLife #JasminMercedes #GratitudeAndTrust #ChangeYourMindset #Affirmations #momblogger #momlife #bookstagram #momlifeisthebestlife

International Women’s Day is this Thursday March 8!! && I will be participating with Whole Planet @wholeplanet to help raise awareness of their amazing foundation. So what do they do?! Wellll....They help fund microcredits for women worldwide, helping them start and expand businesses which ultimately empowers them to lift themselves and their family out of poverty!! So far they’ve funded 2.4million in loans!! 🙀 Come out and support their mission with a trip to @wholefoods to donate & bring light to a beautiful cause!! I’ll be there for lunch! #WholePlanet #WPFProsperity #PowerHerPotential #JasminMercedes #womenempowerment #TwinMom #FitMom #Momlife #Women #internationalwomensday #wholefoods

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