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New to the big screen, actress #EricaPinkett embodies her role as #AyanaJackson in the much talked about #Tupac Shakur biopic, “#AllEyezOnMe.” Playing alongside #DemetriusShipp Jr., #CoryHardrict and #KatGraham, Erica proves that she is ready to take on Hollywood at full speed. Moving far past her days on VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, Erica has focused on perfecting her craft and uses her previous experience to sustain a spot within the industry. In a recent conversation with correspondent @MalikkaMichelle, Erica discusses her Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta stint, warding off the negative opinions plaguing “All Eyez On Me,” and gaining respect in Hollywood after appearing on reality TV. Peep the excerpts below.
On how she got into acting: "I moved to ATL in 2011 and when I moved I wasn’t even thinking about the entertainment industry at all. I had gone to Howard University for psychology so when I came down here, I was looking for non-profit work. Videos were an extra something on the side, and I fell in love with acting after my first few acting classes. I just did it just to do it. I fell in love with it."
Her experience on VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta: "One of the things I’m thankful for because the Love & Hip-Hop opportunity allowed certain people in the film industry to see me. I had to prove myself. A lot of people they say that they act, or they do music, but they’re not really skilled. I’ve taken years and years of classes and coaching and direction and taking direction and guidance from my mentor." On her transition from reality TV to the big screen: It’s funny because when I first was doing reality... Read more on (#lhha #lhh #2pac)

Heyyyy #hair! #Alicia keys rocks multi colored #boxbraids 😍

"All black people don't look alike.." #charlamagne's response to a photog confusing #TiffanyHaddish for another comedian 😂

Written by Tasha Royce :: Some fans were shocked when it was revealed on the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood trailer that #KeyshiaCole and her ex husband, Daniel ‘Boobi’ Gibson were still living together. And according to the R&B singer, their decision to live under one roof, has everything to do with their 7-year-old son. She explains, "I didn’t know my biological father growing up. So, it’s kind of a strong, emotional situation for me, because I want DJ to have everything that I didn’t. Do you know what I’m saying? Even though, he’s done a lot in the marriage that was like, Okay the ultimate no no. But you know what? It’s not about me and him at this point. My son is 7. He needs his father." She also admits that her ex, who is a former #NBA player, is currently experiencing some financial ... Read more on (#lhh #LHHH #boobi #boobiegang)

#BlacChyna 🔥

Written by Mike Carter :: in Taxes
#FloydMayweather can breathe a little easier now that a $3.3 million federal lien has been released by the #IRS – due to it being paid in full – which only leaves him with another $29 million owed in back taxes. Back in April, the IRS hit #Mayweather with a $22.2 million federal #taxlien. Uncle Sam accused him of failing to pay his 2015 taxes, the year he scored a nine-figure payday for his fight with Manny #Pacquiao. Days later, Mayweather headed to tax court to file for a temporary reprieve from the IRS for more time to pay his bill, saying he didn’t have the cash on hand.
Further, he has an outstanding tax bill for 2010 in the amount of...Read more on (#tmt)

#LHHHollywood's #PrincessLove, #NiaRiley & #LHHH newbie #ZellSwag spotted partying in #LA.

#WhiteHouse press secretary #SeanSpicer has resigned. Spicer resigned on Friday morning, shortly after President #Trump selected Anthony Scaramucci as communications director.

Issae Rae for Complex 🔥

In an interview on the #LittleBlackDress #podcast with #RocsiDiaz & #NinaParker, #JasmineBrand (co-owner of dishes on why she doesn't consider herself a #blogger, what story she wishes the site handled differently & why sets boundaries for #celebs + she also sparks a debate about #LalaAnthony. More on or hit the @lbdpodcast's link in bio.

Written by Mike Carter :: #MichaelVick has apologized for saying earlier this week that free-agent quarterback #ColinKaepernick should cut his hair to help change his image. Appearing on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Thursday, the retired #NFL #quarterback said he was “truly sorry” for making the comments during his appearance on FS1’s “Speak For Yourself.” #Vick has received backlash for his comments. During his appearance on Fox Sports, Vick stated, "First thing we’ve got to get #Colin to do is cut his hair. Listen, I’m not up here to try to be politically correct. Even if he puts cornrows in there. I don’t think he should represent himself in that way (wearing the Afro). Just the hairstyle. Just go clean-cut. You know, why not? You’re already dealing with a lot." Fast forward to the present day, Vick says,
"At the end of the day, what I said, I should have never said. I think it was taken out of context in regards to what I was trying to convey, but I only want to help Kaepernick. I’m not a general manager, I’m not the guy who makes the decisions on getting him signed and I’m ..." Read more on (#mikevick #Kaepernick)

Written by Brina Renee :: The craziest rumor that #JadaPinkettSmith has ever heard about her family is that she and her husband, #WillSmith, are swingers. For years, it’s been rumored that the pair are swingers and according to the actress, that’s simply not true. Of the rumor the #GirlsTrip actress says, "That’s the craziest one. It’s constant. And I’m like, Yo, I..." Read more on

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