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The Jam Pantry  7am-2:30pm Thurs to Fri, last orders 2pm. 8am-2pm Sat & Sun, last orders 1:30pm. Bookings for 5+. 2018 CAFE OF THE YEAR @fermenting_bandits

How beautiful is that! nims xx

Our version of healthy Vegemite has hit the shelves (of the fridge). Tahini, cider vinegar, tamari and nutritional yeast. This stuff is super delicious and really good for you. Packed with all your B vitamins, it’s just what you need if like me, you’ve been pushing yourself just that little bit too much. nims xx

Brining wombok for kimchi today. I’m also adding cavalo nero stalk. I could put them in the compost and feel good about myself but they serve a much better purpose if we can eat them. nims xx #nowaste

Giving Heart to women in Hospitality. nims xx

The spent strawberries & beetroot from the next Kombucha flavour. Those berries were almost white this morning from having all the flavour and colour pulled out of them. I added the beetroot this morning and the stain is so strong, it’s filled them up. Such a pretty colour and the smell in my wet kitchen is amazing. nims xx

Goodness me! You all LOVE your beetroot don’t you. These fritters we’re constantly on the go on almost every docket until they sold out today. I’m guessing it was the thyme hollandaise that tickled your fancy. Nah, the pickled rhubarb. nims xx

Such a pretty, wholesome bowl. Barley & Apple bircher, Baked rhubarb, strawberries, banana and coconut yogurt. nims xx

I’m playing with cumquats today. Not just any cumquats though, these were a beautiful gift. I woke up Saturday morning to a text from @wholesalefruitco letting me know that I’d forgotten to put an order in. Tash then received my very late order, had it processed by her team and then sent me this heart gift. I felt incredibly supported and loved and had to literally stop to catch my breath. Today I’m adding extra love. I’ve decided to salt preserve them so that when they’re ready in 3 months, I’ll incorporate them in our Christmas Menu. I’m also doing smaller jars to bless your Christmas Feast with the intention of this sweet gift. Cumquats symbolize prosperity and salt brings life, couldn’t be more perfect. Love you Tash. nims xx

Pretty as a picture. Sourdough Pancakes. nims xx

#Repost @truthloveandcleancutlery ・・・
WHAT THEY SAY: “Food has the ability to create indelible emotional memories. I want to write menus that summon comforting images of sitting at your mother’s table, or create new memories shared at ours, with food that tells a story.” To read more about this clever and comfortable community café in Brisbane, check out our website.

F A T H E R S D A Y We’ve got tables free for walk-ins of 1,2 or 3 so if you’re without your Father tomorrow, we’ll still fill your day with Love. Have an awesome day Dad. We’ve made crumbed steak but we’re not rubbing your feet. nims xx

The Brown Rice Sourdough pancakes are back. I love making these. nims xx

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