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TheJamFan™  Jam fan, boxing fan, cigar man. This IG is dedicated to none of the above, just a mixture of utter bollocks. Don’t fucking follow me for a follow. 🖕🏼

Donald Trump’s son. Proudly holding the amputated tail of the endangered elephant he just assassinated for his own sick gratification.
A piece of shit, a fucking cowardly weasel, no doubt with a cock the size of a fucking light switch. I’m now convinced that every policy decision Trump makes will be based purely on what’s only good for the Trump bloodline and empire, and nothing to do with what’s good for America or more importantly the fucking planet.
#FuckYouTrump #Cunt #Bastard #Wanker #Bully #Coward #SickFuck #Idiot #BackwardMotherfucker #Elephant #WakeUp

I pretty much try to keep my IG free of politics and religion, but Donald Trump is a fucking cunt.
#NotFitForOffice #Irresponsible #ImpeachTrump

Being a Sunday Sport columnist has gotta be the best job in the world.

And still... one seriously cool fucker.
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Autumn’s alright sometimes.
#Autumn #LeavesAfuckingMessThough

Nice touch lads 👍🏼

Someone’s calling bullshit on the Farmer’s warning. #Bullshit #NoBullinThisField

This cracked me up. Just look at Tyson’s face. Fucking still laughing now 😂
#Repost @joe_co_uk

Hey, Faroe Islands, eat shit you bunch of backward sadistic fucking cunts.
#Repost @animalrevenge
Faroe Islands again killing Whales. Please write to @visitfaroeislands

From @loveone_project Seriously, can you imagine if we had a superior (evil) species doing these things to us? I'm not sure there is a worse evil than what we do animals.

86 pilot whales were killed today at Skálabotnur, Faroe Islands. 1691 dolphins and pilot whales have been killed so far in the Faroe Islands this year.

The 24 grindadráp hunts and numbers of dolphins and pilot whales killed so far in 2017 are as follows:

21st May at Bøur - 83 Long-finned pilot whales
16th June at Tórshavn - 164 Long-finned pilot whales
16th June at Skálabotnur - 8 White-sided dolphins
26th June at Hvalvík - 157 Long-finned pilot whales
26th June at Hvalvík - 51 White-sided dolphins
29th June at Tjørnuvík - 43 Long-finned pilot whales
5th July at Hvannasund - 70 Long-finned pilot whales
8th July at Hvannasund - 71 Long-finned pilot whales
9th July at Tórshavn - 26 Long-finned pilot whales
10th July at Skálabotnur - 2 Long-finned pilot whales
16th July at Vágur - 30 Long-finned pilot whales & 12 White-sided dolphins
17th July at Hvannasund - 191 Long-finned pilot whales
25th July at Syðrugøta - 16 White-sided dolphins
5th August at Funningsfjørður - 133 White-sided dolphins
5th August at Hvannasund - 39 Long-finned pilot whales & 1 White-sided dolphin
15th August at Fámjin - 50 Long-finned pilot whales
18th August at Tórshavn - 61 Long-finned pilot whales
20th August at Borðoyarvík - 27 Long finned pilot whales
21st August at Skálabotnur - 48 White-sided dolphins
22nd August at Húsavík - 19 Long-finned pilot whales
29th August at Hvannasund - 46 Long-finned pilot whales
1st September at Bøur - 29 Long-finned pilot whales
25th September at Hvalba - 9 Long-finned pilot whales
25th September at Skálabotnur - 219 White-sided dolphins
29th October at Skálabotnur - 86 Long-finned pilot whales

#endangered #extinction #animalrights #whales #dolphins #savethewhale #NotFood

Just watched last nights fights.
Seriously Showtime WTF?
You need to gather your text overlay programmers in a room and have a fucking chat without coffee.
#Sacked #Boxing #WTFshowtime

It’s even worse now Paul.

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