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IWMF  The International Women's Media Foundation is a Washington based organization dedicated to strengthening the role of women journalists worldwide.

Hi everyone!

Im shifting gears a bit today to show a body of work I made on my first Adelante fellowship trip to Tijuana. Adelante is the IWMF's Latin American program and im super proud and happy to be a Connect Fellow with them, which is giving me a chance to pursue projects related to the effects of youth violence in Latin America and its relationship with culture, migration, and policy, over time and across borders, in a media landscape where resources are often too short to do these subjects justice.
This image is of children playing at a spring festival just steps from the border in Jacumel, from a project made in collaboration with the amazing @weulich.
The Dreamer Moms is an organization of Mexican mothers of American children who have been legally barred from returning to the United States and their families. Each has a different story, some of spousal abuse, some of deportation, some of bad luck. They come from throughout Mexico, but most have been living in Tijuana, just on the other side of the US border, many for years, trying to fight to return to their children legally. Now with Donald Trump as President, and his crack down on immigrants, their small hopes of being reunited with their children may be lost.

June 17, Goma, DR Congo. A member of "Street Dancers" crew takes a break during a practice at Yole Africa.
Hi guys! Continuing to share photos from The Future Is Us about youth culture and dissent in Eastern DRC made on a fellowship with the @theiwmf.

June 17, 2015. Goma, DR Congo. Young basketball players check their phones and do their hair on the sidelines of a game at Maison Des Jeunes.
Another from my series The Future is Us shot in collaboration with @Katelambie on a fellowship from @theIWMF <3

Good morning everyone! This is @nataliekeyssar taking over @theiwmf's account with images made possible by their fellowships and support! At the left of this image is a woman with her daughter at a refugee camp in Sake, Eastern DRC, at right, the silhouette of a sex worker who told us her clientele was often UN Peacekeepers.

Hi everyone! I'm @nataliekeyssar, a freelance photojournalist based in New York and working a lot in Latin America. My work focuses primarily on youth culture, class disparity, and the personal effects of political unrest. I've been incredibly fortunate over the past couple of years to work with the amazing ladies (and gentleman) of @theIWMF, first as a fellow in their fantastic Africa Great Lakes Program in Congo and now as a long term Connect Fellow with their Adelante Latin America program. The wonderful community of women journalists they're creating, the collaboration they're fostering, as well as the long term funding for under-covered issues and HEFAT training opportunities, have all been indispensable to me and I'm so grateful for their continued support. This week I'll be sharing some of photographs that were made possible by the IWMF, starting with a series from Easter DR Congo about art and youth culture amid political turmoil, from the project The Future is Us made in collaboration with @katelambie's fantastic reporting. Thanks for following along!

June 16, 2015, Sake, DR Congo. Rebeka, 15, in the lake in the village of Sake, Eastern DRC. For youth in this rural area, educational and employment options are especially limited, while near by rebel groups and poverty pose a constant threat.

In DR Congo's troubled east, the generation of youth who have been raised amid nearly two decades of conflict, is turning to politically charged art and music to speak out in demand of a better future, and avoid the common fates of child soldiers, orphans and prostitution in the area, even as President Kabila's government cracks down on activists ahead of 2016 elections.

Signing off from beautiful and challenging China, with a little something from Taishan in Shandong province from last autumn. It was an honor to take over the @theiwmf #instagram account this week and I hope you enjoyed seeing my pictures and videos from this part of the globe. This is Hélène Franchineau (@helene_fr ), video and multimedia journalist for AP in China (for now) and soon relocating to the Middle East. I wish all the best to my fellow women journalists: look up, stay focused, keep pushing, and never take no for an answer! #iwmf #china #journalism #byebye

Covering China also means covering its more than 56 minorities that live all over the country. Here in Gansu province in Western China, I got the chance to spend the Tibetan New Year with a local Tibetan family. I later came back to watch an annual horse racing festival. In China, Tibet doesn't stop at the frontiers of the Tibetan province. Historical Tibet spreads to parts of western Sichuan, but also Qinghai, Gansu, and northern Yunnan province. You find people who sometimes speak a poor Mandarin (the common language in China) but are proud of their religion (Buddhism), language and culture, all of which are unfortunately endangered by Beijing's general lack of interest and tolerance toward what's not Han Chinese, what's different and could potentially pose a threat to the Communist Party. The first 3 pictures were taken in February 2016 near Xiahe, during Tibetan New Year (Losar), spent with a local family. The last pictures were taken in August 2016 when I came back to the same area to watch the Maqu horse racing festival, an annual 3-day competition (1,000m; 5,000m and 10,000m) that draws riders from nearby provinces and even from Xinjiang. This is Hélène Franchineau (@helene_fr ), video and multimedia journalist for AP based in China. I'm posting for @theiwmf this week some pictures of my work on assignment in China and other countries. #iwmf #china #tibet #gansu #newyear #minorities #tibetan #buddhism

A foot carrier slowly walks his load up the magnificent Huangshan mountain in southern Anhui province, November 2016. The mountain range, famed for its winter snows and its view above the clouds, was supposedly the inspiration for the mountains in "Avatar." Peaks can go up to 1,800m and it is common to see, on the way up, multiple foot carrier with a load of food and other necessities on their batons, walking up and often stopping to take a rest. This is Hélène Franchineau (@helene_fr ), video journalist for AP based in Beijing, posting for @theiwmf this week pictures of my work on assignment in China and beyond. #china #anhui #huangshan

A woman finds solace on the steps of La Bourse, in Brussels, as people around her are demonstrating against extremism, a few days after two explosions rocked the Belgian capital (one in the subway, one in the airport) on March 22, 2016. This is Hélène Franchineau (@helene_fr ), video journalist for AP in China, posting this week on the @theiwmf account pictures taken on and off assignment, in China and beyond. #belgium #brussels #onassignment #AP #iwmf

Reaching for the finish line: a man is taking part in the annual Harbin Ice Swimming competition, January 2017. Harbin is a city located in China's northern Heilongjiang province. The temperature that morning was -23 degrees. This is Hélène Franchineau (@helene_fr ), video journalist for AP in Beijing, posting for @theiwmf this week. #china #harbin #iwmf #iceswimmimg #fitness

A group of Beijingers, some wearing face masks, play a game of ice hockey on the frozen Liangma river on January 1, 2017. The air quality index that day was 500 (=hazardous levels). Air pollution is one of Beijing's (and many other Chinese cities) most serious problems. Smog levels were off the charts for most of last November and December, when the authorities issued their first red alert: schools closed, traffic sharply reduced, people told to stay at home. It smells acrid, it looks grey, it dries your eyes and gives you a headache. No matter where you go or how well you protect yourself against the smog, there is sometimes nowhere to hide, and many Chinese people don't take the threat seriously enough and protect themselves. In a few years, the public health consequences will be dire. -- This is Hélène Franchineau (@helene_fr ), video and multimedia journalist for AP based in China, posting for @theiwmf this week. #everydaychina #everydaybeijing #beijing #china #airpollution #smog #airpocalypse #iwmf

This is what happens when you try to interview one of the only independent candidates running for Beijing's local elections (November 2016). Am army of police, plain clothes and village thugs trying to prevent you from filming or even getting near Liu Huizhen, a brave migrant worker living in the south of Beijing. She hasn't done anything wrong, as the local election system allows for independent candidates to run- in theory. In practice, everything is done to discourage potential independent candidates from running. Liu was threatened, kept at home and barred from running a proper campaign. The reality of covering China. This is Hélène Franchineau (@helene_fr ), video journalist for AP based in China, posting for the IWMF this week. #china #beijing #journalism #iwmf

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