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Charles Gregory  Native of B'more. Now a recluse in OBX. Pearl Jam, Orioles, Ravens, Terps BB, Big Lebowski, Tacos & Cheeseburgers.

Honor. Respect. Gratitude. Finally seeing the sun in person and not through a window. Enjoying my Memorial Day thanks to the ultimate sacrifice of others. #memorialday

Having untreated ADHD and the Amazon mobile app without spell check is risky business... #fidgetspinner

🙏 have been answered.

Yashin. Neuer. Buffon. Casillas. Lloris. Cech. Courtois. Howard. Maier. Carter. #goalkeeper #catchingwavesmakingsaves

My 🔮 and 🎱 tell me that based on Adaire's preference in 🕶️, she's going to be a critically acclaimed musician. Time to buy her a 🎸.

The perfect nightcap after a great concert. #nattyboh

Jason Isbell show. #goodtimes #jasonisbell

When in Portsmouth, do as the Bavarians do.

Make Downtown Norfolk Great Again. #MDNGA

Current conditions in the Outer Banks. #obx #bikeweek #prom

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