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Charles Gregory  Native of B'more. Now a recluse in OBX. Pearl Jam, Orioles, Ravens, Terps BB, Big Lebowski, Tacos & Cheeseburgers.


We Fly High. #ballin

Big day today with 2 of my homies. First stop, a little 🍔🌭🍟action at Spanky's 🐒. Then a Slurpee & Skittles at 7-11. Next, some swings & slides @ Trinitie Park. Finally, #bigchiefkahunakaiboh took his first pickup bed ride on our way to the beach. 🐕🌊🏖️👨‍👧 #adairegrace

Adaire's favorite new pastime is bringing Kai every single one of his toys. Kai has mixed feelings about the new found attention. #bigchiefkahunakaiboh #adairegrace

He looks like such a distinguished gentleman when he crosses his paws. #bigchiefkahunakaiboh

It's not everyday that I see a meme that makes me laugh out loud. Stolen & shared.

Sept. 19th, 1990: Eddie Vedder is selected as lead vocalist of what will become Pearl Jam after Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard and Mike McCready hear his demo tape where he added vocals to three instrumental tracks the band had recorded. #pjfanphoto @pearljam (Fun Fact: The album he recorded over was Merle Haggard's "Greatest Hits of the 80s")

In a damn heartbeat! #pearljam #pjfanphoto #it @pearljam

That once-in-a-lifetime moment when you're a Headline Writer (with an inner Beavis & Butthead running monologue) and all of the universe's stars fall perfectly into place.

Say 'Chese. Wanchese.

"Tool Time" with your host, Adaire "DIY" Grace. This week's installment: Gettin' to know your scuuzdriver.

No 'Back To School' for Adaire, she don't care. She says bring on a pre-tropical storm hot dog lunch & movie watching party! A Moana/Sing/Zootopia triple bill! 👨‍👧🌧️🌀📽️🌭 #adairegrace

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